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When is the Best Time to Study? Efficient Methods and Tips
when is the best time to study

Parents who encourage their kids to study know how arduous it is to learn. Teachers who motivate their students to study also find it hard to help them discover the best time to study and memorize. It’s not rocket science; studying is pragmatic. (more…)

Can Moodle Detect Cheating, Copy Pasting, or See Other Tabs?
can moodle detect cheating

Moodle is one of the popular open-source learning management systems that some learning institutions use to manage online learning. COVID-19 pandemic, which forced more organizations to shift most operations online, made Moodle one of the must-have platforms for many learning organizations. (more…)

Late Assignment Excuses That Don’t Fail
late assignment excuses

Students need late assignment excuses all the time. Ideally, it’s common for learners to fail to submit their assignments within the duration the educator stipulates. For instance, the stress of keeping up with everything that happens to the student’s academic life can hinder them from meeting the deadlines. (more…)

Honorlock Cheating: Guide and Useful Advice
honorlock cheating

Have you been trying to cheat on Honorlock to no avail? Here is a step-by-step article that teaches you how to cheat Honorlock like a pro! Read on. (more…)

How to Cheat in Exam: Helpful Guide
how to cheat in exam

As you know, some students ace their tests and exams easily, and some don’t. If you feel unprepared for a test, you may want to consider different creative ways to cheat. (more…)

How to Cheat on Apex Learning and Not Get Caught!
how to cheat on apex learning

You’re reading this article to know how to cheat on Apex Learning and head to the next class. Apex Learning is a digital curriculum for high- and middle-school students. This curriculum enables teachers to use new instruction models and individualize them to meet the needs of every learner. The integration of instructions and technology creates opportunities for building features and safeguards that enhance academic integrity. Apart from built-in supports, this system includes procedures and policies similar to the traditional classroom, thereby ensuring academic integrity. (more…)

Examity Cheating: Doing It The Right Way
examity cheating

Examity is a third-party platform that you can use to conduct online tests. This platform helps to reduce cheating, improve online testing, and enhance remote tests. As a university student, it is important to familiarize yourself with the examity platform. (more…)

How to Cheat ExamSoft: Hacks and Tricks To Ace Your Test
how to cheat on examsoft

You’re reading this because you probably know something about ExamSoft. This program is common among high school and middle schools. Both educators and students use this program for learning purposes. (more…)

How to Cheat on IXL? In Depth Guide For Students
How to Cheat on IXL

Many students worldwide want to learn how to cheat on IXL because the app requires them to answer complex questions with time limits. If you’ve not heard about IXL, it’s an online learning program for helping learners improve their confidence, performance, and understanding of English language arts and mathematics. This program provides different learning environments based on the learner’s level. Ideally, this app generates questions for learners based on their academic levels and then adapts as they grow.


How To Cram For A Test And Score Like A Pro (Really)
How to Cram for a Test

Are you having trouble succeeding in your tests? Read on to learn how to cram for a test painstakingly with expert advice. It is all you need. (more…)

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