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How to Cheat in Exam: Helpful Guide

how to cheat in exam

As you know, some students ace their tests and exams easily, and some don’t. If you feel unprepared for a test, you may want to consider different creative ways to cheat.

However, looking at your peers who have been caught, you would think there are no cocksure clever ways to cheat on a test. We’re here to say there are hundreds of them.

But before we delve into how you can cheat conveniently on a test or exam, why would you need cheating tricks?

Why You Need Cheating Tricks in Exams

Many students want to know how to cheat on an exam like a pro because of a few reasons:

  1. You are Confused: Some students find it challenging to understand their course materials. If you’re that kind of student, you will find learning difficult. Confusion sets in when you’re forced to study what you’re not passionate about. Thus, knowing practicable cheating methods is the best way to ace your test and exams.
  2. Time Constraints: You may have just heard that there will be a test tomorrow; how do you study adequately for it? If the time to review your bulky course materials is insufficient, there is nothing else to do other than cheat your way out.
  3. Bulky Course Material: Depending on your level, you may find your coursework challenging to deal with. This is what happens to many students, and it’s why you should consider cheating tips and tricks. Of course, if you can’t absorb the basic things in your course material, cheating is often a tempting alternative.
  4. Unmotivated Student: It is tempting to cheat when you’re not motivated. This is because studying is a complex task and it is a must for you. But, what happens when you’re not inspired even when the examination starts soon? If you need your certificate, you can only try clever ways to cheat on a test.
  5. Diminished Confidence: This happens a lot. You may have studied and still feel insufficient. It happens because you’re afraid, which is why you’re tempted to adopt a few cheating tricks in exams. While you can tell yourself that you’ve done the hard work and you only need to relax, you can consider some tips to ace your test and get an A+ in that professor’s course.

What Makes the Best Cheating Technique?

Four things make the best cheating techniques:

  • It’s easy: The easiness that comes with cheating tricks makes it reliable and flexible. There is no cheating magic which is not easy; when it is not easy, it is not workable.
  • It’s straightforward: If you want to cheat and the trick rules are complex, you’ll flop. This is why we prioritize sharing how to cheat on tests like a pro.
  • It’s convenient: The master cheating tip is convenience. If it is not easy for the situation, it is not advisable. After all, it would help if you were not caught.
  • It’s efficient: Tricksters use the best trick for their performances. So do students who want to cheat on the university or college test.

The criteria make some of the best techniques and ways to cheat on tests. However, some tricks are not 100 percent perfect, which is why you must be creative when using them. There are no universal tactics; you can constantly improve on a trick to cheat on a test and not get caught.

How to Cheat on Tests Like a Pro?

Let’s take you through: Screen sharing and reflection, adopting high-tech materials like undetectable Bluetooth devices, switching test screens, impersonating, using external devices like microSDs and USBs, using keyboard shortcuts, and a few others.

  1. Screen sharing and reflection.
    One of the clever ways to cheat on a test is to share your screen with a friend who subsequently offers answers. If you’re writing a test in school, you can show your monitor and have a friend help you out with responses.
  2. Adopt high-tech equipment
    If you’re writing a proctored test remotely or on campus, there are a few things you need to do. Companies and schools conduct high-tech examinations like MAT, CAT, and a few others. For these exams and tests, you can use undetectable devices like Bluetooth, microchips, and others, which could help you ace the test.Also, there are some multipurpose calculators which could be used to save formulas and other relevant data. You can use all these to cheat without attracting strict supervision.
  3. Switching test screens
    If you’re taking your exams remotely, you can easily cheat. One of the good ways to cheat on a test is to switch your exam screen and browse through your bookmarks. You can search for answers on search engines without raising anybody’s brows or becoming a suspect.
  4. Impersonation
    This is a popular style of cheating. There are complexities involved, though, especially in well-invigilated tests. However, you can still cheat by having someone else write your exams. How to do it? Here are steps to follow:

    • find someone who looks like you
    • have that person change looks
    • looks must match your passports
    • update the person about your tests
    • get them to sit and impersonate

    You can also find confident brilliant students or online experts to take the exam for you for a fee. Although it is risky with physical tests and exams, it is less risky with remote exams and tests.

  5. Adopt the use of external devices
    If you’re writing an online test, you can use your external devices to cheat. Some proctored test platforms will not detect the MicroSD and USBs. It would help if you also were smart with it. You can even get copies of possible questions and copy and paste them from an external device to your device.
  6. Using keyboard shortcuts
    This is one of the easiest ways to cheat. Already, you have different windows opened to copy some answers. All you need is to switch the window for your test and get the answers you need from the other windows. If you’re competent and confident, you can:

    • open a browser incognito
    • log in to your Facebook account
    • text your questions to a waiting friend
    • get the help you need

    It’s that simple. All you need is mastery of your keyboard. This is one of the best ways to cheat in exams where no invigilation software records your screen.

