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177 Top Journalism Topics : Best And Latest List

journalism topics

If you are reading this, it means you are looking for the best journalism topics. Also, you probably want to find some topics that are 100% free and that are original or you maybe need to use assignment writing help online. You are in luck because we have just finished updating our list of journalism topics.

We have 177 of the most interesting topics right here on this page and every single one of them is free. You don’t need to give us credit. You don’t need to donate anything. All you have to do is go through our list of topics and pick the ones you like.

Writing A Good Journalism Paper

Writing a great journalism paper is not at all difficult, if you know how to do it the right way. To help you out, we will show you a quick guide that should help you write your research paper quickly. We will be using the 5 paragraph essay structure because it is the most versatile. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Find an interesting topic that is also original. You don’t want your classmates to write their papers on a similar topic. Fortunately, you can simply choose one from the list below.
  2. Write the introduction. Provide some background information about the topic and don’t forget to include the thesis statement. Make a smooth transition to the first body paragraph.
  3. Write three (or more) body paragraphs. Each paragraph will discuss a single important idea. Normally, you would start the paragraph with a statement and use the rest of the paragraph to support your idea.
  4. Write the conclusion. You will basically need to summarize everything and make it clear how the results of your research support your thesis. You can end the conclusion with a call to action, if appropriate.
  5. Edit and proofread your work thoroughly. Why lose points over a couple of minor mistakes?

That’s it! Now, it’s time to help you pick the correct topic. Take a look at our neatly organized list of topics and choose the one you like the most!

Best Journalism Research Topics

We will start our list with what we consider to be the absolute best journalism research topics. Take a look at our ideas and take your pick:

  1. The effects of media on the fast food industry
  2. Can the media reduce crime?
  3. The most popular journalists of the 21st century
  4. The effects of the press on presidential candidates
  5. Negative effects of journalism on our culture
  6. Discuss journalism on social media
  7. How does journalism spread awareness?
  8. Research the errors of modern journalism
  9. Investigative journalism and the Catholic Church scandals
  10. The rise and fall of a newspaper
  11. Talk about the RT (Russia Today) news channel

Quick Media Research Topics

We realize you may not have much time at your disposal. This is why we have a list of quick media research topics that you can write in record time:

  1. Talk about journalism under president Trump
  2. The way the media presents crime in 2023
  3. The importance of mass media today
  4. The effects of the media on fashion
  5. Negative effects of journalism on our traditions
  6. Does social media promote hate?
  7. Is journalism still relevant today?
  8. Research the “fake news” phenomenon
  9. Talk about the rise of social media journalism
  10. The rise and fall of a news channel reporter

Latest Mass Communication Research Topics

In this list, we have added the latest mass communication research topics that our essay and homework writers and editors have thought about. Select the one you like the most:

  1. The effects of media on the
  2. Can online journalism be credible?
  3. The history of journalism
  4. The ideal media outlet in your opinion
  5. Government-sanctioned journalism in China
  6. The role of journalism in war zones
  7. The importance of propaganda in 2023
  8. Discuss police brutality and journalism
  9. Banning Russian propaganda from Europe
  10. Chinese propaganda in Taiwan
  11. The works of Gary Cohn (investigative journalist)

Awesome Media Paper Topics

We have some awesome media paper topics right here and they’re perfect for high school, college and university students, no matter where they live or study:

  1. The effects of media on Hollywood
  2. Online journalism and fake news
  3. Police brutality against journalists
  4. Negative effects of bias in journalism
  5. Talk about the dangers of being a war correspondent
  6. Latest technological advancements in journalism
  7. Research journalism on Facebook
  8. Discuss how health care providers use the media
  9. Compare and contrast BBC and Fox News
  10. Research the role of a professional journalist
  11. Jane Mayer, the investigative journalist

Investigative Journalism Topics

If you are interested in writing about some original investigative journalism topics, you have arrived at the right place. Here are some of our best ideas yet:

