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274 Great Persuasive Research Paper Topics For Your Homework

persuasive research paper topics

Persuasive research paper topics require writers to select a side and prove why they are correct using clear language and hard evidence. A persuasive paper is a form of write-up in which the author aims to convince the audience that their argument is valid. When writing this paper, you want the readers to see the issue from your side and agree with your viewpoint on an argument.

A persuasive paper differs from an argumentative essay because it focuses more heavily on the author’s side. In contrast, an argumentative paper shows a more balanced point of view while discussing both sides. A persuasive essay includes more of the writer’s opinion, while an argumentative paper uses data and facts to support an argument.

This blog post lists various topics for persuasive papers. It’s helpful because many students need help choosing good titles for their persuasive essays.

Top Persuasive Research Topics

Do you want to write about a persuasive topic that will catch everyone’s attention? Here are the top ideas to consider when searching for a title for your research paper.

  1. Why every teacher should undergo a psychological test before embarking on a teaching journey
  2. Why governments should ban fossil fuels
  3. Should households keep wild animals as their pets?
  4. Why schools should not subject students to online learning
  5. Reasons many students want to pursue journalism courses
  6. Why every vaccine should take a year
  7. Why the world needs genetic engineering in the 21st century
  8. Why spouses should spy on each other
  9. Why phishing and hacking attract more male teens
  10. Reasons parents should monitor their kid’s educational progress
  11. Why physical education is necessary in elementary school
  12. Why colleges should make semesters shorter
  13. Why most men prefer science-related courses
  14. How safe is the internet for young children?
  15. Why zoos are essential in the modern world
  16. How ethical is animal testing?
  17. Euthanasia- Is it a human right?
  18. Should governments channel more funds into public libraries?
  19. How reliable is green energy?
  20. How to persuade a mayor to establish a skate park
  21. Is life better now than 30 years ago?
  22. Do parents teach their children old-fashioned manners?
  23. Is being rich and alone better than being poor with friends?
  24. Is print news relevant in the current technological world?
  25. Do you think we would befriend aliens if they came to Earth?
  26. Do humans make new friends as they age or focus on retaining the old ones?
  27. Which crop is the most essential to the contemporary economy?
  28. Is the love for your job more important than making more money?
  29. Is being a morning person better than being a night person?
  30. Which season is the worst?

These are some of the top issues to explore in a persuasive research paper. However, they require extensive investigation to write informative pieces.

Persuasive Writing Topics About Education

There are many things to research and write about when exploring education. And people have varying perspectives on various aspects of education. Here are persuasive topics to consider in this sector.

  1. Should school cafeterias offer soda?
  2. Should schools provide abstinence-only education?
  3. Should schools allow speakers with controversial ideas to speak to students to uphold free speech?
  4. Should elementary schools teach cursive?
  5. Should professors and teachers be unbiased?
  6. How do you feel about universities with pass or fail grades only instead of letter grades?
  7. Should the First Amendment protect high school journalists?
  8. Should the government make college education free?
  9. Should the education system require all students to pursue arts?
  10. Should schools use standardized tests to determine whether students will proceed to the next grade level?
  11. Is homeschooling or online learning more effective?
  12. Why students should learn financial literacy
  13. Should every student pursue a college education?
  14. Should the education system require learners to have a gap year before joining college?
  15. Should the education system require students to learn at least one foreign language?
  16. Should free college tuition be accessible to all students?
  17. Are learners more likely to excel when they attend university or private schools?
  18. Should the government give bonuses to teachers with good classroom performance?
  19. Should the education system abolish standardized testing?
  20. Is homeschooling the best alternative to conventional schooling?
  21. How effective and fair is the current grading system for public schools?
  22. Should practical subjects like programming and coding be the focus of the modern education system?
  23. Should colleges require students to engage in community service to graduate?
  24. Should all public schools make uniforms mandatory?
  25. Are technological advances making textbooks obsolete?
  26. Should schools allow students to carry phones?
  27. How relevant is homework?
  28. Should the education system enable learners to choose what to study?
  29. Which rule should schools change?
  30. Should schools offer self-defense classes?

You can explore these topics if you want to research the educational sector. Nevertheless, prepare to spend sufficient time investigating various sources, including past studies, to write a winning paper.

Persuasion Topics For College Students

Are you pursuing your college studies, and the educator requires you to write a persuasive research paper? If so, consider the following titles for your essay.

