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Your Best Guide to a Great Rhetorical Precis

Rhetorical Precis

When practicing how to write a precis paragraph, the student must put a lot of focus on precision, not just in reading, but also in writing. Therefore, you need to employ the right sentence structure to make your precis outstanding. The rhetorical precis writing is important for learners taking AP English Language and Composition because it serves as their foundation for goals achievement.

What is a Rhetorical Precis

Rhetorical precis writing is a type of academic writing that requires students to analyze the content (what) and delivery (how) of a piece of spoken or written passage. It comprises of a highly structured paragraph (mainly four sentences) that blends two things; summary of the passage and analysis.

In each of the sentences in the paragraph, the learner is required to include specific details, such as quotations that highlight the author’s style, tone, and bibliographic references.

The Best Rhetorical Precis Outline

To get more marks from your rhetorical precis, you need to have the right outline. Here is a sample structure showing what should go into each sentence of paragraph.

  1. The Author’s Name, (you could add a phrase to describe the author), genre, and title of the work, date, a rhetorically accurate verb, and a “THAT” clause that has the major assertion (thesis).
  2. An explanation showing how the author of the work under consideration is supporting the thesis you identified in (1). This should be done chronologically.
  3. Give the author’s statement of purpose. Then, ensure that the statement is followed by the phrase “in order to” so that the writing is cohesive and easy to read.
  4. Describe the targeted audience and the tone of the work.

How to Write a Precis Step By Step

Now that you know what a rhetorical precis is, and also have the best rhetorical precis template, we will now give you a step-by-step guide to help you craft a winning piece. Remember the ultimate goal with these steps is writing the four-sentence paragraphs:

  1. Step one: Get Knowledge

The first step when it comes to writing a rhetorical precis is understanding what it is. The aim is to differentiate it from other types of papers, such as term papers. While it is true that people want to get your emotions on the writing, the secret is understanding what to include. Therefore, you need to read very closely between the lines to get everything right. Ensure to focus on the author’s strategies and identify what message is delivered to the readers.

  1. Preparing

To get the rhetorical precis writing right, it is crucial to scrutinize the subject carefully. Here, you should target using three persuasive strategies

  • Pathos: These are meant to help arouse emotions from the readers. They appeal to their feelings and are meant to help win their approval.
  • Ethos: These are grounded in people’s belief in the reliability of the speaker. Therefore, you need to carefully relate to the author’s personal experiences and rely on his credibility.
  • Logos: Unlike the first two, ethos and pathos, Logos requires you to think logically and, therefore, guide the targeted readers. Therefore, you need to be professional and pursue the right words. You also need to pick strong arguments.

In addition to the above three, it is crucial to have deep understanding of figurative language, especially diction, imagery, and syntax. At the preparation stage, ensure that you also read other great good precis examples. They will show you how top writers used their rhetorical precis template options to craft the best piece.

  1. Organize Your Work Well

One thing you must appreciate about writing rhetorical precis is that you must be very organized. No matter the method that your teacher might have recommended on how to write a rhetorical precis, good organization can help you to make the right precis format/outline easily, read, analyze and write within the available timeframe. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all the major tasks on the passage are properly defined before starting to read the text.

  1. Make Sure to Ask Questions

When working on a precis for an essay, it is prudent to be professional by asking questions and seeking the answers as you get along. This will help to make interrogation more coherent and writing easy. Some of the questions that you need to ask include:

  • Who is the author?
  • Why does the author analyze the topic?
  • What is the goal of the author when writing?
  • What is the target audience?
  • What is the strategy that the writer used?
  • What style did the author employ?
  • What is the tone of the passage?
  • Who is the audience?
  1. Read the Passage Attentively

Here, the aim is to focus on the passage structure and the function of every strategic part. Particularly, you need to establish the techniques employed, the words that have been used, and how the author strikes the verbose mode. Further, make sure to grasp the stylistic applications in the passage.

  1. Write Your Rhetorical Precis

Use the best template to write your rhetorical precis, ensuring to remain as precise as possible. The secret is to analyze and summarize your points so that they fit in a four-sentence paragraph. Then, carefully proofread the writing to ensure that it follows the right format, does not have grammar errors, and there is a clear flow from the start to the end.

Rhetorical Precis Sample

To help you grasp the concept of how to write a precis template and a winning piece, it is important to check at a number of samples. Take a closer look at the example we have provided below and see whether you can write a similar one. Note the careful selection of words and easy flow from the start to the end:

Charles S. Peirce’s article, “The Fixation of Belief (1877), asserts that humans have psychological and social mechanisms designed to protect and cement (or “fix”) our beliefs.Peirce backs this claim up with descriptions of four methods of fixing belief, pointing out the effectiveness and potential weaknesses of each method.Peirce’s purpose is to point out the ways that people commonly establish their belief systemsin order tojolt the awareness of the reader into considering how their own belief system may the product of such methods and to consider what Peirce calls “the method of science” as a progressive alternative to the other three.Given the technical language used in the article, Peirce is writing to a well-educated audience with some knowledge of philosophy and history and a willingness to other ways of thinking.

(This sample is borrowed from Oregon State University)

When to Seek Writing Help with Rhetorical Precis

When it comes to how to write a rhetorical precis, many are the students who find it a challenge undertaking. But the process should now be simpler with the above guide, template and sample. However, if you still find it complicated or do not have confidence to work on the rhetorical precis, it is advisable to seek writing help from professionals.

Many are the times when students lack the right writing skills or do not want to attempt writing for fear of scoring low grades. However, experts will come in handy to help you craft winning pieces and get the best grades. They have been in the writing niche for years, and no academic assignment is too complex to them. So, reach them today for writing help!

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