  1. The investigation into Donald Trump’s finances
  2. Talk about the concept of privacy in investigative journalism
  3. The life and works of Dean Banquet
  4. The Catholic Church investigation
  5. Talk about how investigative journalists changed the course of history
  6. Research the most important piece of investigative journalism
  7. Investigative journalism in 2023 and beyond
  8. The life and works of Eric Eyre
  9. Talk about the freedom of the press
  10. Media bias in investigative journalism
  11. Discuss the 1969 My Lai massacre from a journalist’s perspective
  12. The life and works of Bob Woodward

Good Journalism Topics

In the list below, you will find the ideas that were good but not exceptional. However, these good journalism topics are relatively easy to write about:

  1. The effects of media on the food industry
  2. Effects of social media on modern journalism
  3. Journalism in North Korea
  4. Talk about journalism during the COVID-19 pandemic
  5. Effects of technology on modern journalism
  6. Journalism and political parties
  7. Compare and contrast two news outlets in the US
  8. The effects of the media on the economy
  9. Investigative journalism in Brazil
  10. Talk about Russia’s new media law
  11. Talk about mass media in African countries

Journalism Thesis Topics

If you are looking for some ideas to get you started on your thesis, we can definitely help you. Take a look at our journalism thesis topics and choose one today:

  1. Discuss mass communication laws in your country
  2. Talk about the use of exclusive material
  3. Talk about the role of hype
  4. Research media psychology
  5. Censorship in mass media
  6. Why is mainstream media so important?
  7. Social Media: The new way to communicate
  8. Advertising and mass media
  9. Research wartime media
  10. Analyze the use of children in journalism

Journalism Topics For High School

Of course, we have a long list of journalism topics for high school students. These are relatively easy, so you shouldn’t have any problems writing a paper on them:

  1. The effects of media on the Russia-Ukraine war
  2. Compare two news outlets in the United Kingdom
  3. Research the peculiarities of Russian state media
  4. Can mass media cause mass hysteria?
  5. Can journalism censor violence?
  6. Talk about the educational role of media
  7. Becoming a successful journalist
  8. Is the media creating the events?
  9. Immorality and its depiction in the media
  10. Talk about mass media in Afghanistan

journalism topics

Literary Journalism Topics

Are you fascinated by literary journalism? Of course you want to write your research papers on some awesome literary journalism topics! Take your pick:

  1. The life and works of John McPhee
  2. Jane Kramer and her contribution to literary journalism
  3. How important is literary journalism in 2023?
  4. A short history of literary journalism
  5. Mark Singer and his contribution to literary journalism
  6. Storytelling techniques used in literary journalism
  7. Literary journalism: the personal form of journalism
  8. Richard Rhodes and his contribution to literary journalism
  9. Propaganda in literary journalism
  10. Personal opinions in literary journalism

Journalism Research Paper Topics For College

In this list, you will find plenty of journalism research paper topics for college students. There are a bit more difficult to write about, but they should get you a top grade:

  1. The effects of media on the army
  2. Talk about stakeholders in mass media
  3. Censorship of news reporters in the US
  4. Talk about the Black Lives Matter movement
  5. Journalism as a propaganda tool in Europe
  6. Can news be trusted?
  7. Changing perceptions through quality journalism
  8. Political parties and journalism

Interesting Journalism Assignment Ideas

Are you looking for some interesting journalism assignment ideas that nobody in your class has thought of? Select one of these and start writing your paper today:

  1. The effects of media on the last election in your country
  2. The USA in world media
  3. An in-depth look at propaganda models
  4. Talk about Prince Harry in the news
  5. Discuss media in emerging economies
  6. How dangerous is investigative journalism?
  7. Did mass media make the US a superpower?
  8. Peculiarities of journalism in Russia
  9. Journalism during the Covid 19 pandemic

Excellent Mass Media Essay Topics

Writing about mass media can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you know your professor is interested in this field. Here are some excellent mass media essay topics for you:

  1. The effects of media on the banking sector
  2. Investigative journalism on the drug trade in Brazil
  3. Peculiarities of journalism in China
  4. Talk about the role of race in journalism
  5. Do journalists hate the church?
  6. Reducing crime through professional journalism
  7. Controlling the state’s power through journalism
  8. 3 most prominent media disasters
  9. Using blogs for journalistic purposes

