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133 Invitational Speech Topics for Top Students

invitational speech topics

Invitational speech topics invite the audience for a discussion on a specific issue. When writing an invitational speech, your subject should ask the audience without convincing them to support your side. Thus, you use informative and persuasive speech principles. However, this write-up allows your audience to join in the public dialogue.

Essentially, you don’t convince or persuade the audience to trust what you tell them wholeheartedly. Instead, you aim to deliver relevant messages, explore the key points, and show a particular issue. Thus, an invitational speech topic enables you to share ideas and viewpoints. But because this can seem like a challenging task, you need an interesting topic to capture your audience’s attention. That way, you can develop strong arguments and gather adequate valid evidence to support your theory.

When selecting a topic, consider your positions and rough thoughts on the way you see things. That way, you can decide on what to write about and the stand to take. After that, you can explain your stance to your audience throughout the discussion of your arguments. And the best way to do this is by drafting an invitational speech outline to guide you through the writing process.

Also, make sure that your discussion favors your topic. That means selecting an interesting topic so that you can enjoy the entire research and writing process. Ideally, don’t settle on a topic just because it’s popular. Instead, select a topic you’ll find interesting to research and work with to develop an exciting speech or you can use do my homework service. Here is a list of interesting invitational speech ideas.

Popular Invitational Speech Topics

Do you want to write a speech on a popular topic? In that case, this category comprises some of the best ideas to consider. Pick any title in this category, and then develop it into your speech.

  1. Where to draw the line in terms of speech freedom
  2. What are humanitarian campaigns about with regards to foreign aids
  3. Cyberbullying is a new virtual world’s reality
  4. What are the reasons and results of censorship in the current century?
  5. Ethical measures in border control
  6. How the greenhouse effect can improve the world
  7. Pros and cons of lowering the voting age
  8. What are the dangers of water poisoning?
  9. Is conserving wildlife the best way to save the planet?
  10. Modern measures for fighting terrorism
  11. Modern methods for preventing natural disasters
  12. How to make humans less cruel during animal testing
  13. New expectations and challenges in airline safety
  14. How to minimize weapon use in the current world
  15. How to save the planet from a climate change perspective
  16. Main factors and reasons for conflicts in the developing world
  17. The moral side of the genetic engineering phenomenon
  18. Why the national interest should always stay above in terms of immigration reforms
  19. How to prevent the horror of a new flu pandemic
  20. How to avoid a disaster when dealing with nuclear power

Any of these topics can be a good title for a speech. However, take your time to research your subject and develop it with relevant information.

Good Invitational Speech Topics for College Students

Your educator might ask you to write this speech as part of your classwork assignment. In that case, consider these titles for your address.

  1. How gym classes affect the students
  2. Music regulation at school dances to prevent cursing
  3. Students should learn proper nutrition in schools from the beginning to the end
  4. Modern technology like tablets should replace books
  5. Community service should be a high school graduation requirement for students
  6. Every student should be fluent in at least one second-language
  7. Attending a college has minimal bearing on your future success
  8. Phones as distracters for students
  9. Why schools should team learners about global religions
  10. Textbooks’ history- They don’t tell the entire truth
  11. Teachers should take tests on basic skills regularly to maintain certification
  12. Single-sex public schools as the best option
  13. College applications- Discussing the SAT Scores
  14. Why hazing on campuses is problematic
  15. Higher education as a success fundamental in modern life
  16. Why schools should stop serving soda and French fries
  17. Studying online prompt students to cheat
  18. Why only college students should study classic literature
  19. Why wearing a uniform should be mandatory for students
  20. Attending trade schools should be required after acquiring a primary education
  21. Exam scores don’t indicate a learner’s abilities

This category has some of the best invitational speech topics. Nevertheless, take your time to research and write about your title to develop a brilliant speech.

Controversial Topics for Invitational Speech

Selecting a controversial topic is lively. However, you need skills and experience in crowd control to develop your title. So, what are some good controversial topics for an invitational speech? Here are exciting ideas to explore.

  1. Exposing children to social media is wrong
  2. Coronavirus originated from bat meat
  3. Most male audiences watch the news because of beautiful female anchors
  4. Role models are the leading causes of frustrations among the young people
  5. Copying makes a student lazy
  6. A family can have a lady as the head too
  7. Politics are not suitable for everyone
  8. Watching too many action movies can cause societal violence
  9. Parents should play a role in selecting marriage partners for their children
  10. Lesbianism should be illegal
  11. Schools should provide single-gender education
  12. Students should be independent to choose their courses
  13. Schools should not allow hairstyles
  14. Schools should allow pregnant students to further their studies
  15. Students shouldn’t carry mobile phones in class
  16. Academic performance should form the basis for the government’s support for students
  17. Every school needs a standard dress code
  18. Schools should automatically dismiss students for cheating on exams
  19. Students need sessions for teaching others on their favorite subjects

These topics will elicit varied reactions from the audience. However, they can help learners write excellent speeches.

invitational speech topics

Brilliant Invitational Dialogue Speech Topics

Perhaps, you want to come up with the most impressive speech. If so, consider the following topic ideas.

