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How To Cheat On Proctorio | Tips To Get Your Best Points
How To Cheat On Proctorio

You’re reading this article because you’re eager to know how to cheat on proctorio. Students from different learning institutions have criticized this software for varied reasons. (more…)

How To Write A Peer Review: Helpful Guide
How To Write A Peer Review

Peer reviews are common assignments in university and college that come with a lot of pressure and anxiety. Writing a peer review can be demanding as it involves lots of research and conceptualizing various facts. (more…)

150 Best AP Seminar Topics To Get Perfect Grade
ap seminar topics

Are you an AP seminar student? It is one of the most interesting and engaging courses because it trains a student how to identify issues of interest and develop the right solutions. However, you will be required to prepare a final paper at the end of the year-long course, and this is never easy. (more…)

Primary And Secondary Sources: In Depth Look
primary and secondary sources

You’ve probably heard about primary and secondary sources, but don’t really know what they are and how they are different. What is the main difference between primary and secondary sources? How do you differentiate between the two and which one should you use? (more…)

278 Fantastic Demonstration Speech Ideas To Consider
demonstration speech ideas

Demonstration speech ideas are considered to be “how to” speeches because they show the process through which an activity is performed. These are demonstration ideas that offer steps in accomplishing a task before an audience who may, before that period, not know how to do it. (more…)

125 Best Gender Research Topics To Learn And Write About
gender research topics

Gender is used to identify the two sexes (male and female) based on their characteristic traits, behaviors, and roles. Gender studies is an academic field that focuses on the complex questions that may arise in one’s mind related to the interaction of gender. (more…)

153 Medical Debate Topics: Excellent Ideas List
medical debate topics

Do you know what students who get top grades on medical debates or health debates have in common? They manage to find top quality topics for each and every one of their essays. This can really make a difference, especially if you are not extremely good at writing academic papers. (more…)

When is the Best Time to Study? Efficient Methods and Tips
when is the best time to study

Parents who encourage their kids to study know how arduous it is to learn. Teachers who motivate their students to study also find it hard to help them discover the best time to study and memorize. It’s not rocket science; studying is pragmatic. (more…)

Can Moodle Detect Cheating, Copy Pasting, or See Other Tabs?
can moodle detect cheating

Moodle is one of the popular open-source learning management systems that some learning institutions use to manage online learning. COVID-19 pandemic, which forced more organizations to shift most operations online, made Moodle one of the must-have platforms for many learning organizations. (more…)

Late Assignment Excuses That Don’t Fail
late assignment excuses

Students need late assignment excuses all the time. Ideally, it’s common for learners to fail to submit their assignments within the duration the educator stipulates. For instance, the stress of keeping up with everything that happens to the student’s academic life can hinder them from meeting the deadlines. (more…)

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