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Finding the Right Words to Start a Paragraph
words to start paragraph

The greatest difference between success and failure is not the lack of ideas, but their implementation. We all think of the next-big-thing over a dozen times a day, but the ability create that ‘big thing’ is what defines us. Same is the case with writers, we have great stories and arguments rummaging through our head, but when it comes to jotting them down, you don’t know where to begin. You are stuck with thoughts like ‘where do I even begin?’, ‘how to start a paragraph?’, ’Do I even have a great idea?’


Is Homework Beneficial? Exploring Pros And Cons Of Homework
Is Homework Beneficial

Is homework beneficial? Should kids have homework? The short answer is “YES”.

Homework Music: What You Need To Know
homework music

To study effectively, one of the common recommendations given to students is to use a quiet environment devoid of distractions. Although this works for some, studies have established that it does not work for others. The quiet environment can bring boredom and at times, make you feel sleepy.


Writing Response Paper: Killer Tips And Tricks
response paper

A response paper is an essay that states your reaction to one or several texts you have read. Your teacher will give this kind of assignment after you have read several articles or pieces of literature. (more…)

Special Tips On How To Focus On Homework Without Distractions
how to focus on homework

Homework is something that every student dreads. Sometimes, it feels like homework eats into all your free time. But the truth is that homework is an important part of coursework that helps you learn concepts at your pace.


Is Homework Illegal? Why Homework Should Be Banned (Updated 2023)
why homework should be banned

Very few will think that homework is essential, probably the bookworms? Correct. But not all of them, so to say.

Is homework illegal? Very unfortunately, it is not. Mention the subject homework and, alas! All hell breaks loose. Statistics indicate that most students are burdened with lots of homework by their teachers, five assignments, 1 hour each to be completed within a night and, submitted early next morning.


What Is Conclusion Sentence: Your Informative Guide
conclusion sentence

How do you summarize your essays or writings? Do you end them with a question, a round-up of what you have been writing about from the open paragraph to the last sentence, or present a new view of what you just wrote? (more…)

Wondering Who Invented Homework? Find Out In This Post!
who invented homework

Today, homework is a central component of education at every stage of learning. Starting from the early years, teachers will always give kids something to do after school. This way, it helps to reinforce what students learn in class and make them stay focused on specific subjects. But, have you ever taken a moment to ponder about the inventor of homework. How did the first homework look like?


How To Get Motivated To Do Homework In A Few Simple Steps
how to get motivated to do homework

Nearly all students experience problems when it comes to studying and don’t know how to get motivated to do homework. This is expected as many distractions surround students, including social networks, movies, parties, fantastic weather outside, video games, and more.

Not doing homework is not right, as you can miss out on important knowledge that may be reflected in the upcoming examinations. Such a knowledge gap may also make students feel embarrassed as a result of not knowing basic things from the school’s syllabus.

So, as you can see, missing homework is not something you want to encourage because it might affect your grades as well. So the best way is to force yourself to sit down study probably. That could be one of the ways to find motivation to do homework.

Read on to learn how to find motivation to do homework and benefit immensely from studying at home.