  1. Governments should ban standardized examinations
  2. Student loans- Are they good or bad?
  3. Alcohol and drug consumption in college: A real problem or an experiment?
  4. Are college relationships long-lasting?
  5. Colleges should not allow students to bring children to classes
  6. Do fraternities affect students’ behavior and performance negatively?
  7. Technology increases screen time
  8. College athletes deserve more benefits during their academic life
  9. Most universities offer irrelevant and outdated programs
  10. Campus accommodation should be free
  11. How can the United States address the gun violence issue?
  12. Why cyberbullying is a crime
  13. Schools should allow children to bring their pets
  14. Why the world should have only one currency
  15. Beauty contests affect female teens’ self-mage negatively
  16. Governments should require churches to pay taxes
  17. Why equal representation of races and genders is essential in the police
  18. Is online learning ideal for teachers and students?
  19. Does vegetarianism save animals?
  20. Is hunting an ethical hobby?
  21. The law should limit speech freedom
  22. Music was better 50 years ago than now
  23. Climate change is the most significant challenge that has ever faced humanity
  24. Countries should aim to improve themselves instead of spending their resources on worldwide issues
  25. Courtrooms should allow journalists to film their proceedings
  26. Governments should legalize fracking
  27. Society will eventually bring its destruction
  28. Nuclear power is hazardous for humanity to rely on it
  29. Obesity threatens world health significantly
  30. The scientific research method has many flaws
  31. Why governments should impose more laws on environmental conservation
  32. Why governments should prohibit garden owners from growing exotic plants
  33. Why governments should lower the number of diesel motor vehicles
  34. The sun has many untapped health benefits
  35. The dangers of hydraulic fracturing
  36. Why governments should establish recycling plants in all neighborhoods
  37. How to reduce paper use via natural methods
  38. Why governments should implement more decisive measures when searching for alternative energy sources
  39. Why every individual should be mindful of endangered and rare species
  40. The state should protect environmentally sensitive areas
  41. Governments should impose more restrictions on people who fish in the lakes
  42. Is palm oil dangerous on human skin?
  43. Can hybrid cars address the air pollution issue?
  44. Should there be a free speech zone in every college?
  45. Should college students take at least a single course in diversity studies?
  46. How ethical is asking for criminal history when hiring new employees?
  47. Should colleges require all students to learn computer science and coding?
  48. Should colleges make leadership training mandatory?
  49. Minecraft has educational benefits for a child’s motor skills
  50. Montessori schools limit a child’s mental development: Case study persuasion

These are exciting persuasion topics for college learners to explore. Nevertheless, prepare to spend significant time investigating the issue you choose to compose a winning paper.

persuasive research paper topics

Persuasive Topics To Write About In Economic Papers

Your educator may require you to write a compelling topic paper when pursuing economics studies. Here are topics to consider for your project.

  1. Why do governments guarantee every worker a minimum wage?
  2. Why governments should subsidize projects that explore green energy
  3. Is the introduction of higher taxes on the wealthy class necessary?
  4. Are free trade treaties detrimental or beneficial to developing nations?
  5. Should the government require high-ranking officials to pay higher taxes?
  6. Should governments spend more on renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels?
  7. Should countries regulate the currency markets?
  8. Should governments set limits for financial institutions and banks?
  9. Does immigration benefit a country’s economic growth positively or negatively?
  10. Can a country sustain economic growth without hurting the environment?
  11. Should restaurants raise staff wages and eliminate tipping?
  12. Should the government forgive student loans for college graduates?
  13. Should the US government impose fewer or more tariffs?
  14. Is spending a summer working as an unpaid intern for a prestigious company better than working as a paid work at a local restaurant or store?
  15. Is the American dream achievable, or is it a myth?
  16. Cryptocurrencies can hurt the United States economy.
  17. The basis of the United Kingdom investments are cultural points only
  18. Colleges should require students to pursue business entrepreneurship courses regardless of their majors
  19. Governments should not use authoritative leadership methods to deal with ethnic minorities
  20. Digital economies can harm African developing countries
  21. Hyperinflation can prevent smaller-scale problems
  22. Employment challenges always relate to improper resource allocation
  23. Creating a scarcity problem elsewhere is necessary for economic growth
  24. Outsources can harm economic development
  25. Electronic accounting books are more likely to fail than paper alternatives
  26. Is capitalism an ethical or functional economic system?
  27. Should the government tax everyone at the same rate, regardless of income?
  28. Can society introduce a new economic system?
  29. Should the federal, each state or individual companies set a living wage?
  30. Should all people embrace the four-day workweek?
  31. Should the government exempt people who earn wages below a certain amount from taxation?
  32. Should governments reward and encourage people who ship locally?
  33. Has contemporary consumerism exceeded limits?
  34. Should media and TV programming ban ads that target kids?
  35. Should governments monitor all economic activities of the citizens?

