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153 Medical Debate Topics: Excellent Ideas List

medical debate topics

Do you know what students who get top grades on medical debates or health debates have in common? They manage to find top quality topics for each and every one of their essays or for nursing homework help . This can really make a difference, especially if you are not extremely good at writing academic papers.

However finding exceptional medical debate topics is a lot more difficult than you think. It’s not that you can’t find some online. The problem is that all of your classmates are searching for topics on the same websites as you do. You need an original topic if you are to get a top grade, and you know it!

So, what better way to get some unique medical debate ideas or some of the best medical controversies topics than from an academic writing company? Our writers and editors have been writing academic papers for over 10 years, so they know how to come up with exceptional healthcare debate topics. And, best of all, our list of 153 medical debate topics is 100% free. We’ll even show you how to structure your paper correctly in 5 simple steps. Read on!

The Structure of a Medical Debate Paper

Remember, a medical debate essay is nothing more than an argumentative paper where you pick a topic and use strong arguments to support your thesis. So, if you (or your team) need to discuss some controversial health topics or other medical ethical debate topics, you can use something like the five paragraph essay structure below:

  1. Introduction. Write the best and most interesting introduction possible. Start with the thesis statement and then briefly mention your findings.
  2. Paragraph #1. Provide detailed background about the subject you are debating. Be thorough and be objective.
  3. Paragraph #2. Present the arguments that support your thesis. All the main points should be listed here and should be briefly discussed.
  4. Paragraph #3. Include a refutation in the third paragraph. Present the counterarguments and show they are not convincing. By refuting the counterarguments, you make your position stronger.
  5. Conclusion. Restate the thesis, summarize all your arguments and wrap everything up with a call to action (for example, specify which studies need to be conducted in the future).

Controversial Medical Topics

If you are looking for some controversial medical topics to write your debate about, we recommend you take a look at these awesome ideas:

  1. The lack of translators in US hospitals
  2. Problems with healthcare costs in the UK
  3. The pros and cons of homeopathy
  4. Mandatory organ donor legislation
  5. Rising healthcare costs in the United States
  6. Medical errors and criminal responsibility
  7. Benefits of trying unconventional medicine
  8. Drug promotion by medical personnel in the UK
  9. Mandatory free healthcare for low income households
  10. Effects of poverty on health
  11. The Obamacare system is deeply flawed
  12. The legality of abortion in Europe
  13. Mandatory vaccination for children

Easy Medical Debates Topics

Why spend a lot of time writing your argumentative paper when we have some very easy medical debates topics right here:

  1. Do nurses have a difficult job in the US?
  2. Vaccination reluctance in the UK
  3. Stem cell research is extremely important
  4. The problem with overpopulation and our medical system
  5. Is pregnancy a medical condition in Asia?
  6. Problems caused by medical marijuana in the United States
  7. Talk about the painkiller addiction that is ravaging the US
  8. Talk about the importance of gene therapy (and negative effects)
  9. Should euthanasia be authorized for terminally ill patients?
  10. Banning animal experiments in the United States and the world
  11. Discuss an significant even in the medical industry
  12. Medical healthcare to people who can’t afford health insurance

medical debate topics

Medical Argument Topics

Do you want to prove that you can win a medical argument? No problem, we’ve got your back. Here are some excellent medical argument topics for you:

  1. Vaccination against Covid-19 should be mandatory
  2. Controlling the cost of essential drugs
  3. Legalizing medical marijuana in every state in the US
  4. Banning ads related to medical marijuana
  5. The effects of fast food on the human health
  6. Discuss the problem with experimental drugs and human test subjects
  7. Talk about the negative effects of alternative medicine
  8. Is a religious healer the right choice for an ill person?
  9. The disastrous consequences to medical debt on your life
  10. Why we need to pay more attention to mentally ill people
  11. Discuss the link between AIDS and mental health
  12. Can you refuse treatment for religious purposes in Africa?
  13. Best ways to motivate women to have more children
  14. Motivating your children to study more
  15. Is memory loss caused by age a major problem these days?

