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141 Epidemiology Topics: Exceptional Ideas For Your Class

141 Epidemiology Topics

University and college students write papers about epidemiology topics when pursuing programs in health conditions and diseases. Epidemiology is the public health foundation and study determinants and distribution of disorders and diseases in a population. It also entails developing knowledge on how to control and prevent infections. Epidemiology research enables humans to understand people with diseases and disorders and how and why they affect people in certain regions.

When writing an epidemiology research paper, a student must select an interesting topic, research it extensively, and present factual findings in an organized manner. Here’s the basic outline of a paper or essay on this subject.

  • Introduction: This section should introduce the topic to the readers while discussing the outcome and exposure variables briefly. It should also feature a thesis statement towards the end.
  • Literature review: This chapter should describe past studies relevant to the topic. Essentially, this section should act as the basis of the study.
  • Methods: This section should describe the techniques the researcher used to collect and analyze data.
  • Results: This part presents the study findings.
  • Discussion: The student should discuss the results and explain their connection to the thesis statement.
  • Conclusion: This part should wrap up the paper, explaining how the findings support or refute the claim made in the thesis statement. It should also recommend or suggest further research on the topic.

Selecting a good epidemiology topic is a vital step when writing a paper on this subject. If the teacher or professor requires you to write an essay on this subject but doesn’t have a topic, this section comprises exciting ideas that you should consider. However if you don’t want to go through such a long writing process, you can still get your college homework done by hiring our experts.

Social Epidemiology Topics for Paper

Maybe you’re stuck in the first step trying to select a topic for your essay. In that case, consider these ideas for your academic paper.

  1. How the physical environment affects health
  2. How does the transportation method that people use affect their overall health
  3. How poor social interactions cause depression
  4. The human population percentage that can access quality healthcare
  5. How does the lack of hospital equipment cause deaths in developing countries
  6. How healthy child development affect the health of an adult
  7. The role addiction plays in the health of a person
  8. How the environment can help a person overcome drug addiction
  9. What comprises a good learning environment for kids?
  10. Discuss the leading theories in social epidemiology
  11. Describe the characteristics of neighborhoods and how they affect public health
  12. Social epidemiology- Discuss the current and future direction
  13. Concepts, theories, and methods of social epidemiology research
  14. Top researchers who have played a crucial role in social epidemiology
  15. How social epidemiology helps in formulating better policies
  16. Environmental determinants and infectious diseases
  17. Mathematical modeling in epidemiology and public health
  18. How public health relates to behavior and evolution
  19. Vaccine roles in public health
  20. Why social epidemiology matters in public health
  21. International health and changing patterns
  22. Factors affecting the health of a country
  23. Health and social-economic development
  24. Economic factors that determine a population’s health
  25. Developing counties and their field methods for epidemiology
  26. Health, evidence, and human rights
  27. Analyzing women health over the last decade
  28. Why university students need mental health services
  29. Economic determinants of child and mother health
  30. How gender affects the outcome of individual health
  31. How does gender influence the health outcome of a population
  32. How gender inequalities affect public health
  33. Analyzing social epidemiology research and public healthcare
  34. How to get help with health insurance
  35. Why schools don’t take ventilation seriously and how it affects the health of children
  36. How literacy level relates to people’s perception of health
  37. How food choices affect health
  38. Extroverts have better and livelier human relationships
  39. How physical environment affects a child’s development
  40. Why everyone should be concerned about poorly built houses
  41. Are people more productive when working in areas with trees?

These are topics about social-structural factors and can be great for research papers. Nevertheless, research your issue extensively to write a winning paper or essay.

Current Epidemiology Paper Topics

Perhaps, you want to write a research paper on current issues in epidemiology. In that case, consider these ideas for your research paper.

  1. Why nurses are getting depressed so quickly
  2. Ways to identify an ill employee
  3. The rate of asthma among the employees working at the sea
  4. The duration a sick employee should be on leave
  5. Are female employees getting better maternal care?
  6. Why employers must isolate infected employees
  7. The influence of better pay on worker’s living conditions and health
  8. The benefits of workers’ workshops
  9. How to address work-related anxiety
  10. The role of individual personality in workplace socialization
  11. How does the workplace facilitate socialization
  12. Why employees must never tolerate toxicity at the workplace
  13. How to measure excessive workload
  14. Why a nurse should never pass frustration to their patients

These are topics focusing on workplace disease incidence and other aspects affecting the health of workers. Nevertheless, commit sufficient time to research and analysis to write a winning paper.

Epidemiology Project Ideas for University Students

Maybe you’re pursuing a university degree and need a topic for your project. In that case, this list has fantastic ideas to consider.

  1. Investigating tooth decay among young children
  2. Factors affecting fertility rate
  3. Types, causes, and treatments of dysmenorrheal
  4. Hyperglycemia and sugar addiction
  5. Bronchitis and excessive smoking
  6. Common mental illnesses affecting young people
  7. Poor self-esteem and bullying
  8. How to balance academics and social life
  9. How to cope with learning while having several jobs
  10. Why female students are among the most sexually abused persons
  11. Why are so many young people getting depressed?
  12. Eating disorders- Bulimia nervosa and anorexia
  13. The inter-relationship between the sudden increase in obesity and unhealthy eating habits
  14. Why not paying attention to mental health causes more mental illnesses
  15. The desire for validation and unhealthy self-esteem
  16. Why do more young people have stomach ulcers?
  17. Why substance and drug abuse cases are on the rise
  18. How to discuss unprotected sex with children
  19. Investigating coffee addiction and its management
  20. Why being overweight is disadvantageous

These are exciting topics to consider when writing a university research paper. However, pick a compelling title to enjoy working with it.

epidemiology topics

Cancer Epidemiology Topics

Cancer is among the most common epidemiology types. If interested in writing a research paper about cancer, consider the following ideas.