Economic topics are among the hotly debated issues globally. Thus, students can explore many problems in this field when researching and writing academic papers.

Writing Topics Persuasive List Of 2023

Do you want to write a research paper about the latest persuasive topic? Here are some of the newest ideas to explore in your research paper.

  1. Social media is making young people more isolated
  2. People are wasting a lot of time on digital devices
  3. Students need the motivation to study religion
  4. Are eating habits controllable?
  5. Why you can score an A in your campus exam
  6. Most last-born children like crying a lot
  7. Reasons to apply for your Master’s degree today
  8. Why do ladies emphasize their wardrobe more than gentlemen
  9. Why are men proud of beards
  10. Reasons to start a business instead of seeking employment
  11. Why do most IT experts wear glasses?
  12. Why video games can make you more aggressive
  13. Why walking alone at night can make you brave
  14. Overeating desserts will affect your stomach negatively
  15. Eight hours of sleep can affect your mental activity negatively
  16. Many college students struggle with depression
  17. How perfectionism relates to anxiety
  18. Qualities of a successful social media marketing strategy
  19. Why you should pay more attention to what you post on social media
  20. Does social media hurt or improve our society?
  21. Is traveling the world frivolous or essential?
  22. Most Americans are fans of reality TV shows- Why is this the case?
  23. Are libraries necessary when more people read books in their digital copies?
  24. Can the government do anything to curb offensive music lyrics?
  25. Are people becoming more self-obsessed in a society where individuals spend more time on social media?
  26. Should governments allow pregnant women to park in spots for disabled individuals?
  27. How much should celebrities enable the public to know about their personal life?
  28. Is military war reasonable in the current globalization era?
  29. Is training dogs to be service animals ethical?
  30. Is listening to music when working better than working in silence?
  31. Should governments allow individuals to clone themselves?
  32. Should countries lower, raise, or retain their current minimum voting age?
  33. Does Puerto Rico deserve statehood?
  34. Should there be a border wall between the United States and Mexico?
  35. Who deserves to be on the American banknotes?
  36. Who was the least or most influential President of the United States?
  37. Should countries decrease or increase the number of refugees they allow every year?
  38. National security versus individual privacy- Which is more important than the other?
  39. Should the US grant DREAMers citizenship?
  40. Did the one-child policy affect China positively or negatively?

These are some of the latest topics to explore when writing a persuasive paper on the latest developments. Pick a topic from this category if you have the necessary resources and time to investigate it.

Persuasive Argument Topics For Research Papers

A persuasive argument paper requires sufficient evidence to convince the audience to take your point of view. Here are topics to consider for your essay.

  1. Every country should tighten its gun control laws
  2. Every country should legalize marijuana
  3. Religion is among the primary causes of war
  4. Governments should lower the legal drinking age
  5. Elected officials should have different term limits
  6. How many Supreme Court Justices are necessary?
  7. The electoral college is outdated
  8. The government should lower taxes
  9. Does school uniform assist in educational attainment?
  10. Are modern kids worse or better learners than they were a decade ago?
  11. Should schools allow students to cheat?
  12. Do parents take children to school too early?
  13. How beneficial is a single-sex school?
  14. How can the government reform copyright laws?
  15. How best can educators teach science in religious schools?

These are some exciting persuasive argument ideas to explore in your research papers. Consider them but prepare to present solid facts to support your argument.

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

Do you need a topic to quickly research and write about without compromising your grade? Here are easy ideas to explore for your persuasive paper.

