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40+ Creative Science Fair Project Ideas For Any Taste

Science Fair Project Ideas

The primary purpose of stem fair projects is not to show off but to provide students an ideal opportunity to put their skills into practice.

The first step towards the top position is to research extensively and develop numerous science project ideas that will eventually lead to great science fair topics. That can eat up lots of your time and attention.

To save you time and give you ample space to worry about other things, we have carefully sought out more than forty of the best ideas for a science project worthy of good applause.

You can go for easy science fair projects or opt for science fair experiments ideas that are complex depending on your ability. You will surely get a match for your skills, depending on your level of education.

Cool Science Fair Projects – High School Level

  1. Analyzing the amount of energy different types of foods contain

  2. Is genetic engineering viable? Modifying yeast to be fluorescent

  3. Experimenting how storage batteries are affected by temperature

  4. the best material for building: Comparing the bending durability and strength of various materials for construction

  5. Exploring different methods of preventing corrosion by testing the effects of pH levels of a solution on copper and iron

  6. Experimenting with the physiological impacts and chemical properties of trans, unsaturated, and saturated fats

  7. Analyzing the role of yeast and other enzymes in the cheese-making process and other forms of fermentation

  8. Testing the impact and effectiveness of different food preservatives on the nutritional value of food

  9. Investigating methods of preventing erosion and how they impact different soil compositions

  10. Analyzing different approaches to clean up or neutralize the impact of oil in saltwater

  11. Test for the effectiveness or side effect of common pesticides as compared to organic alternatives

  12. Compare various methods of producing hydrogen and storing it for use in fuel cell

  13. Testing the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the growth of bacteria

  14. Crossbreeding; Experimenting with plant genetics

  15. Assessing how test factors such as pollution or smoke impact the rate of transpiration in plants

  16. Investigating the effects of sunspots on the weather pattern

Good Science Fair Project Ideas – College Level

  1. Is the nutritional composition of different brands of vegetable the same? What is the variation for any given product?

  2. Does the same type of mold grow on all bread types? Are certain preservatives better at inhibiting molds than others?

  3. Is there a link between plant growth and the presence of detergent in the water? What is the impact in terms of water pollution?

  4. Do seeds have the same germination rates? Is the growth rate affected by size?

  5. What factors influence the effectiveness of a pesticide? How close does a plant have to be to a pesticide for the pesticide to work?

  6. How does caffeine affect your breathing rate, body temperature, or pulse rate?

Best Science Fair Projects- University Level


  1. What kind of fabric will hold the most dye?

  2. How do different construction materials affect a paper airplane’s efficiency?

  3. Which one has longer life; incandescent light bulb or LED?

  4. Which can support more weight; plastic grocery bag or paper

Computer Science

  1. What impact does temperature have on processing speed?

  2. What are the other uses of an old computer?

  3. Investigate the average number of reading/writing in the lifetime of a hard drive

  4. Which material causes the most significant drop in Wi-Fi signal?


  1. How the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and enzyme catalase is affected by varying temperatures

  2. The impact of shampoo brand on hair strength

  3. Analyzing the effectiveness of different antioxidants in preventing skin cancer

  4. Investigating how the amount of vitamin C in an orange is affected by time

Molecular Biology

  1. How food preservative methods impact the enzyme catalase

  2. Which contains higher protein quality between a processed and organic chicken?

  3. What is the impact of UV light exposure on the rate of yeast cell fermentation?

Mathematical Sciences

  1. Studying the application of game theory in board games

  2. Investigate the correlation between the length of a baseball bat and the distance traveled by the ball

  3. Calculating health indices in geographic relation to fast food

Medicine and Health

  1. Burning calories: Investigating the types of exercise that burns the most calories

  2. Is there a link between temperature and flexibility?

  3. Studying the impacts of exercise on blood glucose levels

Energy and Transportation

  1. Analyzing the correlation between a car’s fuel efficiency and tire pressure

  2. How the angle of a solar panel impacts its ability to capture the energy

  3. The effect of a light bulb’s wattage of the amount of heat it produces.

With these science fair project ideas, you will be halfway through. You need to work on the abstract and come up with a reasonable hypothesis. We understand tricky this can be to some college students for one reason or another. In case you are asking, “Can someone do my homework?” the answer is a resounding yes.

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