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100 Best Biology Topics For You Next Project

biology topics

Most learners have difficulties choosing biology topics for research papers and essays. That’s because the best biology research topics are interesting, relevant, and catchy. Additionally, ideal topics focus on answering debatable questions. They are also recent and appealing to most readers in this field.

The best topics in biology form the basis of a logical, scientific argument. This argument is based on a valuable and scientific idea. What’s more, it provokes further discussion while hinting at the direction that future studies should take.

Most learners find choosing fascinating biology project topics hard because they need something narrow and relevant to their studies. If you’re having a hard time choosing a topic to write about, here is a list of interesting biology research topics to consider.

Tips for Choosing Biology Topics

Biology entails the study of different living organisms. These organisms can be single-celled organisms or multiple-celled organisms. As such, learners can focus on different biology subjects when it comes to research. However, learners should be keen to pick topics of biology they can comfortably research and write about.  Here are tips to help you choose the best biology essay topics.

  • Pick and narrow down your subject: As hinted, biology covers many subjects under a huge umbrella. Therefore, pick and then narrow down a subject that you find interesting.
  • Study current papers and essays: To current biology topics for presentation or research, you should be familiar with the latest trends in this field. Therefore, research your chosen subject by reading scholarly articles. That way, you will learn more about the most recent trends in your subject matter.
  • Brainstorm: Brainstorm for a possible topic idea and then focus on it.
  • Engage in preliminary research: Do some preliminary research to find out whether you can get adequate information to write a paper or an essay on the topic. Choose that topic if certain you can find adequate materials to write about it.

If you face difficulties even after following these tips, use this list of biology research paper topics prepared by our experts who can also do your biology homework.

Interesting Biology Topics

  1. Is drug addiction a disease?
  2. Do we know much about drug addiction?
  3. What would happen if terrorists could use Ebola as a biological weapon?
  4. Do researchers know much about Ebola?
  5. How do humans remember things?
  6. Can humans depend on memories to recall how things happen?
  7. Is immortality a reality?
  8. Why is abortion a controversial topic in most societies?
  9. The major causes of most plant diseases
  10. Can transplantation be done without transforming the organs?
  11. Poikilothermic body temperatures versus homoeothermic mammals
  12. Can research on molecular biology help with the understanding of diseases like cancer?
  13. How homosexuality and bisexuality differ among animal species
  14. The connection between obesity and genetics
  15. How hormones influence the human body
  16. Which biological development has been the most beneficial in history
  17. What are the biological effects of having a baby with your cousin?
  18. Can microbial factories solve the raw metals’ shortage issue
  19. Can wolves be domesticated?
  20. Describe the basic principles of human cloning

These are interesting and popular biology research topics to consider. Nevertheless, you should be ready to research extensively before you start writing about any of these topics.

Biology Research Topics for High School

High school students can have a hard time picking the topics to write about when it comes to biology papers and essays. That’s because high school biology involves many topics. And, familiarizing yourself with all these topics requires a lot of time. Here are some of the best biology topics for high school.

  1. A comparison of different cell reproduction types
  2. Why are enzymes important?
  3. Explain the discovery of heredity by Gregor Mendel
  4. Cell structure: Explain the major differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes
  5. Explain the conversion of CO2 into O2 through photosynthesis
  6. Explain the human metabolism process
  7. How does meiosis differ from mitosis?
  8. Predicting the probability of gene inheritance
  9. Describe the DNA structure
  10. Explain the use of PCR
  11. Explain the mechanisms of cloning from a biotechnology perspective
  12. What is the latest of Darwin’s evolution theory evidence?
  13. Explain the carbon cycle mechanisms
  14. Examine the effects of humans on biodiversity
  15. Explain the main factors that regulate the dynamics of a population
  16. Explain the transportation of information through the nervous system
  17. What do researchers know about dinosaurs and modern relatives of these organisms?
  18. Explain the strategies that organisms use to acquire nutrition
  19. How the tree of life concept depicts different relationships among species
  20. Explain the meaning of the natural selection

If you have been attending biology classes, you are most likely familiar with some of these topics. Pick one of them and research it extensively to gather adequate relevant information to include in your paper or essay.

biology topics

Molecular Biology Research Topics

The human body is made up of many cells that form its fundamental structure. Molecular or cell biology research topics investigate these cells. They can be about the life cycle of a cell or the vital functions of different types of cells. Here are some of the best molecular biology topics to consider.

