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Top 100 Bioethics Topics To Research In 2023

bioethics topics

Are you looking for the best bioethics topics possible? Or perhaps you just want to know what topics are included under the topic of bioethics. In either case, our blog post will help you immensely. We have a list of 100 of the best and most interesting bioethics topics right here. And did you know that you can use our list of bioethics topics for free? You can reword the topics or use them as they are. No, you don’t have to give us credit for our bioethics research topics. Enjoy!

Why Our Bioethics Topics?

OK, but why choose our bioethics topics list? Why not look for topics in bioethics for research paper elsewhere? The answer is simple: because our topics are unique. We do our best to update the topics for bioethics research papers as frequently as possible so we can help as many students as possible with original topics. And more importantly, we have writing ideas is related fields, like anatomy topics. Pick one of our topics in bioethics and start writing your project today!

Excellent Bioethics Paper Topics

We will start our list with the best of the best. Here are some excellent bioethics paper topics that should work great for 2023:

  1. Discuss animal rights in California
  2. Analyze the claims of abortion doping
  3. Ethical problems with animal testing
  4. Discuss biobank ethics
  5. Analyze assisted reproductive tech

Bioethics Debate Topics

Are you interested in some great ideas for your next debate? Why don’t you pick one of our awesome bioethics debate topics? Here they are:

  1. Discuss antinatalism in a debate
  2. What is biohappiness?
  3. Discuss Islamic bioethics
  4. The creation of the International Bioethics Committee
  5. The creation of the International Society for Stem Cell Research
  6. Discuss new eugenics (or liberal eugenics)

Bioethics Research Paper Topics

If you are interested in doing some research in the field of bioethics, we have some of the best bioethics research paper topics right here:

  1. The work of Ian Kennedy in bioethics
  2. Legal issues in bioethics
  3. Top 3 most important gene therapies
  4. Herbalism: the most important plants
  5. Analyze the process of biodefense

Hot Topics in Bioethics

As you probably know, you will get some bonus points simply by coming up with an exceptional topic. Take a look at our hot topics in bioethics:

  1. Identifying new bioweapons
  2. Discuss biological warfare
  3. What is biorisk?
  4. Discuss biotic ethics
  5. Discuss mandated choice (also called mandatory choice)
  6. The concept of biopolitics

Interesting Bioethics Topics

We know you want to find the most interesting bioethics topics possible. Your professor expects the best from you, after all. So, here are what we consider to be the best ones:

  1. Discuss medical ethics in the military
  2. What is moral enhancement?
  3. Analyze the concept of morphological freedom
  4. Discuss the National Biodefense Strategy of the United Kingdom
  5. Discuss the ethics behind the Oncomouse
  6. Define neuroethics in the United States

Easy Bioethics Essay Topics

In case you don’t want to spend days researching and writing the paper, we have some easy bioethics essay topics you can use right now:

  1. The ethical problems with cloning
  2. Discuss the British Operation Cauldron
  3. Discuss the consistent life ethic (also known as consistent ethic of life ideology)
  4. The role of the National Catholic Bioethics Center
  5. Differences between ordinary and extraordinary care

Bioethics Science Topics

Bioethics and science make great topics, of course. Take a look at these bioethics science topics and pick the one you like:

  1. The science behind genetically engineered babies
  2. Gene therapy technology
  3. The creation of an effective vaccine against COVID 19
  4. The science behind memory dampening
  5. State of the art tech for brain imaging
  6. The biological weapons program of the US

Bioethics Hot Topics for College

Are you interested in finding some hot topics in bioethics for a college class? If you do, we have some bioethics hot topics for college students right here:

  1. Discuss plant rights in the United States
  2. The principle of double effect
  3. Analyze the Playing God ideology in ethics
  4. Discuss doping in a sport of your choice
  5. Define and explain the concept of dignitas personae
  6. Analyze the plant blindness effect in 2023

Graduate Student Thesis Topics in Bioethics

Graduate students need to pick more difficult topics for their bioethics papers, of course. Don’t worry, you have plenty of graduate student thesis topics in bioethics to choose from:

  1. Postgenderism: an in-depth study
  2. Analyze Psychochemical warfare tactics
  3. Bioethics and the feminist side
  4. An in-depth look at bioprinting
  5. Discuss the ethics of uncertain sentience
  6. Ethics behind remote controlled animals

Term Paper for Bioethics Topics

Looking for a bioethics topic for a term paper? Choosing the right one will surely make things a lot easier. To help you out, we’ve listed our best term paper for bioethics topics:

  1. Discuss 3 major emerging technologies
  2. Analyze end-of-life care in the UK
  3. Organ transplant and the ethics behind it
  4. Discuss the Rule or Rescue
  5. Discuss the Reversal Test

