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50 Best Religion Topics | Creative Writing Ideas

religion topics

Choosing thought-provoking religion topics is not the easiest thing in the world, because we live in a multicultural and multireligious society. Because of the sensitivity of this area of study, it could be time-consuming to select the right topics to work on. To save your time and energy, we have thought out 50 great religion topics to write about in your next essay or research.

These 50 topics on religion include religion topics for research paper, presentations, etc. Ready to explore these juicy topics? Let’s delve right into it!

Top 10 Religion Essay Topics

Essay writing is a common practice in colleges and online universities. As students, you may have to write essays on something as sensitive as religion. To write such an essay, a student must select topics that are interesting and current to make a convincing research statement. For this reason, we present ten excellent religion topics for essays, including some argumentative essay topics on religion.

  1. Why is religion considered to be “the opiate of the people?”
  2. Freedom of religion in Arabic countries: a pipe dream?
  3. Should everyone have a religion?
  4. The influence of religion on the media.
  5. The conflict between religion and evolution.
  6. The goal of theism.
  7. The influence of religion on health practices and well-being.
  8. The role of religion in modern jails.
  9. The influence of religion on social morality.
  10. Does the Islamic religion influence the growth of terrorism?

Religion Research Paper Topics

Choosing religion research paper topics could be daunting for many because research topics on religion are so numerous. Therefore, we have provided you with some religion research topics for your next paper. Research paper topics religion cut across the different types of religion and their effect on culture, business ethics, etc. The five research paper topics on religion below will give you a hint on what aspects of religion you may find interesting to research. Ready to look at our list of interesting topics for religion papers? Read on!

  1. The impact of Greek myths and religion on the European culture.
  2. A critical study of sociology of religion.
  3. The attitude of different religions to sex.
  4. Similarities and differences across monotheistic religions.
  5. How religion affects employee performance at work.

Religion Debate Topics

Questioning religion in transparent, critical, respectful, and meaningful dialogue is a practice that should be encouraged. Religion discussion topics give people the chance to truly understand certain aspects of religion and similarities or differences between religions. Here are some religion debate topics that allow for meaningful and productive debates.

  1. Should children continue in the religion of their parent?
  2. Islam: a peaceful religion?
  3. Should the phrases “one nation under God” be removed from the US pledge of allegiance?
  4. Are religious wars justifiable?
  5. Do religions discourage gender equality?

Religion Controversial Topics

Numerous controversies exist between religion and other aspects of life, such as technology, science, sociology, ethics, marriage, etc. Here are some current religion controversial topics one can explore!

  1. Should religions support abortion?
  2. Should gay marriage be allowed in Christianity?
  3. Should women hold religious leadership positions?
  4. Religious views on the cloning of humans.
  5. Acceptance of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

World Religion Research Paper Topics

There are five – and in some cases, six – major religions in the World. The list includes Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Research on world religions could be an exciting adventure. Getting world religion research paper topics could be overwhelming because there are many things to discuss. We provide you with some incredible world religion paper topics for your next research paper.

  1. World religions: a study of the difference in their receptivity to science.
  2. The impact of world religions on political views and country laws.
  3. Similarities between the patterns of belief of world religions.
  4. A study of why world religions are successful.
  5. Why Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world.

Religion Presentation Topics

On certain occasions, a student may be required to give a presentation on religion. One must, therefore, select an interesting topic and tell a captivating story surrounding it. Here are five religion topics for a presentation that will surely fix the gaze of your audience on you!

  1. The history of world religions.
  2. An exploration of primal religions.
  3. How different religions view the soul.
  4. Why do people choose to believe in God?
  5. Why new religions emerge.

Philosophy of Religion Topics

Philosophical study of the nature and meaning of religion is termed the Philosophy of religion. It encompasses the explorations of religious concepts, arguments, beliefs, terms, and practices of people that adhere to a religion. Here are some mind-blowing philosophy of religion topics!

  1. How religion affects the human mind.
  2. Why should there be a God?
  3. Is atheism a religion?
  4. Crisis of faith.
  5. How religion affects countries.

Science vs Religion Debate Topics

While people have practiced various types of faith for more than 4000 years, science had only begun its development a few centuries ago. With science and religion seemingly at logger’s heads, exploring some science vs religion topics will be an excellent thing to do. Therefore, here are some science vs religion debate topics just for you!

  1. Does science refute the existence of God?
  2. Is the bible entirely historically accurate?
  3. Evolution versus creationism: any room for compromise?
  4. Do miracles exist?
  5. Do religions have an accurate description of the cosmos?

Sociology of Religion Topics

In sociology, religion could is both a belief system and a social institution. So it is not important what one believes while studying religion from a sociological perspective. The critical aspect is the ability to objectively examine religion in its cultural and social context. Here are some sociology of religion topics that will spark the interest of your professors.

  1. The acceptance of teenage marriages in religions.
  2. Roles of religion in gender inequality.
  3. Significant contributions of William Sims to the sociology of religion.
  4. A study of the perception and sociological impact of polygamy in Islam.
  5. Does Islam discourage devotees against western education?

So here we are! 50 awesome religion paper topics just for you! Congratulations! For more help, contact our assignment writers who are ready to help you 24/7. You’re only a few steps away from getting your well-deserved A+!

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