  1. Cancer Epidemiology and its origin
  2. Colorectal cancer screening- Strategies and perspectives
  3. Challenges facing epidemiological and statistical evaluations of co-founders and impact modifiers
  4. Heath and cancer disparities- Racial differences in cancer mortality
  5. Ataxia-telangiectasia- Lung cancer risk and mutated polymorphism in a specific population

Any topic in this category enables a learner to explore different epidemiology issues, including quantifying the incidence and prevalence of cancer to determine results like morbidity and mortality.

Current Topics in Occupational Epidemiology

This category comprises topics focusing on exposure levels for groups to diseases. Essentially, exposure levels differ based on work areas, job titles, and other factors. Here are exciting occupational epidemiology topics to explore in your research.

  1. Diagnosing acquired aplastic anemia in epidemiology
  2. The applications and uses of exposure science in epidemiology
  3. Exploring geographic and environmental epidemiology
  4. Physical ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders- What is hot or cool?
  5. Environmental and occupation epidemiology development
  6. How spending too much time on the screen affects the eyes
  7. Why companies should teach industrial workers to use complex machines
  8. How gossip affects the mental health of workers
  9. What causes workplace depression?
  10. How incentives can increase workers’ productivity

This category has good topics for advanced learners. These are ideas requiring extensive research to develop comprehensive papers.

Current Public Health Research Topics

Maybe you’re interested in public health research. If so, consider these topics for your paper.

  1. How healthy housing can prevent the spread of different diseases
  2. Public health standards- How effective are they in the United States?
  3. Contrast and compare health systems and services between the U.K. and the United States
  4. Explain how communities and housing impact public health
  5. How to improve lifestyles in modern communities
  6. How restricting smoking improves air quality
  7. Effective practices for preventing the spread of coronavirus in schools
  8. How does public health accreditation facilitates the maintenance of health high health standards
  9. Violence and injury prevention policies in the U.S.
  10. How countries address the health-related policies affecting immigrants
  11. How racism affects health services delivery
  12. Ways to manage substance and drug misuse in communities

These are excellent topics to explore in public health. Nevertheless, pick a topic you will enjoy researching and writing about to make the task easier to complete.

Controversial Epidemiology Research Topics

Perhaps, you are interested in something controversial. If so, consider these titles for your research paper.

  1. Can gene-editing help in ending chronic diseases?
  2. How to live with cancer among enlightened people
  3. How low-quality creams or lotions affect the internal organs
  4. How the lack of self-care can increase the risk of hypertension
  5. Reasons to encourage pap smears
  6. Bacterial infections- Why human bodies are becoming tolerant to antibiotics
  7. Factors influencing autopsy results
  8. Governments should implement health laws in questionable causes
  9. Is poor educational background the reason for high female genital mutilation cases?
  10. Alopecia and substandard hair care
  11. Practical ways to reduce S.S. genotype’s occurrence
  12. Why the malaria parasite quickly affects the A.A. genotype
  13. How to easily detect diseases in babies
  14. Why eliminating discrimination among AIDS patients is difficult in undeveloped countries
  15. How the living standard affects a person’s health
  16. What amounts to a healthy lifestyle?
  17. How dyslexia affects children
  18. What are the warning symptoms of the autism spectrum?
  19. Why malaria leads the death causes in Africa
  20. How modern lifestyle affects public health
  21. How to live with a terminal illness
  22. Chemotherapy and cancer

Not every topic in this category is controversial. Nevertheless, you require adequate time to research your issue in this category and analyze information to write a quality paper.

Disease Topics for Research Paper

Maybe you want to focus your research on a particular disease. If so, consider these topics for your essay.

  1. Swine flu- How does it influence diarrhea?
  2. Whooping cough- How infectious is it?
  3. Chronic bronchitis- What’s the role of smoking in its occurrence?
  4. Viral pneumonia- Who are the most susceptible people?
  5. Differentiating viral pneumonia from walking pneumonia
  6. Pneumonia occurrence- What role do weather conditions play?
  7. Swine flu- Can you get it from pork?
  8. Tuberculosis- What are the causative agents?
  9. Respiratory diseases- Are they the most dangerous?
  10. Asphyxia- What are the types, causes, and treatments?
  11. Is addiction a disease?
  12. Lung cancer- Possible preventions and treatments
  13. The effects of measles on the respiratory system
  14. Asthma- Is it hereditary?
  15. Cystic fibrosis- What is it?
  16. Cold- Is it common to kids than adults?
  17. Obesity hyperventilation syndrome- What causes it?

These are some of the best topics in epidemiology for learners across the academic levels. Nevertheless, having a title doesn’t make writing an essay easy. You also require time, skills, and experience to compose a winning paper. If you don’t have these requirements, our crew can help with your project.

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Which of the following topics are areas of study in epidemiology?

Topics studied in the field of epidemiology are: environmental and occupational epidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology, epidemiology methods, genetic epidemiology, neuro-psychiatric epidemiology, infectious disease outbreak, and effectiveness of intervention and treatment. When choosing epidemiology topics, ensure they relate to how diseases spread and effective prevention methods.

What topics is social epidemiology concerned with?

Social epidemiology science examines how different societies’ advantages and disadvantages, such as learning, discrimination, and poverty, impact the quality of health in a given community. The main aim of these topics is to understand how certain conditions in a community can impact the health and well-being of those in that region.

What are the 3 significant types of epidemiologic studies?

The three major types of epidemiologic studies are cross-sectional, cohort, and case-control. These significant groups review the distribution and spread of diseases or disorders within groups of people and the suitable way to form health interventions.

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