Topics for Your Debate Team

Do you have a debate team and need to write an argumentative paper in a day or two? Check out these great topics for your debate team:

  1. Here is how you can keep your weight down easily
  2. Discuss the various symptoms of a heart attack
  3. Discuss human cloning and its benefits for transplant patients
  4. Weight loss surgery: the pros and cons of this procedure
  5. The best way to protect yourself from heart disease
  6. How long should we expect to live 100 years from now?
  7. The major disadvantages of clinical trials
  8. Lifting weights is not always a good option to stay healthy
  9. The best 3 ways to treat depression in 2023
  10. The pros and cons of the Paleo diet
  11. Who is responsible for the opioid crisis in the United States?
  12. Talk about the problems caused by antidepressants
  13. Effective ways to treat anxiety disorders in 2023

Topics Related to Medical Law

Things tend to get complicated when it comes to medical law, we know. However, our experts managed to come up with some relatively simple topics related to medical law:

  1. Problems with organ donation legislation in the US
  2. Doctors should be criminally liable in case of malpractice
  3. Recreational marijuana legislation in 3 US states
  4. Discuss the problem with ADHD drug overdoses
  5. Sharing medical data and infringing on patients’ privacy
  6. Is it legal for a doctor to refuse to do CPR?
  7. How can we justify legalizing euthanasia?
  8. Legally banning the consumption of alcohol
  9. Can Ecstasy be an effective treatment for PTSD?
  10. The legality of administering vaccines to children
  11. Violations of medical law in the UK during the Covid-19 lockdown
  12. Regulations pertaining to the use of animals to test new drugs

Health Debate Topics

Interested in writing an argumentative paper related to health or healthcare? Take a look at our exceptional health debate topics and pick the one you like:

  1. Is it really that healthy to work out every day?
  2. How stressful is your job and what can it do to you?
  3. The negative effects of watching TV every evening
  4. The morality of cloning humans
  5. The effects of religion on our healthcare system
  6. The most helpful sectors of medical science
  7. Talk about the expiry dates on certain medication
  8. Can human beings really achieve immortality?
  9. Talk about the difference between generic drugs and branded drugs
  10. Talk about the negative effects of cannabis oil on teens
  11. Advancements in genetic screen of embryos
  12. The benefits of alternative medicine

medical debate topics

Most Current Medical Debate Ideas

If you want to write about the most current medical debate ideas, it’s time to choose one of the ideas on our list:

  1. Banning e-cigarette smoking in public places
  2. The best ways to eradicate diabetes
  3. The effects of poor sleep habits
  4. Negative effects of cognitive therapy
  5. Effective ways to treat behavioral disorders
  6. Assisted suicide for terminally ill patients
  7. Helping people live a healthier life
  8. The role of genetics in the length of our life

Creative Medical Topics

Coming up with a creative idea usually means a few bonus points from your professor. Luckily, we have plenty of creative medical topics:

  1. Is shopping addition a mental health problem?
  2. The effects of racism on human health
  3. Problems with subsidized housing (effects on health)
  4. The link between good health and happiness
  5. What is love, from a medical standpoint?
  6. How dangerous is that coffee you drink every morning?
  7. Creative ways to deal with stress at the workplace
  8. Learning a new language: the effects on your brains

Fun Medical Debate Ideas

Looking for some fun medical debate ideas to write your argumentative paper on? Our writers managed to compile a nice list for you:

  1. Fun exercises to strengthen your heart
  2. Best ways to avoid getting infected with Covid-19
  3. Innovative methods to combat stress
  4. The problem with eating competitions in the United States
  5. Let’s ban complimentary peanuts in bars
  6. Do video games really cause health problems?
  7. Printing organs using 3D printers of the future
  8. Most interesting homeopathic remedies in 2023

Controversial Topics in Healthcare

Don’t be afraid to write about controversial topics. Your professor will probably love your ideas. Here are some easy controversial topics in healthcare for students:

  1. Palliative care in Asian countries
  2. The right to end one’s life at his or her request
  3. Donating organs without the consent of the patient
  4. The overuse of medication for trivial illnesses
  5. Self-medication and the problems it poses
  6. Political disobedience viewed as a mental disease
  7. The ethics of human cloning
  8. Is a vegan diet really as healthy as it is promoted to be?

