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Top 7 Free Math Websites You Should Try Immediately

best math websites

If you are reading this now, you have probably been wondering about the best way to make math simpler, enjoyable, and likable. Well, we understand this. But the good thing is that there is a way out!

With the correct tools, practice, and confidence, your grasp of mathematics will improve. I am speaking about this from experience. As an expert in mathematics, a lot of students come back with success stories, “I thought I could not make it in mathematics, but with your help, I am now so good,” they report.

One of the best ways to develop your math skills is by using math websites. In addition to the methods taught in class by their teachers, the best math websites offer new ways and more examples that make mathematics easy. So, what are some good math websites for students? To help you answer the question, we have looked at the leading mathematics sites that will help you to become a pro mathematician! Here are the top seven best math learning websites that you should try:

7) Art of Problem Solving

Mathematics Level: Recommended for pre-algebra, preferably 3rd to 11th grade.

This mathematics website is one of the best for learners. Their videos are very organized and clear for students to learn quickly, even on their own. Besides, they have a lot of stuff, such as math competition info, discussion forums, and classes that learners can enroll in.

When you use this site, their videos are especially spectacular. Here are some of the main categories:

  • PreAlgebra.
  • Introduction to algebra.
  • Counting and probability.
  • AMC –these videos explain problems picked from American Mathematics Competitions.

pre algebra videos

In every video, you can easily follow individual subject or subtopic in order to grasp the basic concepts and start solving related problems. When watching videos, a tutor carefully takes you through using clear explanations. It is like a teacher inside a classroom!

art of problem solving

6) Wyzant

Mathematics level: K to 12th Grade.

This is another leading math websites for kids that we found very helpful. The moment you open the site, all the topics are easily visible so that you can easily select the preferred lessons, worksheets, and even examples of the difficult math topics.


Another impressive thing about the site is that you can also seek help with other subjects. Well, we saw this as a perfectly self-contained solution that trains you to hack even the tough mathematics problems while maintaining a top edge on other subjects. What a great site for a well-rounded student?

5) Arcademics

Mathematics Levels: K to 6th Grade

Who said that math cannot be fun? Well, one of the good math sites that are using innovative strategies to help learners is arcademics. As the name suggests, the site combines math with arcades to make it easier for students to understand – simply fun, fun, and math.


Well, the games on this site are multi-player and educational. The site even allows players to operate safely online by setting passwords. They are also monitored carefully so that inappropriate ones are blocked to help students stay focused. The math website is based on the following principles:


  • When learners respond to challenges, they get skills that can be used to drive personal improvements. Errors are used as opportunities to become better in various mathematical problems.
  • When students engage in repetitive exercises, they become super fun. This helps them to advance their skills progressively. Ultimately, they become pros!
  • Because the challenges get immediate corrective feedback, it is easy to see mistakes and correct them. Well, with the idea that a mistake can be corrected, students will not fear to try new mathematics challenges.

By linking arcade games and mathematics, we established that most learners, especially in the early stages, take more interest and stay focused. This is the first step to demonstrating that math, unlike what many people think, is all about our lives. Note that the site can also be used for learning other subjects, including geography, typing, spelling, and language arts.

4) Cliff’s Notes

Mathematics Levels: 2nd to 12th (offering basic math through calculus)

If you are a student who wants assistance with mathematics and also other subjects, Cliff’s Notes is also a great option. The site is designed to help students handle the common challenges they face in mathematics. But the most interesting thing is how the site simplifies the problems using examples so that students easily grasp the main concepts, develop interest and learn how to solve them. You can seek help with basic math, algebra, calculus, geometry, and statistics. See the caption of one of the categories below:


Unlike other sites, we found Cliff’s Notes more resourceful to use because it helps learners to also prepare for their tests. Well, even after practicing with different problems, it is important that you understand how to tackle different tests, including SAT and ACT. For example, most tests come with problems from different math categories. So do not simply put all effort on arithmetic; be ready for different types of problems with Cliff’s Notes.

Other subjects that you can also get help from this site include biology, chemistry, and geography. Further, you can get literature notes and study guides that can help you with planning for success. You will find the guides very useful for balancing your efforts on all the subjects while putting more focus on the ones that are difficult to you.

3) Education World

Mathematics Levels: K to12th

Education world presents a wide range of the mathematics resources that educators can employ to make learning fun. As a teacher, the site helps to boost your work by diversifying your thoughts to make training easy. The resource is broken into six main areas that you can use. These include:

education world

  • Teaching essentials: This allows you to get started as a teacher. For example, you can learn how to write report card comments, use reading games, and word search puzzles.
  • Administration: This is another component that you will find very useful as a math teacher. It includes things such as leadership resources and strategies for better management.
  • Lesson planning: Well, you can only be effective as a math teacher if you have the right planning skills. Using this resource, you will be able to know about teaching respect, ice breaks, worksheets, and every-day edits.
  • Technology: These are the technologies such as science, math and reading games, WebQuotes, and Tech Tools that you should employ to make teaching mathematics and other subjects easy.
  • Other areas of this resource include professional development and printable templates that you can use in class.

2) Khan Academy,

Mathematics levels: 3rd to 12th grade plus basic math and calculus three. Also, SAT and ACT Prep

This is one of the top math learning websites that have been growing in popularity so fast in the recent past. We liked it because of the awesome video galore and impressive design. Well, no matter the math topic that is looking hard to you, check into this site, and you are sure of getting the help.

The moment you join this site, you get to enjoy it for free forever. This implies that you have a reliable powerhouse that your child can use any moment to learn and test skills in solving different math problems.

khan academy

From the image above, you can see that the site is created to help students even from an early stage. We agreed with most parents that if you want your kid to become a good mathematician or scientist, it is prudent to start early. And you do not just need to go to Khan Academy only when the learner has a problem, also login for regular practice and taking more advanced challenges.

1) Patrick JMT

Mathematics Levels: 3rd to 12th grade plus arithmetic and calculus

JMT (initials for Just Math Tutorials) is one of the most comprehensive math websites for middle school. Simply put, JMT is all about math and a lot more about math. This site is developed by experts in mathematics who have been in the industry for years and understand the areas learners find difficult. Besides, their videos are very easy to use and will make your learner starts enjoying every bit of mathematics. Well, if a concept appears too complex, simply let the experts help you understand how to solve it.

patrick JMT

Another reason why Patrick JMT is one of the best websites to help with math is that it is very easy to use. In addition to providing a long list of topics that you can seek help on, you can also use the search feature for more refined results. This means that you do not have to wade through the long list of videos on the site, especially when time is limited.

If you are seeking help with a specific subject, say, arithmetic, it is only logical that you also learn how to handle related problems. Patrick JMT thought of this, and made it simple for you. Once you select a video, the site lists a number of related math tutorials below it. This is a perfect way to learn progressively. See the image below:

Just Math Tutorials

When to Seek Math Writing Help

Using the above math course websites, you have the opportunity to learn even the tough subjects, including calculus, arithmetic, and algebra. The free math programs for struggling students are easy to use, and parents can quickly get engaged in their kids’ education. But we must point out that there are times that math papers can get really tough. So what do you do?

The secret is seeking math writing help from professionals. If you find that writing a mathematics paper is tough, these professionals are willing to help. They have been in the mathematics niche for years, and no problem is too tough for them.

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