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How To Do Homework Fast And Easy?

How To Do Homework

The word ‘homework’ is one of the most revered among students. It sends a chill down the spine of many at the thought of doing it. There has been a lot of contention among parents, teachers, and even students on whether homework is essential.

But wait,

Do you know that working on homework can be the most thrilling part of your school life? I know you are asking yourself now, ‘is this guy nuts? Who doesn’t know the pain and sweat that comes with homework?’ Well, I do. And trust me, at the end of this piece, your whole perspective and attitude towards homework will have changed.

You must have typed on your search bar, ‘how to do my homework,’ and that’s why you landed here. Let’s get straight into what you came here for, right? Time is money, and you wouldn’t want to lose a lot of it reading stories here and there.

How To Do Homework: The Question of Procrastination

Many students, both high school and college, will bear witness that this is one of the most recurrent excuses for homework. “Should I do my homework now? No, let me first play this game or watch that favorite movie first then I’ll do it later.” That is what goes on in the mind of most students.

“While we waste our time hesitating and postponing, life is slipping away.” – Seneca

Recent studies indicate that procrastination on doing homework is rampant among students because they:

  • Forget about it
  • Overestimate or underestimate the amount of time they have to do homework
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Have poor study routines
  • Perceive it to be overwhelming
  • Have the myth of working well under pressure

Despite all these and many other reasons, you can overcome this monster of procrastination and do your homework on time. How? Scroll down to acquaint yourself with the top five professional tips:

  1. Make a plan
  2. It is one of the core tools that help you understand your skills and priorities. Know what areas you are weak in and where your strength lies. Following these two and setting goals will help you never feel lost when working on homework.

  3. Use the ‘temptation bundling’ strategy.
  4. Here, you bundle a good behavior for you in the long-run with a response that feels good in the short-run. Therefore, you will do the things you love while doing the things you procrastinate every day.

    For example: Only listen to audiobooks when doing your homework

  5. Set priorities in your schedule and adhere to them
  6. Having a schedule with homework as a priority one will help you beat the problem of procrastination. Be faithful to your plan, and that way, you will not have to push your homework to another time.

  7. Remove all distractions
  8. Rid yourself of all things that can potentially distract you such as TV, play station games, or your phone. Doing this will ensure that you don’t get sidetracked halfway through your homework for no reason.

  9. Reward yourself
  10. All work and no play can get you all worked up and thus making it hard for you to study. Once you are done with homework, sip a coffee, take a stroll around the compound, or listen to some soothing music. That way, you will feel energized to get back to work again.

Should You do Easy or Hard Homework First?

Homework is part of the school for better or worse, so whether it’s easy or hard, you will have to do it. Some argue that the best way to do homework is by first getting the hard stuff out of the way than tackling the easiest one last.

Well, this may work or not depending on the circumstances. That is why switching between these two can be the best hack on how to do homework, thick and fast.

Getting the easiest and quickest assignments done first has the following advantages:

  1. It will feel right for you as you will be able to check tasks off the “to do” list.
  2. You will have a sense of accomplishment and thus less anxiety
  3. You will have the psyche and motivation to continue

On the other hand, starting with the hardest and most complex assignments has these benefits:

  • It will help you use your energy wisely
  • You will overcome procrastination and become productive
  • the better you will perform on subsequent tasks

Now, what’s the catch? Easy Homework + Hard Homework + Short Break (Repeat as many times as you need)

How To Motivate Yourself To Do Homework

After exploring the two most penitent issues; procrastination and where to start, let us delve on how to get motivated to do homework.

There are many ‘jam starters’ do your homework. Here are the top five stunning motivations that can help you get started with your homework:

  1. Love your teachers
  2. It sounds funny and perhaps more of an amateur point to start with, but hey, it is as it is! Love your teacher – that is the first commandment with promising rewards for all students.

    The best antidote to the question of doing homework or not is the love for teachers. No matter how complicated the task may seem, the love you have for him/her will override it. You will do everything possible to impress your teacher – but not plagiarizing content.

  3. Treat yourself before you open your homework.
  4. There is nothing extraordinary and rewarding than showing love to yourself first (this has nothing to do with self-centeredness). Give yourself a mood lift before you embark on tackling that complicated Engineering or Psychology assignment by:

    • Enjoying a favorite snack (I’d suggest, a smoothie)
    • Check one or two memes from your social media
    • Watch a couple of cute kitten videos on YouTube

    However, these activities should not be without a time limit. For instance, make it ten minutes so that you don’t get distracted and waste hours on them.

  5. Get a motivated friend to work with
  6. Working with your best friend can make homework more enjoyable. The advantage of this is that both of you can also help keep each other on track.

  7. Determine the best time to do your homework
  8. Time plays a vital role in the motivation you will have for your homework. Some would prefer waking up early in the morning, while others feel much more energized in the evening. Experiment with all these to determine which one is best for you.

  9. Ensure that you are comfortable
  10. Uncomfortable situations will make it hard for you to concentrate on your homework. These include hunger, lack of sleep, or general tiredness. You can do some yoga, breathing exercises, or wear comfy clothes before you start.

Places To do Homework: Pro Advice

Researchers warn that the place where you take your homework contributes to about 20% of the output. Your environment can make a big difference in how well you focus on your homework.

Places to do homework should be:

  • Quiet,
  • Well-lit,
  • Warm,
  • And give you plenty of space to spread out.

The necessity of all these factors is to focus on your homework and produce the best results.

Nevertheless, don’t get a very comfy space where you will end up sleeping instead of completing your assignment! You should avoid a bed or a cozy couch as a plague.

How To Do Homework Fast Like Usain Bolt

After checking all the factors above, it’s time for a catalyst to your homework’s speed. Many desire to get this secret ingredient but are short of it. Below is how to do homework faster:

  1. Make an outline
  2. Ensure that you have a list of all the assignments, what each task entails, and the approximate time of completion.

  3. Gather all the required materials
  4. Make sure that all the primary and secondary sources, such as course books are ready and available. The internet should also be steady and fast if you intend to browse online sources.

  5. Set up your workplace
  6. If you need a chair and a table, make them available and comfortable (remember what we said about this.) Get the stationery and any other material necessary for a complete workspace.

  7. Drink water
  8. Biology has it that water helps to revitalize your brain and body. You can, therefore, achieve a maximum thinking capacity with this trick. Avoid soda or sugary snacks.

  9. Have short breaks
  10. Ease off the pressure with short breaks to refresh your mind. A re-energized mind and body keep you going even with long hard tasks.

How Do You Do Homework When You Feel Lazy?

We all get lazy at some point, right? Yet the teacher will still be waiting for the homework the next day. Here is how to make homework doable when you feel lazy:

  • Find motivation (from your life aspirations)
  • Schedule all of your work
  • Get all your homework done as soon as you get home
  • Do the work in order

Using these tricks, you can easily combat laziness and remain productive.

Top 5 Tips for Doing Homework

“Why should I do my homework?” Well, these tips from top homework experts should get you going on this question:

  1. Break more significant assignments into small manageable ones
  2. Have a positive attitude towards school and your homework as well
  3. Keep “homework time” a safe space, not a time of torment
  4. Set a timer to track your progress
  5. Keep friends who love doing their homework too

As we climax this comprehensive guide, it is essential to note that practice is key to developing the right attitude for your homework. If you put all the guru tips above, you will not need to waste your time on the internet typing, “how to do my homework” again.

On top of the tips, we offer top-notch homework help in all learning levels. Get your pocket-friendly and top-grade homework assistance from us today!

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