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Commemorative Speech – Easy-To-Use Writing Tips
Commemorative Speech

Over the years, the world has continued to mark special occasions at various times of the year. For instance, some countries commemorate the day they attained their independence, and others when they had their first bus or train.

You also remember the day you are born, do you? And during the cake cutting ceremony, you are requested to give a speech (I remember a time when I got so emotional that I was unable to give my birthday speech.)

The question begs, what is a commemorative speech? Continue reading “Commemorative Speech – Easy-To-Use Writing Tips”

Why Summer Homework is Vital to Student’s Success
summer homework

In the US and Canada, one of the special programs in schools is referred to as Advanced Placement (AP). The program was created to develop modalities for college-level education curricula and high school testing. What does this mean? It is a great way for students to prepare for college. But many have been asking the questions: “Is summer homework really important?” and “Is summer homework legal?” The answer is, “yes.” In this post, we will take a deeper look at summer homework, demonstrate its importance, and tell you why training during the holiday is important.

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Compare And Contrast Essay: Writing Tips For Students

To write a compare and contrast essay is not as difficult as you think, although most people dreaded it. It can be challenging to come up with ideas and structures on how to write a compare and contrast essay. What it actually depicts is that you have to come up with two (2) comprehensively written essays in one essay. It is easier than you think, you just have to develop some compare and contrast ideas, compare and contrast structures and be careful when developing the paragraphs for your compare and contrast essay topics. Listed and explained below are some guidelines/rules you have to follow, to have a compare and contrast essay that is written to perfection.

Continue reading “Compare And Contrast Essay: Writing Tips For Students”

The Causes Of College Stress (And How To Fight Them)

Have you started to feel fatigued lately? Or perhaps your energy levels have started to drop all of a sudden. You may be suffering from what’s known as college stress. If you are a college student, you may be already experiencing the effects of college stress. The dangerous thing about this condition is that you may not realize what’s causing it. In most cases, the effects of stress on college students are neglected. Students simply believe it’s something that will pass. Moreover, many people think it has something to do with their sleeping or eating habits. It does not; and the issue should be dealt with immediately. Here is how!

Continue reading “The Causes Of College Stress (And How To Fight Them)”

Do You Have Too Much Homework? Learn How To Deal With It!

Is homework even essential? One would ask, who invented this migraine? It’s no doubt that most students if given a chance, would avoid this like the plague.

On the way home from school, the student will keep saying to himself or herself, “I have too much homework. Will I be able to play my favorite PlayStation game (for high school and college students) or watch that cartoon on Nickelodeon (lower grade students)?”

Continue reading “Do You Have Too Much Homework? Learn How To Deal With It!”