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How To Become A Better Test Taker? Guide From Pros

how to become a better test taker

Tests or exams are essential as they help us master the concepts we have learned; however, the test-taking experience isn’t pleasant for everyone. Some people take tests with confidence. On the other hand, some people face anxiety, sleeping issues, and eating disorders if a dreaded test is coming up.

Such problems drastically affect the test results as the student cannot showcase his knowledge and may get a lousy grade. Their cant emphasizes how necessary the tests are for academic excellence and carrier development.

What Are Tests, And Why Are They Important?

Test results reflect a student’s strengths and weaknesses and allow them to work on their weaknesses. Also, testing helps students become strong test-takers; the more tests you take, the better you perform under pressure. Performing well under pressure is a skill that all students should develop as it goes a long way and helps in academics and career. Hence it’s essential to learn how to be a good test taker.

In the article below, we will be discussing the different types of tests, tips to study better, and methods on how to get better at test-taking. There is no clear-cut answer on how to do better at a test; in this article, we will be outlining the planning process that you can follow, from preparing for a test to giving a test that you can follow to improve your test performance.

What Are The Types Of Tests?

To help you develop the skills on how to take tests better, it’s essential to understand the different types of tests and challenges linked with each one. There are usually three types of tests written, oral and physical.

  • Written Test
    Written tests can be open books or closed books where a student must submit written answers to the questions. In a written test, a student may face:

    • Question and answers
    • True/false questions
    • Match with the correct answer
    • Fill in the correct answer
    • Fill in the blank
    • Other creativity based questions
  • Oral Test
    Oral exams or viva voce are the type of tests that involve discussion. The best part about oral tests is that there isn’t just one correct answer to a question, so you can play with words to make your way to the correct answer. Such tests are practiced in many schools to allow the students to respond to questions quickly and efficiently. Moreover, oral tests help develop confidence, mindfulness, and responsiveness which can positively contribute to each person’s life. These oral tests later take the shape of college, university, and job interviews; hence it’s essential to grasp the skills needed for such test-taking.
  • Physical Skills Test
    Physical tests judge your fitness level, physical abilities, stamina, strength, and muscular flexibility through manual labor.

How To Study Better For A Test

Students often assume that teachers are out to fail them; however, that’s not true; if you are not doing good on your tests, there can be many reasons behind it. The first step on how to improve your test-taking skills is planning and setting your study routine. Sometimes when you start preparing a night before the test, you may face anxiety and sleep deprivation due to the fear of doing bad at the test. Hence, it’s essential to follow the following methods to study better thus become a good test taker.

  1. Be Informed
    Find out the topics and chapters included in the tests to prepare beforehand. Make sure to find out the format of the test to prepare accordingly.
  2. Think Like Your Teacher
    During the lectures, your teacher often emphasizes some more critical topics; these topics have a higher chance of appearing in your tests; therefore, pay extra attention to them.
  3. Try Different Study Aids
    Use the flashcards app or ask your friend to test you to help you practice for the test.
  4. Study Every Day
    Studying a night before the test is not a strategy that can work for everyone; therefore, start preparing for it a week before and study every day so that you don’t get burdened.
  5. Limit Distractions
    Distractions such as food, cellphone, tv, etc. make you forget essential details related to the topic; hence when you start studying, cut out all distractions.
  6. Don’t Miss School
    Missing out on school means missing out on a chance to understand a particular topic better; that’s why it’s essential not to miss school unless there is a genuine reason.
  7. Revise Everything
    Overconfidence can get you into trouble, so revise even the easy topics before the test.
  8. A Quick Review
    Make it a habit to quickly review the topics before the test.

how to become better test taker

How To Be A Better Test Taker

After you have prepared for the test, it’s now time for a good night’s sleep to get geared up for the test. Studies show that you can improve your pre-test habits to better take tests. Let’s find out the practices that can make you a good test taker.

  • Check Your Stationery
    It’s essential to check your pencil box and fill it with necessary stationery. If you appear in a maths exam, you may want to stock up with some geometrical instruments to help you with problem-solving. If you are not prepared with the right stationery, you may lose confidence and waste your precious time borrowing the things you need.
  • Get Proper Sleep
    It’s crucial to get a good night’s sleep before the test; otherwise, you will have a hard time keeping your eyes open and concentrating during the test.
  • Eat A Healthy Breakfast
    Kids who eat a healthy breakfast on test day get higher scores than those who don’t take breakfast. Hence, take a healthy breakfast before your test but avoid eating sugary treats.
  • Drink Less Caffeine
    Coffee has stimulants that help make you more alert; however, you might get nauseous and unfocussed if you confuse too much. It is advised to consume coffee in a limited amount as it is also a diuretic, so you might need to use a washroom during the test.
  • Listen To An Empowering Song
    Listening to a cheerful song empowers your and makes you feel relaxed. So, if you are feeling anxious and scared, listen to your favorite song to calm your nerves.
  • Revise Before The Test
    If you have some time before the test, spend it revising or going through the flashcards or notes that you have prepared. Waiting for the quiz to start will only make you more anxious, but a five-minute revision will help you immensely in your test.

What Are Some Tips For Successful Testing?

Why am I bad at taking tests? How to test better? Every time we work hard for the test and still end up getting a bad grade these questions come to our mind. If you want to know how to take a test well, you can follow some tips and advice from the online test help community to have a pleasant experience on your next test.

  1. Make yourself comfortable: Choose a comfortable seat if you are allowed to; it’s better to select a seat away from the classmates who are bound to distract you during the test. Getting a seat next to a window is always a good idea as the breeze can calm you while you are taking a test.
  2. Read each question several times: When taking a test most students fail to understand the question in the first read and end with an incorrect answer. Therefore, it’s imperative to read the question several times until you know its meaning and the solution you need to state.
  3. Pre-read the test: Read the whole test as you start taking a test and answer the easy questions first to build your confidence.
  4. Calm yourself: If you feel nervous before the test, talk to a good friend or think about a good book, movie, or song to calm your nerves. If you wonder about the best way to manage yourself before a test, you should know that the answer is different for everyone; you can try the techniques mentioned above to find out what works best for you.
  5. Eliminate wrong answers: When taking a test with multiple-choice questions, make sure to cut out all the wrong answers. If you are still left with two or more options, guess the answer closest to your understanding.
  6. Recheck your answers: Students often feel thrilled when they think they have done the test well and forget to recheck their answers. Rechecking is the most crucial step before submitting your test to ensure your answers are correct.

It is easier to improve the test results for theory-based subjects such as science, sociology, etc. than numerical-based subjects such as math, accounts, etc. To improve test grades on numerical subjects, you will have to work on your basics and strengthen your numerical concepts.

Don’t Want To Fail Your Test?

If you want to ace your tests, you need to learn how to take the test as this will enable you to reflect your knowledge in your answers efficiently. The aforementioned techniques can easily understand what the exam taker is looking for in the answer. On the contrary, you can’t master these skills overnight; it requires a lot of practice. Until you learn how to take a test, you may be wishing to pay someone to take my test.

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How can I improve my test-taking skills?

Improve your test-taking skills by implementing effective study habits and test-taking strategies. You can do this by setting aside dedicated study time, revising before the test, and reviewing previous tests and assignments.

Why do I struggle with tests? 

Several factors can lead to some students struggling with test-taking, like test anxiety, poor study habits, lack of sleep, and lack of proper preparation. In addition, some students might need help with specific tests like question and answers, multiple choice, or essay exams that will require them to have different strategies to perform well.

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