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Incredible Ways Of How To Start a Persuasive Essay 

how to start a persuasive essay

Hardly will you ever miss a persuasive essay assignment in college or even high school. The challenge of starting a persuasive essay has, however, been a significant setback to students. Some of them have even resorted to copying and pasting introductions for persuasive essays on the internet.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be the case. Persuasive essays should be the most interesting and easy to write articles for any student. 

Although we are going to focus on the introductory paragraph of a persuasive essay in this article, it wouldn’t bite to have a brief recap on the sections of an essay. The basic essay structure consists of the following:

  • The introduction
  • The body
  • The conclusion

All these three are of relative importance, and any writer should have them at his or her fingertips. Messing in the presentation would cause damage to the body. So does mess in the body, to the conclusion. It’s like a snail and a shell; one part would not be active without the other.

Getting To Know How To Start Persuasive Essay

There are countless ways to start a persuasive essay, just like there are so many ways of killing a rat. One would use poison, another a rat trap, and yet another person would burn the whole house with the rats inside. Either way, the person would have gotten rid of them, but what is the most effective one? Imagine burning your whole multi-billion bungalow just because of a rat that would cost less than a penny.

Good ways to start a persuasive essay do not come as easy as such. As the adage goes, good things take time, and so the same for this one. Before we look at them, let us look at some of the critical components of a persuasive writing introduction.

Critical Elements of an Introductory Paragraph

For a paragraph to be an introductory paragraph, it should have the following essential elements:

The Topic Sentence

It is the first sentence(s) that defines the topic of discussion and welcomes the reader into your persuasive essay. The topic sentence should grab the reader’s attention and make them have the urge to read your article to the end. 

You can start your persuasive essay with topic sentences in the following manner:

  • Global warming has escalated greatly in recent days.
  • Politics plays a critical role in the growth of any country.
  • Over the years, society has sideline women in many aspects.
  • Eating vegetables comes along with many health benefits.
  • Joining college for the first time comes along with its share of wild experiences.

The examples listed above have a topic and the main idea. From the primary purpose, the audience can be able to see where the paragraph is headed.  

Here is another crucial element when starting your persuasive essay.

The Outline Sentences

They describe the main topics contained in the body paragraphs. As in outlining, the writer lists (not necessarily using bullets and numbers) some of the main ideas that he or she is going to discuss in the body paragraph. 

The best way to start a persuasive essay would be to ensure that your outline sentences are clear from the word go.

Examples of outline sentences you can use in your persuasive essay can be:

  • By looking at the survival of flora and fauna, rising temperatures, depletion of the ozone layer, and microclimates…
  • A country’s growth is facilitated by factors such as politics, social integration, and economic stability.
  • Women are sidelined in leadership roles, religious activities, and professional roles.
  • Vegetables have proved to be effective in providing essential nutrients, preventing certain diseases, and being naturally low in fat and calories.

You can draw more inspiration on how to start a persuasive essay outline sentence from these examples. 

The last part of an introductory paragraph is the thesis statement.

Thesis Statement

In a persuasive essay, the thesis statement gives your point of view on the body you are going to discuss. The introduction for a persuasive essay relies on the thesis statement, and thus it should be carefully handled.

Let’s see some examples of thesis statements:

  • We will see that global warming has indeed caused more harm than good to humanity.
  • Vegetables are of better nutritional value than all the other kinds of foods.
  • The first time campus experience is not a ride in the park for many students.

The length of the thesis statement is defined by how many points you intend to argue out in your essay. It should always be in the persuasive essay introduction to give the reader an overview of what you are going to discuss.

Useful Tips on How to Start a Persuasive Essay 

  • Carefully think about the topic sentence
  • Avoid clichés 
  • Let the reader see the worth of your essay from the introduction
  • Maintain clarity and preciseness.
  • Do not start your argument in the introduction.

Starting a persuasive essay is not that difficult, after all. With the well-substantiated tips above, you are sure of writing a White House state compelling essay introduction. One that everyone would admire to read and borrow for reference.

Give it a try today!

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