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50 Engineering Topics For Your Research

engineering topics

Choosing the right engineering topics will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and writing abilities and give you a greater chance of earning a top grade. The trouble is that far too many students don’t what to focus their research studies on and end up choosing something too difficult to manage, doesn’t push the envelope, or isn’t very interesting , or use assignment writing service. This is the reason or professionals have come up with some ideas worth consideration. Here’s a list of 50 engineering research topics for a high school, college, or graduate level assignment.

Computer Engineering Topics

Computer engineering research topics are some of the toughest questions high school students will deal with in this competitive field. Developing great software engineering research topics is essential to any project at this level. Here are some great options below to make your writing fun.

  1. Supply chain traceability and the problems it poses for companies and organizations around the world.
  2. What are the inherent risks associated with online economic trading systems?
  3. The effectiveness of the U.S. emergency and disaster relief programs. What needs to be improved?
  4. Chatbot technologies and how they impact how a company communicates with its clients.
  5. What are the major principles of data mining and how do they positively impact business?

Mechanical Engineering Thesis Topics

Check out this collection of mechanical engineering research topics. They represent some of the most popular mechanical engineering topics being discussed today, therefore allowing students to explore new areas:

  1. Drone technologies to disperse large groups of people that are performing violent acts.
  2. The effectiveness of emergency braking systems technology in self-driving smart cars.
  3. How have robotics impacted the way new technologies are being used in medical settings?
  4. What are the biggest problems with shock wave physics and combustion? How does applied mechanical engineering propose solutions to this?
  5. How does mechanical engineering play a part in the design of the future generation of prosthetics?

Aerospace Engineering Topics for Graduate Students

Graduate students in this field often struggle to develop engineering research paper topics that meet the minimum assignment requirements. This list of ideas is at the forefront of debate within the discipline:

  1. What does the future hold for zero-fuel aircraft in both the commercial and civil sectors?
  2. Space propulsion technologies in the pursuit to launch a manned mission to Mars.
  3. Prognostics and self-healing features allowing people to analyze the condition of an aircraft.
  4. Aerospace technologies in the development of asteroid detection and deflection.
  5. Biofuels and their effectiveness in advanced aviation technologies and manufacturing.

Environmental Engineering Topics for Research

Environment and engineering ethics topics are some of the most discussed research questions in the field. This list represents the most current discussions in the field:

  1. What steps are being taken to improve water quality in areas hit the hardest with the Corona Virus?
  2. How has air quality changed as a result of social distancing in major cities?
  3. What impact has climate change had on the world’s largest crops (e.g., wheat and rice)?
  4. What techniques are being used to recover phosphorus and other contaminants from our freshwater supplies?
  5. Is active carbon a viable solution for improving water quality in our nation’s largest cities?

Biomedical Engineering Topics for Graduate Students

Engineering students working in the biomedical or genetic engineering fields deal with a lot of heavy research studies. This mix of biomedical engineering research topics and genetic engineering topics are perfect for graduate students working on their master’s or Ph.Ds.

  1. Should genetic engineering be used to change characteristics in an early term unborn child?
  2. Computer databases to determine the costs of technology used in the physical and mental treatment of patients.
  3. Electronic measurement tools in the creation and application of early diagnosis systems for disease prevention.
  4. Medical imaging to generate pictures using existing physical attributes in high-risk patients.
  5. Rehabilitation techniques and the application of technology to increase the quality of life in patients.

Civil Engineering Research Topics for College Students

This set of civil engineering topics caters to the college-level community. There are a lot of available resources related to these topics, making them manageable when there isn’t much time left before a deadline:

  1. How effective is low-cost green concrete in the use of large scale public buildings?
  2. How can the critical excitation method be used to accurately predict earthquakes of 4.0 and above?
  3. Updating waterways to channel more water to desert areas in the United States.
  4. What steps have states with high seismic activity taken to safeguard against unexpected earthquakes?
  5. What are major cities doing to retrofit buildings that were built before 1950?

Industrial Engineering Topics for a Presentation

These industrial and electrical engineering topics are great for students who must conduct a presentation in class. They can also be used as standard written projects at any level:

  1. How do major cities with major infrastructures (e.g., freeways, roadways, etc.) retrofit without causing more traffic during the improvement phase?
  2. Lean and six sigma approach to industrial engineering projects in the digital age.
  3. How are 3D printing technologies affecting our approaches in industrial engineering as a low-cost solution?
  4. How effective are emergency/disaster evaluation simulations in major cities?
  5. Cost engineering and facility management in times of emergency around the world.

Topics in Electrical Engineering

These electrical engineering research topics represent a lot of the conversations that the engineering community is having today. Conducting your research study on a current idea puts ahead of the discipline:

  1. What are the most popular technology trends in machine design for manufacturing companies?
  2. What is the current state of automation systems for the home to reduce energy waste?
  3. How are companies utilizing special motors (e.g., robotic motors) to increase production?
  4. How is solar technology being used to restore power to a city’s grid during high usage times?
  5. Power system simulations that occur in real-time to diagnose potential threats.

Controversial Engineering Topics

The following interesting engineering topics are great options for students that want to conduct their studies in areas considered to be controversial. They will certainly generate a lot of interest and inspire a lot of debate:

  1. The impact on the earth’s rotation that the construction of the Three Gorges Dam.
  2. The use of nanotechnology to improve mental and physical health in elderly patients.
  3. Redesigning the infrastructure grid in major cities to reduce congestion and pollution.
  4. What can be done to make the STEM system more interesting to middle school students?
  5. How can innovations in engineering address the problems of climate change in third world countries?

Chemical Engineering Topics

This last set of chemical engineering research topics are meant for advanced students in college and graduate school. They may take the longest to complete but they will certainly be recognized for originality:

  1. Bio-chemical engineering and its role in human health. What are the challenges today?
  2. Utilizing charcoal particles to filter water systems around the world.
  3. Clean energy technologies and their effect on the environment in the long-term.
  4. Chemical science in food technology processes. How can this solve global hunger?
  5. Diagnosing diseases with the use of chemical engineering technologies.

You can modify any of these engineering topics to suit your specific assignment needs. You can also contact our professional writers to create a customized list for your assignment. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get a fresh software engineering topics list to you in a matter of hours.

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