Controversial Journalism Topics To Write About

Don’t be afraid to write about controversial topics. You can get some bonus points for the courage if you do a good job. Here are the best controversial journalism topics to write about:

  1. Discuss mass media in North Korea
  2. Talk about censorship in China
  3. Freedom of the press in Russia
  4. War correspondents: are they biased?
  5. Media investigations into corrupt politicians
  6. Violence in mass media in the UK
  7. The role of advertising for journalists
  8. An in-depth look at international journalism
  9. The age of headline metaphors has ended

Easy Journalism Research Paper Topics

In case you don’t want to spend more than 3 hours writing your essay, we have some very easy journalism research paper topics that you can give a try right now:

  1. Fake news on social media
  2. Compare major news outlets in your area
  3. Discuss an important piece of journalism
  4. Can online journalists be trusted?
  5. What is the Bennet news model?
  6. Reading the news or watching them on the TV?
  7. Can the world survive without journalism?
  8. The impact of mass media on racism in the US

Fun Research Topics For Journalism Students

Who said writing about journalism topics can’t be fun? In fact, we have some fun research topics for journalism students right here:

  1. Research the origins of journalism
  2. Journalism in ancient Greece
  3. Change the media policy of your school
  4. Make a journalistic investigation
  5. Journalism in ancient Rome
  6. Set up a new school newspaper
  7. Journalism in ancient Egypt
  8. Be the voice of your school in the community

High School Investigative Journalism Topics

It can be pretty difficult to write about investigative journalism in high school, we know. However, these high school investigative journalism topics are relatively simple:

  1. Investigate one of your professors (don’t overdo it…)
  2. Investigate an incident in your school
  3. Report on fellow students’ experiences
  4. Investigate suspicious activity on school grounds
  5. Investigate why students are late for class
  6. Investigate how students do their homework
  7. Talk about a famous investigative journalist
  8. The first piece of investigative journalism

Sports Journalism Research Papers Topics

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to sports journalism. Our amazing staff managed to put together an original list of sports journalism research papers topics for you:

  1. The role of a sports journalist
  2. Famous sports journalists of the 21st century
  3. Media ownership in sports journalism
  4. Talk about product placement in sport journalism
  5. An in-depth look at gender in sport journalism
  6. Talk about a sport journalist in your area
  7. Talk about wrap-up stories
  8. What are columns in sports journalism?

Difficult Research Topics In Mass Communication And Journalism

Do you want to give a more difficult topic a try? No problem! Here are our most difficult research topics in mass communication and journalism:

  1. The importance of mass media in the Russian-Ukrainian war
  2. The effects of fake news on the UK economy
  3. Media censorship of Russian state-owned news outlets
  4. Research journalism in ancient China
  5. What makes some news fake?
  6. Fake news: a national security risk
  7. Talk about the image of women in Arab media
  8. An in-depth look at mass media in the United States

Political Journalism Topics

Writing about political journalism may not be the most exciting activity, but it can make your professor give you some bonus points. Check out our latest political journalism topics:

  1. Are state-owned media corporations reliable?
  2. Investigations into prominent political figures in the US
  3. Propaganda in mass media
  4. Can mass media turn the tide of an election?
  5. Popular media strategies of political parties in the UK
  6. Political scandals caused by mass media

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What are some good journalism topics?

Good journalism topics should be exciting and unique, covering current events, trends, or social and political issues. However, you can choose topics involving investigative reporting, movies, and exciting people. Other interesting topics include technology advancement, health and wellness, and sports coverage.

What is the topic of journalism?

When choosing a topic on journalism, get one that is relevant and will impact society. In addition, the subject should inform, educate, and challenge the readers to think of vital issues. Remember the topic of the journalism that you choose should serve the public’s interest by offering comprehensive reporting.

What are the current issues in journalism?

Current issues in journalism are misinformation and fake news, especially on social media platforms. That is why journalists need to prioritize accuracy and transparency in their reporting to avoid dealing with trust issues from their audience. Another issue journalism faces is the struggle to adapt to the digital platform.

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