  1. How cells can heal damaged bones
  2. The right protein amount to consume
  3. The effects of cancer on the growth of body cells
  4. Is stem cell research ethical?
  5. How cells communicate
  6. The link between DNA and the environment
  7. Latest trends in cell biochemistry
  8. Can the aging process be reversed?
  9. Explain how cilia facilitate cells’ movement
  10. How can molecular research be advanced by high-resolution microscopy?
  11. Explain why cells get sticky
  12. Explain how the brain keeps memories
  13. Is surgery necessary when treating glaucoma?
  14. Why are dead cells eaten by the living ones?
  15. Explain the protein biosynthesis process
  16. Explain the central dogma of molecular biology
  17. Explain diffusion as a transport technique within cells
  18. Explain the microtubules’ role in the nervous system
  19. Explain how hypertrophy can be improved in the body
  20. Explain the impact of sunburns on the cellular level

This list also has great biology presentation topics. Nevertheless, learners should pick topics they are interested in and comfortable with.

Biology IA Topics

Maybe you need topics for internal assessment in biology. In that case, consider these IB biology IA topics.

  1. How music affects the brain
  2. The effects of learning on the sleep and wake cycles
  3. Describe the three major evolutionary branches
  4. How drinking more water can prevent extensive sunburns
  5. Can a Paleo diet improve athletic performance?
  6. How time affects potatoes’ plasmolysis
  7. The interaction of antibiotics with the seed germination process
  8. How light intensity affects water weeds
  9. How light levels affect peppered moth predation
  10. How sunlight affects biomass

Use these biology ideas to start working on your lab report. Nevertheless, take the time to research your topic once you decide to settle on it.

Biology Research Topics for College Students

When writing academic papers and essays, college students want to write about hot topics in biology to impress tutors so that they can earn the top grades. Here are some of the best topics for college students.

  1. The best treatments for cancer
  2. Effects of miscarriage on the health of a woman
  3. Effects of proper pet diet on health
  4. Restructuring DNA to address the aging effects
  5. Changes that cloning can bring to medicine

Pick any of these topics for your college biology essay or paper. But, be prepared to research and analyze data before you start writing.

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates

Perhaps, you’re looking for a topic for your undergraduate paper or essay. Here are ideas to spark your creative thinking process.

  1. Is vaccination beneficial in any way?
  2. Explain how allergic reactions lead to asthma attacks
  3. Can amber DNA be used to clone some of the pre-historic animals?
  4. Explain the immune system’s resistance capacity
  5. How malfunctioning of the immune system can increase the risk

Researching and writing about these biology topics enables learners to understand how the body reacts and acts.

Controversial Topics in Biology

Maybe you want to write about something that sparks varied responses and reactions. In that case, consider these controversial biology topics.

  1. Effects of cellular health on mental health
  2. Effects of BMI on injuries
  3. The major threats that are associated with salmonella
  4. Explain the laparotomy study
  5. Does environmental pollution have any link with cancer rates?

These topics may seem controversial but they are interesting to research and write about.

Marine Biology Topics

Marine biology research has increased over recent years and humans try to preserve oceans and the living organisms in them. Here are some of the best topics to consider in this category.

  1. How dolphins communicate
  2. How military sonar affects whales
  3. Are seafood farms ethical?
  4. Invasive species types
  5. The formation of corals
  6. Explain the evolution of whales
  7. The major oceanography types
  8. Are zooplankton and Phyto important to ponds?
  9. What is the major threat to natural marine biodiversity?
  10. Describe the contribution of bacteria to ocean biological processes

Current Topics in Developmental Biology

Developmental biology investigates changes that occur to living organisms from the moment they start to form. Here are some of the best topics to consider in this category.

  1. What causes congenital disorders?
  2. Explain two major categories of developmental mechanisms
  3. How advantageous is apoptosis?
  4. Explain the differentiation of stem cells
  5. Describe the morphogen gradient concept and what it says about cells

Students have many plants and human biology topics to consider. Pick any of these topics and then research them extensively to come up with a brilliant paper or essay. Also, take advantage of our advice on how to do homework fast to save your precious time.


What are the most interesting topics in biology?

The most exciting topic in biology depends on the person writing it. However, it needs to reveal something new or offer a new outlook on life. Additionally, it should be thought-provoking and attention-grabbing.

What is hardest in biology?

The hardest concepts in biology include genetic engineering, cell division, protein synthesis, gene technology, and DNA related pathways. The hardest units in biology vary from one student to another.

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