Clinical Bioethics Topics

Are you passionate about clinical bioethics? Can’t find any decent topics about this field? No problem, we have plenty of clinical bioethics topics for 2023:

  1. Analyze the process of stem cell doping
  2. What is gene therapy?
  3. An in-depth look at HEK 293 cells
  4. The Humster cell
  5. Should we keep the smallpox virus?
  6. The regulation of medical science

Most Controversial Topics Bioethics

You shouldn’t be afraid to discuss controversial topics. In fact, your professor will greatly appreciate it. Here are some of the most controversial topics bioethics in 2023:

  1. The concept of surrogacy
  2. The negative effects of stem cell tourism
  3. Discuss the Three Rs in animal testing
  4. Discuss Mildred Z. Solomon’s contribution to bioethics
  5. Reproductive technology ethics

Interesting Topics in Bioethics for High School

Are you a high school student? Do you need to write about a topic in bioethics? Stop scouring the Internet for ideas and pick one of these interesting topics in bioethics for high school:

  1. Discuss major gene therapy vectors
  2. An in-depth look at utilitarian bioethics
  3. The history of bioethics
  4. Discuss veterinary bioethics
  5. Wrongful abortion vs. wrongful life
  6. Discuss “appeal to disgust” (also called wisdom of repugnance)

Bioethics and Epidemiology Topics

Are you interested in both bioethics and epidemiology? The good news is that we have some fresh bioethics and epidemiology topics for you:

  1. Should humans be used to test the COVID-19 vaccine?
  2. Ethics behind viral animal testing
  3. Genetically engineered babies
  4. Bioethics vs. epidemiology disciplines
  5. The retention of the Ebola virus

Bioethics Common Topics

If you are looking for some relatively simple topics that you can find plenty of information about on the Internet, you may be interested in one of these example bioethics common topics:

  1. A short history of biological warfare
  2. The immortal HeLa human cell line
  3. Informed consent in 20th century medicine
  4. What are neuroenhancement drugs?
  5. The ethics behind brain stimulation technology

Good Bioethics Topics

You probably know that a good topic will entice your professor to award you some bonus points. You also know it’s easier to write about such a topic. Here are some good bioethics topics for you:

  1. Poor medical services for the poor of the United States
  2. Should COVID-19 vaccination be mandatory?
  3. Stem cell research ethical problems
  4. Is keeping a brain-dead person alive the right choice?
  5. Plastics surgery and its nasty effects

bioethics topics

GMO Bioethics Topics

Genetically modified organisms are one of the hottest topics in 2023. Here are some excellent GMO bioethics topics for you to use for free:

  1. The rise to power of genetically modified organisms
  2. GMO crops altering wild populations
  3. GMOs: Superweeds and superpests
  4. Are GMOs dangerous for humans?
  5. Do we have the right to “Play God”?

Argumentative Bioethics Ideas

If you are tasked with writing an argumentative essay, why not choose a topic in bioethics? Our writers have created a list of very nice argumentative bioethics ideas just for you:

  1. The failures of the President’s Council on Bioethics
  2. The importance of the principle of double effect
  3. Should plants have rights too?
  4. Why is biodiversity prospecting important?
  5. The concept of biopiracy in 2023
  6. Discuss assisted reproductive tech

Perhaps you need some more bioethics nursing topics, or maybe you want a new list of bioethics topics for debate. No problem. All you have to do to get a new list of topics in bioethics (all unique topics, of course), is to get in touch with us and say “i need help with homework.” Our writers have extensive experience writing academic papers related to bioethics and medical ethics, so they can create as many essay topics on bioethics as you need. Give us a try!


What are 5 examples of bioethical topics?
Here are five bioethical topic examples you can use:

  • Abortion: Ethical issues surrounding ending a pregnancy
  • Genetic Engineering: Topics that deal with manipulating genes to enhance human traits
  • Surrogacy: The confusion identity of the child
  • Organ transplant: Issues on organ allocation
  • Euthanasia: The process of ending the life of an individual

What are the most controversial topics of bioethics?

The most controversial topics in bioethics are Animal Testing, Physician Assisted Suicide, Healthcare Acess, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Whole Genome Diagnosis, Aged Care, Bone Conduction, and Cloning. These topics address new medical technology practices’ controversial ethical and moral implications.

What are the 4 bioethical issues?

The four bioethical issues are the Principle Of Respect For Autonomy, The Principle Of Nonmaleficence, The Principle Of Beneficence, and The Principle Of Justice. These four principles currently operate in healthcare ethics and play a critical role in healthcare and biomedical research ethical decision-making.

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