Controversial Medical Issues

Discussing controversial medical issues will most likely win you bonus points for courage. Here are the topics we recommend:

  1. The problems caused by legalizing abortion in the US
  2. Talk about the Aspartame controversy (why is it dangerous?)
  3. Cases of anesthesia awareness in healthy adults
  4. Pros and cons of using Adrenocorticotropic hormones
  5. The basis of the anti-vivisection movement
  6. Talk about the many social problems in medicine in the UK
  7. Pick 3 ethically-disputed medical practices and discuss them
  8. The occurrence of benzene in soft drinks
  9. The most important controversies related to autism
  10. Using depleted uranium in practical applications
  11. What is the toxic oil syndrome?
  12. The negative effects of Bisphenol A

Medical Ethics Topics for Debate

Writing an argumentative paper on medical ethics is not easy. However, we have some pretty nice medical ethics topics for debate right here:

  1. Problems with treating the chronic fatigue syndrome
  2. Radioactive iodine experiments on humans in the United States
  3. Talk about human subject research ethics
  4. Clinical trials on humans: the ethics
  5. Is it ethical to give false hopes to cancer patients?
  6. The ethics behind the 1939 Monster Study in the US
  7. Medical experimentation on Black Americans from 1900 to the 1960
  8. Forced treatment in psychiatric wards

Engaging Topics for a Medical Essay

If you want to captivate your audience and impress your professor, it’s probably time to pick one of our engaging topics for a medical essay:

  1. Discuss the dental amalgam controversy
  2. Producing cheap, effective ventilators for Covid-19 patients
  3. Take a side in the Thalidomide scandal
  4. Effective methods to prevent a burnout caused by stress
  5. Your employer should pay for better chairs
  6. Proven ways to prevent Alzheimer’s
  7. Banning commercials related to the fast food industry
  8. Promising treatments for Covid-19 patients

medical debate topics

Medicine and Health Topics

Perhaps you prefer a more general topic related to medicine and health. Take a look at these interesting medicine and health topics:

  1. The positive and negative effects of opioid medication
  2. Does a healthy lifestyle always keep you away from the doctor?
  3. Advancements in medicine and their benefits
  4. Humans on their way to becoming immortal beings
  5. The limitations and the future of medicine
  6. Cloning organs to save lives
  7. Conditions that can be treated without medication
  8. Do autistic children really need medication?

Medical Debate Topics With Minimal Research

There are some topics that require very little research. We promise you’ll love our list of medical debate topics with minimal research:

  1. Top 3 treatments for AIDS
  2. Effect of stem cell treatment on cancer patients
  3. Keeping yourself safe from a stroke
  4. Are sleep disorders a public health problem?
  5. Negative effects of vaping on teenagers
  6. Medication that prevents violence
  7. Effective ways to stop the Covid-19 pandemic
  8. How important is happiness for your health?

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What are some controversial medical topics?

What is the problem with the cost of healthcare in your country? How does poverty affect health? Why is mandatory vaccination for kids a great idea? If you are searching for controversial medical topics, look no further; let’s help you with more topics you can use.

What is a medical controversy?

Medical controversies are disputes over scientific evidence on the safety and efficiency of medical practices. The medical controversy topics make an excellent essay since it enables you to learn about strange ways people use medicine. You can then do your research and come up with your findings.

What are the most controversial medical topics?

The most controversial medical topics are Legalizing abortion, the use of depleted uranium, forced treatment on psychiatric wards, Cases of anesthesia awareness in healthy adults, social problems in medicine from the UK, and The adverse effects of Bisphenol A.

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