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What Are The Popular Homework Excuses Of Students?

homework excuses

Talk about homework, and you will have all the guns of criticism pointed towards you. When you type ‘hw excuses’ on the Google search bar, millions will pop up in seconds; if not, thousands of results will pop up. It implies that there are many excuses for not doing homework from students and professionals as well.

We explore different homework excuses and discuss their validity. But should students even complain about homework at all? I mean, it’s something meant to help them better their grades.

However, let us first discuss the bad and good homework excuses.

Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

When students fail to do their homework completely, here are some good excuses for missing homework that they give:

  • My computer crashed

The technological advances in the education sector have made it possible for online learning using computers. It means that students have to prepare and finish their homework using their computers.

However, machines are prone to failure, and crashing is one of them. Therefore, this can be one of the best homework excuses since it is something the lecturer can identify with directly.

  • There was a power blackout at home

Electricity is one of the essential amenities for all homes. With homework, one needs a proper lighting and a good internet connection.

There are times where power blackouts occur in the whole neighborhood, and you cannot finish your homework. It is a great homework excuse that you can get away with immediately.

  • It rained the whole evening

Weather is one of the natural phenomena that man has no control of in any way. There are times when it rains for hours without stopping.

As a result, you might get home late or develop a cold, which may hinder you from doing your homework well. You can give this excuse and have your way.

  • I had an extra responsibility on my plate.

High school and college may take up some responsibilities at home. Some of this might including washing the dishes or looking after your siblings.

Your parents might get home late, which means you have to take up some extra roles that may make you forget your homework. With your parents’ backing, this can be one of the best reasons for not doing homework.

Excuses For Late Homework Submission

Sometimes you might complete your homework on time, but you cannot submit it when required. Below are some of the best homework excuses for late submissions:

  • There was a traffic snarl-up

Mondays and Fridays are some of the busiest days on the roads. The result of this is traffic jams which may make you arrive late in school, thus not submitting your homework.

An understanding lecturer can take this excuse and let you walk away Scott free.

  • I forgot my homework book at home

You can complete your homework on time but forget the book at home, which means you won’t present the homework on time.

Using this excuse, you can convince your lecturer that you indeed forgot your book at home with the completed assignment.

  • I did not understand the question well

Not all homework assignments are the same. Some technical questions may require more research.

Telling your tutor that you took more time because you didn’t understand it can save you greatly.

  • I had too much homework

There are times when you have a pile of homework, which is all due the next morning. Therefore, you can start with the manageable ones and ask for more time from your tutor to complete the remaining.

Best Excuses For Missing School

When you think of the long lectures and tight schedules in school, you might opt to skip a day or two. Look at the following best excuses for missing school that work well for college and university students.

  • I had a bad day

Ladies can easily get away with such an excuse. You can tell your lecturer that you had a migraine after experiencing your monthly periods. Female teachers can spare you on this, but it may not work on male lecturers.

  • I attended my monthly dental checkup

It is easy to tell your lecturer that you found a long queue at the dentist, which went on until late in the afternoon. With the dentist’s letter at hand, this can be an impressive excuse for missing class.

  • I was busy with an extra-curricular activity or volunteering somewhere

College and university students work in part-time jobs to get an extra penny. Sometimes work may be overwhelming and force you to work deep in the night. You can give this excuse to your professor and abscond school.

  • I attended a seminar or conference

For university students, seminars and workshops are an essential part of their learning. You can tell your head of the department that you attended a two-day seminar somewhere which made you miss school.

Good Excuses To Miss Practice

Are you looking for good excuses to miss practice because they are boring? Try out the following:

  • I am not feeling well

Because you are not feeling, you will not be able to participate in the practice session. It will work on most trainers.

  • I am not good at a particular sport

Athletics in college calls for students to participate in one sport or the other. If games are not your thing and you are thinking of absconding, you can show your illegibility and have your free time.

  • The weather is not conducive today

You can say that you are allergic to a particular, extreme weather condition and miss a particular practice session.

  • I have a project to submit

College and university students can easily get away with such an excuse. You can say that you are supposed to meet your supervisor at that time.

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