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Commemorative Speech – Easy-To-Use Writing Tips

Commemorative Speech

Over the years, the world has continued to mark special occasions at various times of the year. For instance, some countries commemorate the day they attained their independence, and others when they had their first bus or train.

You also remember the day you are born, do you? And during the cake cutting ceremony, you are requested to give a speech (I remember a time when I got so emotional that I was unable to give my birthday speech.)

The question begs, what is a commemorative speech?

What Is A Commemorative Speech?

Also known as a ceremonial speech, it is a speech presented during special occasions to remember a particular event or a significant milestone that was achieved. A commemorative speech can be written for a place, unusual activity, person, innovation, or a pet as a form of respect or celebration.

For instance, a graduating class can come up with commemorative speech ideas to be presented by one of them on their graduation day. Some of these ideas may include their experience during their years of study, how they coped up with challenges, and a parting shot for the continuing students.

It is of relative importance to note that different occasions have different commemorative speech outlines and structure. A commemorative speech delivered by a president on a national holiday may not be the same as that given during a birthday.

40 Amazing Commemorative Speech Topics

Are you ready to start writing a memorial speech that everyone will be left talking about in the decades to come? Here is a list of topics you can choose from:

  1. Value of trees in the wake of global warming
  2. Tribute to Nelson Mandela
  3. Commendation to Barack Obama
  4. The end of the third World War
  5. History of the moon rocket
  6. Celebrating the first woman president in the world
  7. The INEOS 159 challenge
  8. Celebrating independence day
  9. Honoring our freedom fighters
  10. Tribute to the defense forces
  11. Mother Teresa’s humility
  12. How religion changed you
  13. Multiparty democracy birth
  14. Eulogizing Reinhard Bonnke
  15. The advent of the internet
  16. The coming of cancer screening technologies
  17. First trip to the White House
  18. The September 11 attack
  19. The Agrarian revolution
  20. Tribute to William Shakespeare
  21. The Reformation
  22. Remembering Martin Luther
  23. The life of Jesus
  24. Fall of the Berlin Wall
  25. The inventions of ARVs
  26. The Renaissance age
  27. The first vacation to the coast
  28. The day you attained your first degree
  29. Wedding anniversary
  30. Baptismal day
  31. The first malaria vaccine
  32. Tribute to your first kindergarten teacher
  33. The day our school was founded
  34. My first helicopter ride
  35. The invention of the GMO maize
  36. South Korea and USA peace deal
  37. My life on campus
  38. The end of the slave trade
  39. The invention of the first printing press
  40. Establishment of the Coca-Cola company

What Should a Good Speech Entail?

A speech is delivered before an audience, and therefore they have to be taken into consideration. Nobody wants to be seen as a zombie or tree in front of an audience.
Hence, here are a few catalysts that can spice up your commemorative speech:

    • Applicability

Try to visualize this, it’s on a graduation day, and someone is delivering a statement on the day the country got independence. Will the speech be of relevance to the occasion? I guess no because a graduation speech should cover the journey this person has gone through to the last day.
The imagery or other stylistic devices used should be one that the people can identify with well. Avoid the use of fiction at all costs.

    • Inspirational Mood

People should be able to draw a message of inspiration from a commemorative speech. For example, how someone battled with cancer to the point of overcoming it in the end.
If it was an invention, show how it has changed people’s lives and how others can also think creatively and come up with better designs.

    • Appealing Nature

Who would want to sit and listen to some old boring speech over and over again? I guess you will be dead asleep by the time the orator gets to the second paragraph.
It thus calls for creativity and ensuring that the audience is involved in the speech all through. You can achieve this by adding a sense of humor to the statement. Even in a funeral, you can commemorate a funny moment that the deceased had and incorporate it into the speech.

    • Remaining Optimistic

Maintain positivity at all times, even the situation at hand seems impossible. A sense of optimism empowers people to strive for the best in the midst of the worst.

Steps to Arriving at a Good Commemorative Speech Topic

• Obtaining background information
• Racking brains
• Considering the target audience
• Having relevant topics
• Maximizing on originality of topics

These are but a drop in the ocean of the steps to follow. Learning and implementing them will prove helpful in your commemorative speech writing.

In closing, there are many ideas for commemorative speeches with samples and examples on the internet.
Do you still have a problem with writing a tribute speech? We offer professional writing help.

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