  1. Alcohol consumption affects your health and other life spheres negatively
  2. How safe are Genetically Modified Organisms?
  3. Horror movies hurt mental health
  4. GMO foods may not be as hazardous as some people believe
  5. Democracy is the best government system in the contemporary world
  6. Is vegetarianism a healthy lifestyle?
  7. Men and women be just friends
  8. Schools should make uniforms obligatory
  9. Dating obsession can lead to health problems or eating disorders
  10. Teenagers should not have celebrities as their role models
  11. Is pizza better than a hot dog?
  12. Experts invented the internet to transform our lives
  13. Parents should check their kid’s belongings routinely for drugs
  14. Parents take responsibility for their children’s diet
  15. The government should allow people below 21 years to consume alcohol with their parent’s consent
  16. Courts should jail parents when their kids engage in illegal activities
  17. Governments should allow breastfeeding in public places
  18. Boys and girls should have different classes
  19. Public schools should not serve French fries in cafeterias
  20. Restaurants should not sell soda to kids
  21. Schools should not engage in any form of advertising
  22. Modern classrooms and exams do not match contemporary students’ abilities
  23. Children’s exposure to reality TV shows instills wrong values in them
  24. Parents should be accountable for their kid’s obesity
  25. Should the government increase teachers’ salaries?
  26. Should children read more?
  27. Schools should expel bullies
  28. Students do not need longer holidays
  29. Is using Facebook a waste of time?
  30. Governments should ban beauty contests
  31. Every citizen should speak several languages
  32. The government should compel citizens to become vegans
  33. Animal fur usage is unethical
  34. Schools must allow students to pay within the learning institutions
  35. All companies should set drug tests as their standard procedure
  36. College wastes some people’s time
  37. Governments should make recycling mandatory
  38. The weekend should last three days

These are relatively easy topics to research and write about in academic papers. Nevertheless, they still require time to investigate and write informative pieces.

Fun Topics For Persuasive Writing

Do you want to have fun when writing your research paper instead of getting homework for money? Here are ideas to explore in your writing.

  1. Should there be schools for cats?
  2. Should there be the least number of friends every student must have before graduating?
  3. Should you laugh at your jokes?
  4. Should there be a similar uniform for all schools?
  5. Should everybody learn to cook their food?
  6. Do teenagers need cell phones, or should parents limit them?
  7. Should the government require students to pass a test before driving cars?
  8. Should parents allow their kids to wear pajamas in public?
  9. Playing video games is the best way to enjoy your free time
  10. Should the government require parents to pursue parenting classes
  11. Homeschooling is a better alternative to traditional schooling
  12. Renting an apartment is better than building or buying a home
  13. Pet ownership makes you happier
  14. Video games teach children essential life skills
  15. Medical rooms should be mandatory in colleges to help students deal with depression and stress
  16. Journaling can help you cope with stress in a fun way
  17. Aliens exist, and they may colonize Earth one day
  18. Lying is a vital aspect of a healthy relationship
  19. Sporting activities can help you transform your life
  20. Colleges should require students to study for three months and go on a nine-month holiday
  21. The customer is rarely right
  22. Making all drugs legal could make the world a happier place
  23. Drinking wine and eating chocolate can help you live longer
  24. Parents have no right to name their children
  25. Only a few restaurants offer their customers the best experience
  26. What will happen when donkeys take over the planet?
  27. The worst song I have ever listened to
  28. Video games can teach you the skills you need to secure a job
  29. Most people prefer email spam to actual email letters
  30. Why the beach has tanning booths
  31. Scaring strangers is easier when you wear braces
  32. You can change your life by playing with Barbie
  33. Most people who love watching shark attack shows cheer for the shark
  34. Why Mickey Mouse scares children
  35. How to appear busy at work when doing nothing
  36. How to look like you’re attentive in class when you’re not

You will have a lot of fun researching and writing about these topics. But like the others, prepare to spend sufficient time working on the project to score a superior grade.

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What are good persuasive research topics?

An excellent persuasive topic is easy to research and write about, ensuring your paper is informative and exciting. However, you must select a topic you’re passionate about to make your project easier to complete. Also, readers relate to good titles because they touch on various aspects of their life.

What are good examples of persuasive topics?

Any topics listed above are good examples of persuasive topics. However, you may consider the following additional titles:

  • Should we blame social media for the increasing anxiety and depression rates among the youth?
  • Should parents and healthcare providers allow children below 18 years to take control of their medical decisions?
  • Do romance novels encourage toxic and harmful relationships among young adults?

These are additional examples of persuasive topics because they allow you to take a stance and convince the audience to take your view.

How do you select a persuasive paper topic?

Consider any of the above topics and modify them to suit your project. However, you must understand your assignment first and brainstorm relevant topic ideas. Select a title that interests you. Also, ensure your readers will want to read your essay by picking an idea for which you can find sufficient information to write a comprehensive paper.

How do you start a research paper on a persuasive topic?

Please start by selecting a title and researching it. After that, outline your paper, and write a brief introduction with a thesis statement. Proceed to the body, providing facts to support your stance. Conclude your essay by summarizing your argument, showing the readers how you’ve convinced them to agree with your opinion.

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