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100 Best Technology Research Topics

technology research topics

The world is a global village, and technology is its heartbeat. Getting interesting technology topics for your research or essay may not be as easy as you think it should be. Sometimes, it’s just unbelievably difficult to string the words together for a perfect topic. But you needn’t worry any longer on how to get topics about technology because we have done all your brainstorming for you and provide you with 100 excellent topics on technology and other technology related topics.

Technology Research Paper Topics

Choosing outstanding technology research topics is vital to the overall success of your research. Thus, our homework helpers have crafted more than just 20 research topics on technology just for you! Are you ready to explore this list of research topics about technology? Enjoy!

  1. Exploring the positive and negative long-term effects of living in a technological world
  2. Identifying how technology has changed the world
  3. Analyzing the extent of use and dependence on technological devices in communication
  4. Identifying and further exploring possible methods for the use of technological innovation in cancer treatment
  5. Understanding and analyzing the benefits and risks of genetic engineering
  6. Exploring the influence of technology on the behavior of children today compared with twenty years ago
  7. What will be the most significant new technology for solving significant problems in the world?
  8. The effect of social media on solving and creating problems in countries of the world.
  9. Will governments be able to continue controlling their citizens’ access to social media and the Internet at large?
  10. Exploring the implications and impact of technology on increasing globalization in the global economy

Controversial Technology Topics

With the growth of technology comes the ability to do what we previously thought impossible. With the potentials of technology becoming almost boundless, there come many controversies highlighting what we should or should not do. Writing on controversial areas in technology is a sure way to spark some interest in your work. This is why we have come up with these ten controversial topics in technology that you should consider!

  1. What the Internet needs: control or censorship?
  2. Should identity chips be implanted under people’s skin?
  3. Organic food or genetically modified food. Which is better?
  4. Human cloning: Good or bad
  5. Should we worry about addiction to technology?
  6. The impact of technology on religion and beliefs
  7. Is it morally wrong to genetically engineer children?
  8. Should we be concerned about the unpredictability of Artificial Intelligence?
  9. The use of CRISPR technology in editing genes
  10. Space colonization: is it essential?

Technology Essay Topics

If you’ve been unable to come up with a perfect topic idea for your technology essay, we’ve you! Here’s a brilliant list of technology essays topics we’ve created for you!

  1. Discussing the impact of technology on culture
  2. Exploring the advantages and novel applications of optic fiber technology
  3. Application of robotics in the world today
  4. how technology can be used to prevent terrorist attacks
  5. How digital learning is going to change schools and education as we know it
  6. Digital tools: making the workplace more or less productive?
  7. Should there be equal access to technological developments around the world?
  8. Health technological advancement that has changed the world
  9. The effect and consequences of technological progress on human identity
  10. The impact of technology on the rules of war

Technology Security Topics

  1. Bots and cybersecurity
  2. How technology has encouraged identity theft and internet fraud
  3. Technology: making the world safer or more dangerous?

Technology Debate Topics

Here are some technology debate topics that can also serve as technology argumentative essay topics!

  1. Social media has made human communication go worse
  2. Artificial intelligence will go a long way in helping humanity
  3. Investing in space colonization is entirely worthwhile
  4. Governments don’t have to invest in alternative energy sources
  5. Technology is making people dumber
  6. Cloning should be allowed
  7. Radiation from cell phones is dangerous and should be limited

Information Technology Research Topics

Information technology is a rapidly growing field of technology that has become indispensable in day-to-day activities. Getting information technology research paper topics for research may prove to be quite challenging to many. This is why we have come up with these ten information technology topics just for you!

  1. Understanding and harnessing the power and potentials of data
  2. How humans can use technology and data to predict and lessen the effects of natural disasters
  3. A look into the importance of computer coding
  4. How 5G wireless technology will change the world
  5. Long-term adverse effects on the children of our generation?
  6. Can information technology help to manage certain addiction disorder?
  7. Exploring effective ways to employ IT in classrooms
  8. Is IT bringing people closer together?
  9. Does information technology make it better for us to be more productive working from home than at the office?
  10. Will IT make people smarter?

Hot Topics In Technology

  1. The impact of artificial intelligence in our daily life
  2. The use of artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare
  3. The use of medical apps and their safety
  4. Should the number of time kids spend on the Internet be reduced?
  5. Digital voting: benefits outweigh the risk?
  6. Augmented reality: benefiting online shopping in new ways?
  7. Can AI machines obtain self-awareness?
  8. Are self-driving vehicles safe? Should the be encouraged?
  9. Who should take the blame when a self-driving car becomes involved in an accident?
  10. Cryptocurrency: a significant change of the financial system and global transactions?
  11. How modern technologies and the Internet make outsourcing of jobs easier
  12. Is it safe and ethical to use cloud technologies in the healthcare industry?
  13. How the Internet of things will change our homes in the future
  14. Cybersecurity in 2020: hacking methods improve with the development of new technologies
  15. Understanding the pros and cons of blockchain technology
  16. Gene editing: the benefits and risks
  17. Game addiction: possible approaches to solving the problem
  18. Is it safe to use vpn services?
  19. Possible virtual reality gaming content in the nearest years.
  20. Time travel: a reality closer than we think?

Educational Technology Topics

  1. Harnessing the potential of new technological approaches to learning
  2. Is online learning more beneficial to both students and teachers?
  3. How to extend educational technology to students in third world countries
  4. Will educational technology make the education system mobile and convenient?
  5. Exploring the impacts of social media on e-learning programs
  6. How will Virtual Reality change education?
  7. Computer programs and apps that assist students in organizing and accomplishing scientific research
  8. What technological schools will look like in the future

Computer Technology Topics

  1. Exploring the benefits and risks of loving everything to cloud storage
  2. Reinforcement learning: can robots be more intelligent and human-like?
  3. How computer programmers can better protect devices with the advent of new technologies
  4. How big data and bioinformatics will transform biology
  5. How important is machine learning?
  6. In which areas will machine learning have the most impact?
  7. Computer languages that will be most important in the future
  8. How robots are bringing changes in health care

Science and Technology Topics

  1. Necessary technologies to be developed by scientists before people can live on Mars
  2. How scientists can improve self-driven vehicles and control technologies
  3. How technology has helped in the observation of outer space
  4. The impact of new technologies on lifestyle, health, and values
  5. The contribution of Leonardo da Vinci to new technologies
  6. Technological approaches to global warming
  7. Using technological advancements to stop pollution

Technology Presentation Topic

Do you have a presentation or speech to give on technology and not sure what topics to discuss? Here are some technology speech topics and presentation topics for your next presentation. Good luck!

  1. Has technology done more harm than good?
  2. What the world will be like without computers and technology
  3. How technology helps in harnessing alternative energy sources
  4. Technologies that will make life safer
  5. Modern gadgets and their influence on mental health
  6. Why the 21st Century has seen rapid growth in technology than past centuries
  7. Why stem cell research may forever remain controversial

So here we are! 100 technology research topics just for you! You can also check out our engineering topics! Ready to have an A+? Let’s do it!

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