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Why Cheating Is Good? Here Are The Reasons
Why Cheating is Good

Cheating in school may be termed as both good and bad. However, at times the circumstances at hand may make it advisable to cheat while at school. Here are some of the reasons why cheating is good and why students cheat. This can occur everywhere: at school, college or university. (more…)

133 Invitational Speech Topics for Top Students
invitational speech topics

Invitational speech topics invite the audience for a discussion on a specific issue. When writing an invitational speech, your subject should ask the audience without convincing them to support your side. Thus, you use informative and persuasive speech principles. However, this write-up allows your audience to join in the public dialogue. (more…)

133 Popular Presentation Topics You Can Use
topics for presentation

Composing an incredible presentation can be a nerve-wracking experience not only for first-timers but also for seasoned students. It is because of the lengthy and confusing process involved in selecting the topics of the most exciting presentations. It would help if you had a case that matches your level of expertise and suits your target audience as well. (more…)

Can Online Classes Tell If You Cheat? Here’s The Answer
Can Online Classes Tell If You Cheat

Online college cheating has been an issue of concern in the past few years. With the proliferation of the internet, college and university students have taken advantage of this tool. Professors and university administrators are getting worried about the credibility of college exams, especially those administered online. But how did students get here, and what are the consequences of cheating in online courses? Scroll down.


Learn How to Write a Counter Argument the Right Way
how to write a counter argument

If you are reading this article, it means you want to learn how to write a counter argument. In most cases, when students get this kind of assignment, this is the question that pops up in their mind: What’s a counter argument? Don’t worry about it too much though; we are here to help you with all the information and guidance you need.


169 Wonderful LGBT Research Paper Topics To Read
LGBT Research Paper Topics

As the globe puts more focus on equality, sustainability, and human rights, one area that has remained a hot-button issue is LGBT. However, many are those who rarely understand LGBT, actors and the associated issues. As a result, writing LGBT papers and essays has also become an uphill task for most students, with most of them getting stuck with selecting quality titles to work on.


TurnItIn Similarity: How Much Is Too Much?
TurnItIn Similarity

Over the years, TurnItIn has continued to help college and university students improve the quality of their academic papers. Getting top grades is the dream of every student, and as such, TurnItIn offers students a chance to make this dream come true. (more…)

How To Hack Webassign: Easy Tips For Students
How To Hack Webassign

What is WebAssign, and how does it work? Is there a way to do a webassign hack without anyone noticing? Well, these are but tidbits of the questions that might be running on your mind right now. But worry not, we have the best reasons to show you how to cheat on webassign with the most practical and easy-to-follow procedures. (more…)

What Is An Indirect Quote? Learn With Us!
Indirect Quote

You’ve probably come across an indirect quote when reading other people’s works. This quote is very common because other people’s work influences your writings in one way or another. Although gauging how other people’s writings have influenced yours is not easy, somebody can trace the ideas back to the materials or resources that you’ve consulted.


How To Cheat On A Proctored Exam: Professional Tips
How To Cheat On A Proctored Exam

A proctored exam is a timed test taken with the supervision of the proctoring software monitors. The software records your computer’s desktop, webcam video, and audio data accordingly. Once the test is done, the data is taken to a proctoring service for review. However, you can learn how to cheat on an online proctored exam and get away with it effortlessly. Maintain a hawk eye to the end. (more…)

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