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100+ Best Philosophy Paper Topics For Any Taste

Philosophy Research Paper topics

What is philosophy? Philosophy, as a discipline, is challenging for most students. It is the study of the real world’s nature and existence in a rational and systematic consideration. Students get to explore the fundamental dimensions of human experience and reality.

The thought of not fulfilling the instructions is quite overwhelming to many college and university students—all the more reason you need these professionally handpicked philosophy paper topics.

How To Write Philosophy Paper Topics

Philosophy term paper topics are the heart of your entire discussion. Therefore, you should be in a place to craft a case that:

  • You can easily research on
  • Will appeal to your reader
  • Will show a sense of maturity and professionalism

After writing your topic, here are a few guidelines on how the rest of the paper should look like:

  • Have a striking and attention-grabbing introduction
  • Lead readers into the question of research through a distinct thesis statement
  • Declare your stance at the end of your introduction
  • Express the logic behind your perspective in the body
  • Write ideas that make arguments for your position
  • Offer plausible reasons for your stance
  • Include a reply to the critics if possible
  • Conclude your paper in a coherent and pleasant fashion

So, let us now get into the gist of our discussion in this post.

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Should everyone marry or get married?
  2. Do animals sometimes have better intelligence than people?
  3. What is the meaning of friendship, according to you?
  4. Can one enjoy life as a spinster or a bachelor?
  5. How do you define marriage?
  6. What would you choose between a relationship and a career?
  7. Is it true that rules are meant to be broken?
  8. What are moral values lacking in society today?
  9. Is it true that loneliness can lead to stunted growth?
  10. Do you believe that there is life after death?

Philosophy Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. Does going to college increase a student’s IQ?
  2. What is the distinction between knowledge and wisdom, according to you?
  3. Why do you think most leaders refuse to hand over power?
  4. Can a society achieve a state of total tranquility?
  5. Does upbringing define what a child will be in the future?
  6. Is murder in the name of self-defense justifiable by any means?
  7. Should citizens protest whenever there is bad governance from elected leaders?
  8. Is courting in college an average trend among all college students?
  9. Should we justify the copying of homework among students?
  10. Are team-building events essential in college?

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Is it right for the girlfriend to propose to the boyfriend?
  2. How often should friends call each other in a week?
  3. Is it true that to succeed, one must work hard?
  4. Can we have gender equality in the world?
  5. Should presidents have their own private life away from the public limelight?
  6. Does superman or Spiderman exist in the real world?
  7. Why do students opt to plagiarize instead of doing work on their own?
  8. Can we justify the killing of animals for meat?
  9. Is it possible to have a nation without a government structure in place?
  10. Does the education level determine if one will be rich or not?

Controversial Topics For Philosophy Paper

  1. Should we measure richness in terms of money alone?
  2. Is it true that some rules are meant to be broken?
  3. Should prisons give prisoners the liberty of going out?
  4. Does voting have any significance?
  5. How accurate is the famous phrase that ‘politics is a dirty game?’
  6. Is it possible to be a failure in class and succeed in life?
  7. Should the law allow people the right to end their own lives as they wish?
  8. Does sexual desire subside with age?
  9. Should people of the same gender get married?
  10. Does social media shape a person’s morals and behavior?

Good Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Should surrogate mothers have a right to the children they sire?
  2. Are robots replacing human beings in workplaces?
  3. Should we legalize marijuana for the treatment of some diseases?
  4. Is feminism a result of women themselves?
  5. Discuss why both men and women don trousers?
  6. Do women who apply make-up lack a sense of self-esteem?
  7. Why are there diverse languages around the world?
  8. What is the relationship between age and wisdom?
  9. Is the media playing its watchdog role effectively?
  10. How can one think positively after failure?

Latest Philosophy Topics to Write a Paper On

  1. Is man to blame for the spread of coronavirus?
  2. Should people wear masks to promote a stance?
  3. Why are men contracting the coronavirus at faster rates than women?
  4. Is traveling to COVID-19 worst stricken countries an option?
  5. Does online learning have an impact on the student-teacher relationship?
  6. Which is the best measure of controlling COVID-19?
  7. Do aliens exist, or they are science fiction stories?
  8. Is it true that men should not cry?
  9. What are the pros and cons of self-isolation?
  10. Can we have a total shutdown of the whole world?

Interesting Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Should women also pay dowry?
  2. Do academic papers guarantee you a direct ticket to employment?
  3. Should parents call their children names of football players?
  4. Is studying more expensive than the returns?
  5. Why do we still have a cold war among nations in the 21st century?
  6. Should a week start on Sunday or Monday?
  7. Should we have a legal age to get married?
  8. Why should all students use school buses?
  9. Should middle school students learn about sex education?
  10. Do adopted children have a say in the whole process?

Philosophy Topics on Religion

  1. Do all religions worship the same God?
  2. What is the relationship between religion and philosophy?
  3. Discuss why there are so many Christian denominations in the world
  4. Should the government tax religious institutions?
  5. Does religion have a role to play in the behavior of individuals?
  6. Discuss the emerging religious beliefs in the 21st century
  7. Why should every person belong to a religion?
  8. Is atheism a result of frustration from religion?
  9. Are monotheism and polytheism still practiced today?
  10. Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy?

Cultural Topics in Philosophy

  1. What is the anthropological conception of culture?
  2. Discuss the relationship between multiculturalism and globalization
  3. Is culture a recent invention or a thing of the past?
  4. Behavioral and symbolic systems as a result of culture among societies
  5. Can we study culture by sharing it?
  6. How far can the study of culture go?
  7. Can a community effectively assess its cultural practices?
  8. What are the limitations of a society’s self-assessment?
  9. The impact of dynamics in society on culture
  10. What is culture, according to you?

Amazing Philosophical Topics

  1. What is the philosophy of sex and gender?
  2. Can we say that a person is sincere?
  3. How does lying come to expression?
  4. What is it that distinguishes man from animals?
  5. Are Socrates and Plato the true fathers of philosophy as a subject?
  6. Describe the essence of ‘self’ in philosophy
  7. What marks the distinction between good and evil?
  8. Why can’t one have a happy life ultimately?
  9. Do all humans have the sixth sense?
  10. Why is the death time of sorrow for all?
  11. How can we make life meaningful?
  12. Why does everyone want to go to the United States?
  13. Are teachers responsible for the grades of students?
  14. How to love everyone
  15. Why do women love cooking?

You may feel that you need professional writing help to start your research paper now that you have settled on a topic. You can trust us to deliver a top-notch paper!

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