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Do You Have Too Much Homework? Learn How To Deal With It!

too much homework

Is homework even essential? One would ask, who invented this migraine? It’s no doubt that most students if given a chance, would avoid this like the plague. Especially if there is too much homework in college, or even in high school.

On the way home from school, the student will keep saying to himself or herself, “I have too much homework. Will I be able to play my favorite PlayStation game (for high school and college students) or watch that cartoon on Nickelodeon (lower grade students)?”

However, statistics show that homework is essential.

What Are The Benefits Of Homework?

Is homework bad for you? Let’s quickly brush through some benefits a student will get from having homework:

  • It Develops the Student-Parent Relationship. Homework, regardless of its length, will factor in the parent on the student’s academic work. Once in a while, a parent may help the student and see how their children are faring on.
  • It Gives Students Time to Focus on Their Academic Work. Who will comfortably sit behind a screen or go to the field, bearing in mind that he or she has a dozen of homework to complete?
  • Students Can Develop Time Management Skills. When students have too much homework, they will be able to split it into manageable bits with a specified time to complete each. It will enable them to develop this skill.
  • It Improves Student’s Performance in School. Instead of lazing around, the student will have more time in books and, thus, able to revise through the homework.
  • It Breaks the Classroom Monotony. Staying all day long in a classroom may not seem comfortable for a student. However, putting on that favorite short or t-shirt and sitting on a warm home chair will help to relieve students of a great deal.

You might still be thinking about if or why is homework bad for you, but a manageable amount won’t be bad for you even though you might feel like it.

So, Is Too Much Homework Bad?

How much homework students get depends on several factors. It is to mean that what is too much for one group may not be so for another one:

Let’s delve in now, shall we?

  1. Age of the Student
    Psychology states that the human brain develops as one grows. A 4-year child cannot be capable of effectively handling numerous work as compared to a high school or college student. Therefore, for such students, a one-page drawing and coloring homework or a few sums to handle are enough for them. The elder ones on the other side may be given a 1000 word essay to write or twenty sums for a night.
  2. Level of Education
    Why do teachers give too much homework to high school and college students rather than the ones in kindergarten? Simple! Because the latter have not yet fully developed the art of handling more enormous tasks. The former is well equipped well with research skills that will enable them to feel more exceptional assignments as easy as pie.
  3. Type of course taken
    Let’s be honest here, do you expect an engineering student to be given one sum for a whole night as homework? The amount of homework given depends on what the student should put effort into most. It will be in terms of research and knowledge base.

Effects Of Too Much Homework In College Or High School

I refer to this as ‘other factors’ because they might not necessarily affect all students. They are unique to specific environments. One of these is the prevailing conditions around. For instance, a school in an area where electricity is as scarce as the feathers of a fish – Wait, do fish even have feathers in the first place? The available resources, such as course books, may also factor in. If the homework is from the coursebook, yet there are only two of these in a class of forty students, then it might not be efficient.

The ratio of teachers to students is also a consideration. Do teachers handling a class of over 50 students give too much homework? It would not be possible. I mean, is this teacher a robot to mark all those books and identify the challenges each student encountered in doing the homework?

Quickly, let’s brush through some effects of too much homework.

  • It can be a health hazard for the students, back pains, and straining eyes.
  • Negatively impacting the student’s social life; they won’t have time to play or socialize with their friends
  • It can lead to deterioration in the student’s grades; some may not have enough time to revise or may develop a negative attitude towards education.
  • Can cut the parent-child relationship; a student who is always in his or her books may not have enough time to experience adequate parental care
  • Lack of sleep and anxiety; students may burn the midnight oil to complete the homework, and if they don’t, fear creeps in.
  • Students might abscond school for fear of not completing homework.
  • It may encourage laziness as some will copy-paste the assignments and submit for marking.

Another sign that there might be too much homework is when students get someone to pay for homework help. This is perhaps not as devastating and bad and an option that will always be there, but it might be a symptom of overwhelmed students.

What Is The Point Of Having Homework?

Homework is meant to train, practice, or broaden a student’s learning aside from the classroom experience. The homework has, therefore, to be appropriate with the age of the child and either boost a child’s interest or help them learn great study habits.

It should not be meant to torture or make students develop a negative attitude towards school. Teachers should try to teach a positive mindset in their student’s minds by guiding them on the essence of it.

‘Too much homework’ is, therefore, like sugar in the tea. One might say that it is too much, whereas another might comfortably take the drink. It just depends on the conditions under which the teacher gives the homework.

If you realize that you have too much homework, you can talk to your teacher about it. If it’s overwhelming for you and make you feel worn out, making you think “Please, I need help to do my assignment,” don’t be alarmed to ask for a professional help. Sometimes it may be costly, but this exclusive domyhomework123 promo code for the first-time users will definitely sweeten the deal. Just write to us – and our team of expert writers will be ready to lend a hand in offering writing help with your homework.

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