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I Hate Homework – How Do I Ace My Studies?

I Hate Homework

“I hate homework but I enjoy going to school every Monday morning.” Most students can relate to such a feeling. They will feel chills down their spine at the thought of having to spend sleepless nights cracking that homework.

But why do people hate doing homework? Is it because of the name itself, or are there other underlying factors? Can a student say ‘I hate homework’ out of laziness or habitual behavior? Does this negative attitude towards homework make them feel like ‘I hate my school so much?’

All these are penitent questions that we seek to address in this article. Therefore, tighten your seat belt and get ready for a bumpy homework experience!

I Hate Homework – Why Do You Have Such a Feeling?

Homework has been in existence since the inception of formal education. I bet most students would skin alive the person who invented homework – his name is Roberto Nevilis. Too bad, you can’t find him now. However, you can cope up with his rather ‘absurd’ invention.

Researchers attribute many reasons as to why students hate homework. But why do people hate doing homework from kindergarten to post-graduate level? Well, here are ten potential reasons why you have that feeling of ‘I hate doing homework’ with passion.

  1. You are just lazy! – No way! You can’t say I hate homework because I am lazy. I mean, I can miss to do my homework but still clean a few dishes. My friend, laziness is the number one reason why you do not want to do your homework – worse yet, you do not wish to accept that fact.
  2. You do not have a plan! – I hate homework, yes, but I have a home study timetable. That is the excuse most students would bring to their defense. The fact remains that if you had a plan, you would set time to complete your homework – joyfully and even wish for more work.
  3. You may be straining yourself – After school or on your way back home, do you feel pressured about your homework? That is one indicator that you are stressing yourself. If you are not at peace at the thought of your math homework, then it will be a reason for your adrenaline rise.
  4. You like copying your assignments – That sounds hard on you, but it is one reason you can hate homework. When you are used to plagiarizing content, you might hate homework when there is no source for you to copy and paste.
  5. You don’t like school – Do you mean to say that I hate school so much just because I don’t like completing my homework? Yes. If you truly loved your school as you claim, you will love every school activity, including assignments!
  6. You don’t like your teacher! – But she is my favorite teacher, you may protest. That aside, the fact that you do not want to complete her homework means that you don’t love her. How would you feel about a pet that you love so much, yet when you call it, it refuses to come to you?

The list is endless – we have just handled the icing of the cake. You can add one or two more reasons that make you hate homework with such vigor.

But here is another exciting part!

Why Do We Do Homework?

Many articles on this subject often sideline this crucial aspect. Before asking yourself, ‘why do I hate homework’ or ‘why do I hate high school so much,’ consider this question. Like any other inventor, Roberto Nevilis did not come up with homework out of the blues.

He had specific objectives in mind as to the need for homework in schools. Let us explore some of these reasons in detail:

  • It reinforces what a student learned in class – After school, you can remind yourself what was taught during the day and have a firm grip on the concepts.
  • It trains your mind – As you sit alone around the study table, you can gauge your memory and understanding of various concepts. In this way, you make your mind to be self-reliant, not on your classmates.
  • It instills a sense of self-discipline – When you sit down independently to do your homework without your teacher to supervise you, you develop an understanding of self-discipline. You take the initiative of completing your task on your own.
  • Homework promotes parent-child relationship – A parent can supervise or help his/her child with their homework. Through this, the parent will recognize the academic weaknesses and strengths of their children.
  • Helps break the monotony of classroom learning – Students have a chance to learn at home without the typical classroom set-up. It makes them develop a fresh perspective on education.
  • It is an assessment tool – The teacher will determine whether the student understood a particular concept or not. When a teacher realizes that the class did not understand, he/she can repeat it in the next lesson.

You can now see the tremendous benefits that you lose when you say, ‘I hate homework.’ From the discussions above, you can note that homework is something worth the time and effort.

Stay with me now as we zoom in to another critical area of focus in doing homework.

How To Not Hate School

We briefly alluded to this in our discussions hitherto. I hate homework, but I don’t see how that relates to school in general. Hating school will have a ripple effect on every other activity of the school, including homework.

Here are practical ways of what to do when you hate school:

  1. Engage in school activities: Doing this cultivates a sense of belonging to the school. Once you do this, you wouldn’t want to engage in anything that would tarnish your school’s reputation. It includes not doing your homework.
  2. Love your teachers: Teachers play a pivotal role in your stay at school. How you treat them and vice versa will make you love or hate school. Therefore, be sure to develop a positive and vibrant relationship with them.
  3. Make school your home away from home: Although it’s hard adjusting from your home to the school environment, it’s nonetheless possible. Once you feel comfortable at school, you can get rid of the ‘I hate going to school’ feeling. It becomes more of a hobby than a forceful thing you have to grapple with every day.
  4. Choose your friends wisely: Friends you have in high school or college can make you love or hate school all the more. They will also contribute to determining whether you complete your assignments or not.
  5. Opt for a transfer if necessary: Sometimes, you may feel uncomfortable in a particular school because of the weather, friends, or teachers. If this is the case, speak to your parents to transfer to a school where you can be comfortable and learn at ease.

Why do we hate school after all, yet we can take steps to change this state of mind. Do not let school become the worst nightmare you have to deal with every day.

How To Force Yourself To Do Homework

Sometimes, you may need something to cheer you up for your homework. Maybe you are tired or don’t feel like doing your homework, yet it is supposed to be complete before you sleep. You can borrow these expert tips to force yourself to do the task at hand:

  • Take some time to rest: It is normal to feel tired in the evening when you come back from school. To counter this, have some time to freshen up and relax before you embark on dismantling that nagging homework.
  • Have a reminder: There are two possible ways of doing this – you can set the alarm on your phone or have a sticky note reminder on the door lock. It will help you remind yourself that you have an incomplete task waiting for you.
  • Have ‘checkmates’: These can comprise your closest friends who can act as your accountability partners. Through this, you can remind each other of the homework task and encourage one another to complete the job in time.
  • Involve your parents: Let your parents know that you have homework every day when you get5 back from school. They will keep you on toes to ensure that you work on it at all costs – even if it means a few strokes.
  • Refrain from the temptation of watching TV: Before you finish your homework, train yourself not to watch anything on TV. The most significant step to implement this would be to avoid watching TV regularly – this may lead to addiction.
  • Settle on the best time for your homework: Some can complete their task in the evening while others can wake up early in the morning. Find out the best time for you and discipline yourself to complete it then.

After the deliberations above, I know you are now saying to yourself, ‘I hate homework but I think I can force myself to do it from today.’ That is a thought in the right direction. With time, you will find yourself loving homework more than you ever thought!

My Kid Not Doing Homework – Any Help?

If you are a parent and your kid avoids homework as a plague, then you have a responsibility to help. You can borrow from the thoughts above, or yet still; you can implement the following measures at home:

  1. Supervise your child: Whenever he/she gets back home from school, be sure to check their books for any homework. If there is, sit with them as they complete it. However, please do not be too hard on them; you might make things worse.
  2. Help where necessary: If the child is stuck, you can help. However, it does not mean that you do everything for them but instead show them what to do. Remember, the chief goal of homework is to assess a student’s grasp of concepts.

Someone doing homework on his own stands a better chance of learning more. However, you can use professional writing help to get your task done from reputable online sites. It’s fast and cheap!

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