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Public Health Topics For Academic Writing

public health topics

Choosing excellent public health topics is not on the list of the easiest things to do in the world. But not to worry, this article will help you out as it covers topics such as researchable topics in public health, recent public health issues, public health essay topics, public health debate topics, and lots more!

Public health is an essential aspect of medicine that deals with hygiene, epidemiology, and disease prevention. Its importance is why it is paramount to the all-round development of a community. This article contains 50 public health topics covering significant aspects of public health. Are you ready to choose? Let’s get started! or you can use do my homework service

Public Health Research Topics

The goal of public health is to improve the health of the population. It extends across a series of disciplines such as individual lifestyle, disease control, how the political system affects population health. As part of the means of achieving these goals, it is essential to carry out research that focuses on the health of the public. The list below consists of 6 current public health research topics that would be of interest to you and would make excellent public health topics for research paper. If you happen to need writing help, just contact our academic writers.

  1. A study on the efficiency of current health services and systems
  2. A critical analysis on how poverty affects the health of the population
  3. Possible effects of political systems on the health of the population
  4. Environmental factors on population health

Research is so important, and we cannot overemphasize its relevance to most fields. These public health topics for research stated above are excellent research papers topics and are also research topics in public health that would give you a good grasp of the vastness of public health. To write a superb research paper, try your hands on these public health research topics!

Public Health Issue Topics

There are considerable threats to the health of people worldwide. These threats are public health issues that include pollution, climate, vaccine hesitancy, and antimicrobial resistance, to mention a few. Below are some great topics covering recent public health issues, including public health issues in America.

  1. Pollution and climate: great environmental risk to health
  2. Influenza: a global threat in the future
  3. The catastrophic effect of Antimicrobial resistance in the next few years
  4. The resurgence of emerging disease as a result of vaccine hesitancy

Controversial Public Health Topics

There are many opposing sides of views in many areas of public health. The list below covers some controversial public health topics that you can explore and choose from, stating clearly what sides you go with and why.

  1. Legalization of abortion
  2. The need for universal healthcare
  3. Correlation between mental health and abortion
  4. Should research on bioterrorism be encouraged?

Current Public Health Topics

Every day, humans are faced with new challenges because change is a constant phenomenon. The activity of humans keeps having both a direct and indirect impact on their health. Here are some current public health topics that the whole world is talking about today!

  1. COVID-19 and its ravaging effects on the world
  2. The impact of technology on health care
  3. Exploring the importance of food safety
  4. Emerging diseases and antibiotic resistance as a result of misuse of antibiotics
  5. The need for more vaccine development

Interesting Public Health Topics

Public health is an exciting aspect of medicine, and that’s understandable because of numerous health concerns. Here are some interesting public health topics that will surely be of great benefit to you and your readers. Let’s ride on!

  1. The changing prognosis of terminal illnesses such as cancer
  2. Possible ways for doctors to promote healthy lifestyles
  3. Infectious disease: A significant threat to public health
  4. Would there be a cure for HIV soon?
  5. How can we manage the stress that comes with old age?

Public Health Topics In The News

Public health holds a substantial part of the news as it involves people’s well-being. When there is a pandemic or disease outbreak, it has a negative effect on all other sectors such as politics, economy, religion, education, and others. Below is a list of 5 public health topics in the news.

  1. The effect of coronavirus on the health system
  2. The fate of humans in the post-antibiotics era
  3. Why sexually transmitted disease is on the increase
  4. How to prevent the spread of coronavirus
  5. The effect of climate change on human health

Public Health Paper Topics

Here are some public health paper topics that double as public health dissertation topics to get people interested in reading your work.

  1. Exploring the effect of eating disorders on the human brain
  2. Vaccines: an essential preventive medicine
  3. Assessing the effect of substance (drugs) misuse on human health
  4. How to make health care accessible to all
  5. How to manage stress effectively

Public Health Essay Topics

Essay writing on public health doesn’t have to be so tricky, especially if you have a topic that goes so well with essay writing. Here is a list of public health essay topics you will find interesting to write about.

  1. Prevention of nosocomial infections
  2. How racism affects public health
  3. Consequences of teenage substance abuse
  4. How to effectively reduce the rate of suicide
  5. Effectively reducing medical errors in hospitals

Public Health Debate Topics

Many debates are hovering around several public health topics due to the existence of many differing views. Below are six public health debate topics that will surely gain the attention of many.

  1. Traditional medicine versus modern medicine: which is better?
  2. Should Euthanasia be legalized?
  3. Microorganisms: beneficial or harmful?
  4. Should doctors provide medical care to a minor against the parents’ wishes?
  5. Should all drugs be legalized?

Ethical Issues in Public Health

Some very vital ethics govern public health. With certain moral codes come some problems which are not yet fully reconciled. These are ethical issues in public health. Below are some current ethical issues in public health.

  1. Ensuring the confidentiality of patient information and relationship
  2. Seeking the patient’s best interest and informed consent.
  3. Public health authority: How to determine its appropriate use
  4. How to effectively make decisions relating to resource allocation
  5. The extent of political interference in public health practice

Public Health Practicum Ideas

Public health practicum avails students with the privilege of applying the knowledge they have acquired from lectures, research papers, etc., during an academic program. Here are some public health practicum ideas to facilitate learning.

  1. Analyzing, interpreting, and summarizing de-identified public records data
  2. Examining barriers to implementing programs and recommendations
  3. Designing health topics programs/curriculum

So, here we are! 50 awesome public health research topics that will land you an A+ in your next paper and research. Check out ethics topics as well. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to awe your readers. Best regards!

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