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50 Best Math Research Topics To Explore

math research topics

Mathematics is a broad discipline that finds interrelation with several other subjects and fields of study. It is also a subject that, in many ways, unifies different disciplines through its theories and concepts. As a result, mathematics is studied across different educational levels in varying degrees of complexity. It is, therefore, also common for students to come across a requirement of math research topics to work on at various juncture of their educational journey.

Whether the math research paper topics are needed for a PhD research or for a middle school assignment it is not uncommon to find students perplexed over which topic to choose. The decision is not easy as everyone wants to make a good impression with their work and of course score well.

Before you pick a topic for your research it is important to understand that the topic should be one that offers an appropriate and adequate scope of the study. Your topic should allow you to work in detail on the subject chosen and yet it must suit your time constraints as well. Often students who do not carry out a careful selection of their research topics in math end up fighting against time to meet the deadlines. This not only puts an additional burden on their routine but often affects their performance in other subjects as well, leading to undue stress. Therefore, time, complexity, and scope are three vital factors to consider before shortlisting a math topic.

Here is a list of topics that you can explore as per your educational level. Pick the one that suits you best and offers you an opportunity to score well.

Math Research Topics for Middle School

At the middle school level, the scope and complexity of mathematics are far more accessible to students as compared to when they research math topics in higher education. Here are some easy math research topics that middle students can explore and attempt. Take a look:

  1. Exploring areas of shapes and the formulate for calculating them
  2. Significant mathematical applications in ancient Rome
  3. Euclid and his contributions to math
  4. Quick techniques for two-digit number multiplication
  5. How to count objects by sight through the fastest techniques
  6. Origin and logic of using Greek symbols in mathematics
  7. What were some major applications of mathematics in Ancient Rome?
  8. Roman and Greek Civilizations – a comparison of their contributions to mathematics
  9. Pascal’s triangle – How to find patterns
  10. Math in nature and around us
  11. Geometry as it exists in nature
  12. Easy ways to memorize algebraic expressions
  13. Early civilizations and their history with algebra
  14. Blaise Pascal and his study and contributions to probability
  15. The greatest mathematical invention in the history of mankind

math research topics

Math Research Topics for High School

If you are looking for some impressive math research paper topics for high school consider the following for your assignment:

  1. A comparison of imaginary and real numbers
  2. Study of the Fibonacci series
  3. Solving the simultaneous equations – Evaluation of the methods
  4. Pythagoras’ theorem – an analysis through real-world situations
  5. Proving trigonometry theorems
  6. Archimedes’ history and his contributions to mathematics
  7. Important Greek mathematicians and their contributions to mathematics
  8. The European Renaissance Era and Role of mathematics during the period
  9. Ancient Egyptian Mathematical applications and accomplishments
  10. How was Ancient Greek architecture influenced by mathematics?

math research topics

Math Research Topics for College Students

At the college level, you have to pick your applied math research topics very carefully. While your topic must help you make a lasting impression it must also offer ample depth and complexity for detailed study, which may even be interdisciplinary. Here are some effective undergraduate math research topics to consider:

  1. Mathematical Biology
  2. Understanding Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries
  3. Major advancements in Topology over two decades
  4. High dimensional spaces – Analyzing geometry
  5. Kinematics of rolling – Analyzing a mathematical angle
  6. Application of symmetric functions in the field of combinatorics
  7. Periodicity and complexity
  8. Solving the inequalities of the linear matrix using rank constraints
  9. Algebra: an exposition on the invariants of matrices
  10. Symmetries of differential equations – A study

math research topics

Interesting Math Research Topics for PhD. Students

If you are a PhD student you must certainly be looking for some impressive and cool math topics to research on. Here are a few math education research topics that are sure to move you in the right direction:

  1. Studying systems with multiple time scales
  2. Exploring the double pendulum and chaos
  3. A detailed study of the Knot theory — what are its applications
  4. All about the geometry of singular spaces
  5. Exploring the different methods for solving inverse problems
  6. Weather forecasting and the role of advancements in predictive models
  7. Exploring the calculus of functors along with the application they have
  8. Group theory and its role in mathematics
  9. Complex analysis for higher dimensions — their complex analysis and exploration of the associated geometric aspects
  10. Studying the elementary mathematical foundations of Computational fluid dynamics
  11. Single polymer entanglements and the significance of mathematical modelling
  12. Exploring the continuous and discrete quantum graphs
  13. Study of Egyptian fractions
  14. Zero-sets of polynomials and their asymptotic properties in holonomic systems, currents, and higher dimensions of differential equations
  15. Analyzing Multilinear and Rough Linear Pseudodifferential Operators

Whether you are in school or college this list can surely be a good starting point if you are finding it difficult to pick a topic for your paper. However, there are many reasons because of which you may find it difficult to work on your math research paper. It could be due to ill health, pending deadlines of other subjects, increased work pressure, the burden of multitasking, upcoming examinations, too many commitments or a general inability to handle the pressure due to some personal issues.

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Which topic is best for research in mathematics?

The best research topic in mathematics is the one that offers you a suitable and sufficient scope of the study. In addition, you should be able to work in detail on the subject and still deliver the paper on time.

What are examples of math topics?

Here are examples of topics you can use, A look at some major applications of mathematics in Ancient Rome, Quick techniques on doing two-digit number multiplication, and Proving trigonometric theorems. Choose different math topics depending on your education level.

What is the most interesting math topic?

If you enjoy calculation and numbers, all math topics can be an interesting part of learning. However, you must give the essay ample time and dedication to doing the best research. You also need to choose a topic that is within your education level.

How to choose a math research topic?

The best way to choose a math topic is by determining the area of interest and picking a topic in that niche. If you are still determining the title to choose from, our team of professionals has compiled a list for you.

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