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Free Math Tools At Your Disposal

Generally speaking, math is a technical subject that requires a lot of hard work and determination. Some students have even thought of dropping out of college because of it. Is this the case with you too? Then this post on math tools is all you have been missing out on all this while! 

Many options are available in store for you, such as online math calculator, solving specific math problems. You will find the discussions below on some of the best math calculator solvers useful for that daunting math assignment.

Let's get right into the list of math tools that will make the subject as easy as pie for you.

Average Rate of Change Calculator

An average rate of change calculator is an online tool used to measure how things change. For instance:

  • The rate at which a ball moves when kicked
  • How slow a car decelerates
  • How fast a balloon fills with hot air?
  • The speed at which a particle moves in a vacuum

You can study and calculate how any object gets bigger or smaller, faster, or slower using this math calculator solver.

It is an easy to use online math calculator with only a few steps:

  • First provide the points (t_1, y_1)(t1​,y1​) and (t_2, y_2)(t2​,y2​)
  • Hit the "Calculate" button and alas! Your average rate of change will be calculated for you, thick and fast!

With this online calculator, you can solve your problems with ease and preciseness. The result is an A+ for your calculus paper.

Parabola Calculator

The idea of this calculator is to display the graph of the parabola for a given parabola equation. It is the perfect tool for anyone wishing to solve a quadratic formula. It gives you the parabola equation in both the standard form and the vertex form and calculates the parabola vertex, focus, and directrix for you.

To use this math calculator;

  • Type the coefficients a, b, and c of the standard form of the quadratic equation.
  • Proceed to calculate the coordinates of the vertex using the calculator
  • You can then find the directrix or coordinates of the focus of the parabola

Since this is an online math tool, everything you need is available for you. Be sure that you will get the graph of the parabola in a fraction of seconds.

Tangent Line Calculator

A tangent line is a straight line barely touching a curve at one point that matches the curve's slope there. Therefore, a tangent line calculator is a free and easy to use online math tool that provides the pitch and the equation of the tangent line.

Calculations are faster and more comfortable with this tool using the steps below:

  • Enter the required values in the first and second input fields.
  • Click the "Calculate" button to get the output.

After these two steps, you will get your slope value and the tangent line equation in a new window. Finding the tangent has never been this fun with a tangent line calculator!

Mean Value Theorem Calculator

The mean value theorem is a theory that suggests that in a given planar arc, there is at least one point at which the tangent to the arch is parallel to the secant all through its endpoints. The mean value theorem calculator seeks to display the rate of change of the function.

With this calculator, you will get the derivative of the function swift and painlessly. All you need to do is to:

  • Enter the function and limits
  • And click on the "Submit" button to get the value.

You will find the rate of change of function displayed in a new window when using the mean value theorem calculator tool.

Absolute Extrema Calculator

Absolute extrema refer to the point at which a maximum or minimum value of the function is obtained in a given interval. Therefore, it is the point that corresponds to the maximum or minimum cost of the entire operation.

Therefore, an absolute extrema calculator helps you find the fundamental maximum and minimum values of a function on a closed interval painstakingly. For this math tool, all you need is to enter the curve function and press the "Compute" button.

Rational Zero Theorem Calculator

Here is what the rational zero theorem states: If a polynomial function with integer coefficients is in descending order of the exponents, any logical zero must be of the following form:

m ± p/ q, 


  • P - a factor of the constant term 
  • q - An element of the leading coefficient.

Using a rational zero theorem calculator, you will retrieve all possible rational roots of the polynomial, with the Rational Zeros Theorem. It also decides on the possible roots that are the roots.

To use this calculator, enter a polynomial such as 2x^4+x^3-15x^2-7x+7 and click on "submit" to get your results. There are no complicated mathematical steps to follow.

Area Between Curves Calculator

The area between two curves refers to the definite integral of one function minus the other functions' definite integral. The focus here is on calculating the size bound by an angle and a line between a given set of points.

If you use the Area between Curves Calculator, you will find the enclosed area between two curves effectively. The calculator determines the difference between definite integrals of a function.

Below are step by step guides for ease of use:

  • Enter the functions
  • Follow with a lower limit
  • Then proceed to the upper limit
  • Finally, click "Submit" to the area covered by the two curves

In case you encounter challenges, you can always use the 'do my math homework for me' option, and our math gurus will come to your rescue.

Matrix Multiplication Calculator

A matrix entails a collection of numbers arranged into a fixed number of columns and rows. However, a matrix multiplication calculator possibly tries to find the product of two matrices. It will multiply matrices of any size up to 10x10.

To use this calculator:

  • #Step 1: Enter the matrix A dimension
  • #Step 2: Enter the matrix B dimension
  • #Step 3: Click "Multiply" to get your results

This matrix multiplication calculator can also handle fractional numbers. It is has a flexible matrix creation with easy fill operations. These features crown it as one of the best calculators for matrix multiplication that you can find online!

After that extensive discussion, I am sure you now have the latest math tools to deconstruct any troublesome sum. However, we also offer professional writing help for students - if you're thinking "can someone do my math homework for me", you should definitely consider it. Try it out today! 

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