  1. Burning a flag is unacceptable
  2. How a low age can affect the voting decision
  3. How the increasing population is a threat to the available resources
  4. Will conflicts in the African continent end any time soon?
  5. How prepared is the world for coronavirus?
  6. How effective is the government’s preparedness for hurricanes?
  7. How effective are the safety measures for airlines?
  8. How suitable is genetic engineering for humans and animals?
  9. Why is the arms trade continuing despite the current efforts to stop it?
  10. Are humans the only beings responsible for global warming?
  11. How to avoid panicking during hurricanes
  12. Social media disasters during the virtual era
  13. How to prevent overpopulation
  14. How to save the young generation from drug addiction
  15. How to make humans happier through welfare reforms
  16. The developing countries’ reality
  17. Stem cell research- What are the ethical aspects?
  18. Top aspects of virtual reality in the informational world
  19. How to minimize human’s cruelty during animal testing
  20. Genetic engineering- What is the phenomenon’s moral side?

These are good topics to write about if you want to come up with an impressive speech. However, take your time to research your preferred title to develop an exciting address or you can use homework writers.

Fun Invitational Speech Topics

Fun ideas can also be great topics to do for invitational speech. Here are some of the best titles to explore in this category.

  1. Working from home increases the risk of obesity
  2. Watching monkeys is a thrilling hobby
  3. Copying homework is a common characteristic of college students
  4. Wearing masks is increasing the crime rate
  5. Men can be evil in their kitchens
  6. Pregnant ladies can sleep a lot
  7. Why only older men with big bellies play golf
  8. Most women act classy and bossy when wearing trousers
  9. Watching cartoons can make a person crazy and lazy
  10. Wearing a mask can make you look like Zorro
  11. Children benefit more than parents in a dual-parent household
  12. Staying together for kids is wrong for couples
  13. Why parents should stop forcing their dreams on children
  14. Why couples should live together before marriage
  15. Why married couples should have date nights
  16. Rewards as the basis of discipline, not punishment
  17. Why divorce doesn’t always hurt children
  18. Low-cost childcare- Is it good?
  19. Why should never borrow or lend money to friends
  20. Advantages and disadvantages of abstinence

These are great invitational speaking topics. However, learners should take their time to develop their chosen ideas into good pieces to impress educators.

Easy Invitational Speech Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for something easy to research and write about before presenting to an audience. In that case, pick an idea from this invitational speech topics list.

  1. Having two children should be a worldwide rule
  2. The world should illegalize smoking in public places
  3. Abortion for incest and rape cases should be legal
  4. Governments should punish buyers more than poachers
  5. Governments should regulate cosmetic surgery
  6. Less protection and equal punishment for celebrities when they break the law
  7. Why pets are not better pets than dogs
  8. Why an exotic animal is not a pet
  9. Why humans have made pit bulls monsters
  10. Animals don’t have enough space in the zoos
  11. The intelligence of dolphins
  12. Humans should not cage birds
  13. Why zoos hurt animals
  14. Dogs as the best man’s friend
  15. Why people must respect human rights
  16. Why the world doesn’t need more prisons
  17. Why you should visit your dentist more often
  18. How to protect drinking water’s quality
  19. How to weed out dirty politicians
  20. Medical marijuana is not a cure
  21. A vegan diet is too extreme
  22. Why drinking 2 liters of water daily is a myth
  23. Why calcium won’t make your teeth stronger
  24. Keeping off weight is not as easy as losing it
  25. Why fat is not that bad for you
  26. Diet pills don’t work
  27. Negative implications of social media
  28. Why paparazzi are stalkers
  29. Why video games aren’t that evil
  30. Violence and sex on television can hurt your children
  31. Why governments should strictly regulate children ads
  32. Why romantic movies and soap operas set unrealistic standards
  33. Why TV will eventually be something of the past

Students have many topics to choose from for their academic assignments. Perhaps, you’re looking for invitational rhetoric speech topics. Maybe you need invitational speech examples. Well, the internet is awash with many resources with ideas and samples. You can also get professional writing help online. Nevertheless, choose a reliable resource to get the best assistance with your speech or you can use buy assignment online.


What is an invitational speech?

An invitation speech aims to share unique ideas, values, and beliefs with the audience. The aim of the invitational speech is not to encourage the audience to join in a respectful dialogue by asking the audience to join in and give their ideas so you can explore various viewpoints on the subject.

Which topics are best for speech?

Some of the best topics for speech are; the dangers of water poisoning, natural methods that people can use to prevent natural disasters, ways that weapon use can be reduced worldwide, and studying online promoting students to cheat. Ensure that you find a topic that will interest the audience or something trending.

What is a good speech topic for school?

A good speech topic for school is humanity. Most people connect humanity to the act of helping and caring for others. However, some claim that humanity is not about serving humans but instead serving nature.  When choosing a topic for your speech, ensure it is something that you can speak confidently on.

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