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80 Impressive Nursing Capstone Project Ideas For A+

nursing capstone project ideas

What is a nursing capstone? It refers to an academic paper that uses experiments, facts, and practical work experience to better the professional skills of nursing students. Through this assignment, students are required to develop a research project on a topic of their choice within a healthcare environment or use nursing assignment help.

How To Write Nursing Capstone Projects Ideas

Just like any other essay or research paper topic, a nursing capstone project idea should meet the following requirements:

  • It should offer a solution to a pertinent problem in the society
  • It should portray your understanding of the field of nursing
  • It should interest the readership at large

Below is a list of nursing capstone topics for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Noteworthy Capstone Project Ideas For Nursing

  1. How to manage the Cushing Syndrome disease
  2. Specialized ways of performing the insulin therapy for children
  3. What causes the immunodeficiency disorder and how to control it
  4. Is X-ray care causing more harm than good?
  5. Technological innovations in Dermatitis management
  6. Are Diabetic patients able to beat coronavirus?
  7. What causes high blood pressure among ageing people?

Excellent Nursing Capstone Project Ideas BSN

  1. The role of physiotherapy knowledge for the aged
  2. How simulation in nursing classrooms is impacting students
  3. Should undergraduate nurses perform critical care services?
  4. How to improve the number of male students pursuing nursing
  5. Are nursing colleges offering the best curriculum in 2023?
  6. The effectiveness of health care intervention tools for developing countries
  7. How to make nursing Programmes more student-oriented

Latest Nursing Capstone Projects Ideas

  1. Best breastfeeding Programmes for improving infant health.
  2. Are nurses performing their functions appropriately?
  3. Challenges encountered during nursing staffing and promotion
  4. How nurses can cope with fatigue
  5. The role of the government in improving nursing working conditions
  6. Are patient visitations endangering lives?
  7. How COVID-19 has remodeled the nursing career

Examples of Capstone Projects For Nursing

  1. How to integrate healthcare systems for better efficiency
  2. How is the study of health history?
  3. What diseases are common with teens?
  4. The role of health insurance companies
  5. Best physiotherapy care for the ageing
  6. How to deal with problems arising from wrong patient diagnosis

Capstone Nursing Ideas For Professionals

  1. Evaluate the performance of an undergraduate nursing intern
  2. How to calculate doses for better efficiency
  3. The effectiveness of robots in the nursing profession
  4. Innovative ways of recycling gloves and syringes
  5. How to prevent infections in nursing work stations
  6. Barriers to proper drug prescription

Creative Nursing Projects Ideas

  1. How to make nurses better resource managers
  2. Gaps in the nursing curriculum of 2020
  3. Using technology to the advantage of patients
  4. How long should a nurse rest before resuming duty?
  5. Impact of night shifts to a nurse’s efficiency
  6. A review of the cause of obesity among females
  7. A study on the latest coronavirus vaccines

Nursing Leadership Project Ideas

  1. Legal and ethical considerations among nurse leaders
  2. How does the nursing leadership impact patients?
  3. The role of female nurse leadership
  4. How is nursing leadership different from other forms of leadership?
  5. Courses that offer substantive clinical leadership skills
  6. Relevance of nursing leadership theories
  7. How nurse leaders can help in facilitating development projects
  8. The role of nurses’ associations in championing for better healthcare

Nursing Capstone Projects Examples For Undergraduates

  1. How to properly manage cancer patients
  2. Prevention of accidents and hazards in the nursing profession
  3. Compare and contrast between home-based care and hospital based care
  4. Strategies for dealing with patients who refuse to open up
  5. How to build a compatible nurse-patient relationship at first sight
  6. Caring for the physically handicapped
  7. Ways of handling patients with psychological disorders
  8. Making the nursing career an enjoyable profession

Senior Project Topics on Nursing

  1. Effects of having male nurses in female wards
  2. Standard operating procedures for conducting ward rounds
  3. How a nurse’s attitude and knowledge affects his/her effectiveness
  4. A comparison between medical care in private and public hospitals
  5. Evacuation procedures in case of a fire in the hospital
  6. The importance of introducing basic nursing concepts in high school
  7. How to reduce cases of depression and anxiety among nurses
  8. Defining the standard working hours of a nurse

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

  1. How to make the best out of a biometric analysis
  2. The role of informatics for nursing practitioners
  3. How to upgrade nursing information systems without causing disruptions
  4. Better data security structures for patients in critical care
  5. Areas of interest in future nursing informatics investments
  6. The role of data research in improving healthcare systems
  7. How is technology shaping the nursing landscape?
  8. How to improve outpatient scheduling with ease

Nursing Practicum Project Ideas

  1. Managing occupational stress met by healthcare workers
  2. How can a nurse approach the dilemma of abortion?
  3. Better relapse prevention mechanisms for psychiatric patients
  4. A statistical overview of maternal health status in the US
  5. Practical ways of preventing and dealing with stomach ulcers
  6. Importance of health risk awareness Programmes
  7. Ways of motivating nurses in Emergency services
  8. How to fit into a new hospital work station after a transfer

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