  7. Friend-in-the-same-room technique
    Writing an online test can be easier if a friend is in the same examination room as you. All such a person needs is to see your question and point to where answers are written.If the webcam is activated, you can avoid being caught by using a reflector to direct your screen to a friend. You can place a mirror behind you or have him hide where he can’t be caught.Your friend can also write on bold cardboard and lift them in front of you. This is best for online quizzes and multiple-choice questions.

how to cheat in exam

Clever Cheating Tricks You Can Use

If you have exhausted all cheating tricks and there seem to be no options left, it’s time to get clever. Try out these clever tricks for your exams and tests:

Using a smartphone

This is the world of the internet. If you have an impromptu test and you’ve decided to cheat, your professor can’t arrest you if you smartly use your smartphone. Although this may be difficult to do in a spelling test, it is suitable for essay writings and multiple-choice tests.

Using music players

This doesn’t mean you should use giant jukeboxes or speakers. You can sneak an MP3 object into your bathroom, where questions and answers are already stored. If you forget any during exams, you can,

  • take an excuse
  • walk to the bathroom, and
  • listen to points you’ve forgotten

You can also use small earphones which could be concealed with your hair or hoodie. Note that you can keep the earphone somewhere else, perhaps your shoulders or your hips, with your skirt or belt tightened against it, to pass inspection.

Use your nails

As a girl, if you have long nails, you can scribble some formulas there. These are formulas that can easily evade you. Please don’t make it too obvious. Be smart with it. You can write a few things on your fingernails or thumb, which could help you start your exam or test, especially when it’s a physical test.

The tip of your cap

This is also convenient if you’re writing a physical test. You can wear your cap to your university hall where the test will be held. The teacher of your college may not also suspect you, just as the professor may not. All you need to do is look at the tip of your cap and take the answers you need.

Hide a note in your thighs

Don’t think it is impossible. You can either write on your thighs or hide a Note around it. You can scribble essential points on a tissue or paper and hide them behind your jeans or skirt.

All you need is a firm pair of jeans: strap the paper on your hip and wear your jeans or tight skirt. You can move it up to your waist, where it’ll be more secure until you start exams or tests. When you start the test, you need to lose your belt and take the answers you need.

Use mirror glasses

This is one of the most ingenious tricks, although it could be expensive to acquire. However, you can use a mirror pair of glasses to copy from your classmates at your rearview. All you need is to set your glass the right way and don’t flinch, attract attention, or panic.

How to Cheat on a Final?

As a student in your finals, you can also cheat in different ways, as listed above. However, there are a few tips peculiar to you. You can try the wireless earpiece cheating method, Google searching, and the draft method.

  1. The wireless earpiece cheating method: This is relatively new and straightforward. All you need is a tiny earpiece with a nude color inserted into the ears and can barely be seen by others. You must’ve linked it with your phone or someone else’s phone to cheat.
  2. Google searching: This is mainly for remote exams. As earlier noted, you can use Google and other search engines to check answers online. You can even simplify this task for yourself by bookmarking significant resources in advance.
  3. Using the draft cheating method: As an intelligent student, you already know possible test answers for a physical test. Treat these questions and keep them under your jacket. However, to make this easy for you, get similar exam papers to switch your blank papers when you’re ready.

How to Cheat on a Test and not Get Caught?

There are simple ways to cheat and not get caught. These are excellent tactics to excel in a school test:

  • Keep your secret paper hidden until about 20 minutes after the exam has commenced
  • Don’t panic, don’t sweat, stay calm
  • Don’t look suspicious as you can implicate yourself
  • Have a plan B, although you shouldn’t choose a more complex one
  • Choose easy, flexible, and efficient cheating techniques

What Happens if You’re Caught Using Cheating Tricks?

Different things can happen if you’re caught cheating. Note these:

  • Your invigilator approach you, and if it is an online text, you’ll receive an email when you’re found guilty of cheating
  • The invigilators in charge will conduct an investigation, and you’ll be invited to the Senate Panel. This happens if it isn’t an outright case of cheating.
  • If you’re found guilty, depending on the institution, different things will happen. A college teacher may give you an F, a university professor may make you repeat the course, and a stricter school may make you fail the whole year.
  • If you’re caught cheating on professional exams, you may be banned from taking the exams for some years or forever.
  • If the exams and tests are stricter and highly professional, you may be sent to jail.

Are You Having Issues With Your Exam?

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How do you hide a cheat sheet during an exam?

You can hide a cheat sheet during exams by:

  • Writing the answers on a small piece of paper
  • Hiding notes on the clothing
  • Writing on body parts like the hand or thigh
  • Stashed sheet in the bathroom
  • Writing inside your long-sleeved shirt

What is the best way to make a cheat sheet for an exam?

The best way to create a cheat sheet for an exam is by: gathering and understanding the study materials, writing smaller than you usually would, organizing the sheet with subtopics, and starting writing, if possible, using the short form so that you can fill in lots of data.

How do you make invisible cheat notes?

To make invisible notes, you need to buy invisible ink, and also:

  • Buy a keychain flashlight
  • Write down the cheat sheet using invisible ink
  • Bring the sheet to class since it seems black; your teacher will not care
  • Use the flashlight to get the UV light you need to read the invisible notes

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