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History Topics That Capture Your Audience’s Attention

History Research Paper Topics

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How To Write A Historical Research Paper

There are guidelines to writing and engaging in historical research topics to ensure that they are relevant and capture the reader’s attention. The following are the significant guidelines on how to write a historical research paper.

  • It is important to use primary sources in your history research. It enables one to experience and sees the history through the eyes of direct participants. It may include sources like speeches made, letters and diaries. It is critical to note that the primary resources are not entirely written or documented material; furnishing, clothes, buildings also can be used.
  • Unlike other subject topics, history demands that the citation be carefully done. The most appropriate way for quotation is the Chicago style to ensure the flexibility of the full footnote.
  • Secondary sources are read to interpret history from another scholars’ perspective and be carefully selected for a research paper. History mainly attracts storytelling of past events over the actual analysis. Therefore, one must be able to identify between scholarly and non-scholarly secondary sources for their research.
  • While writing a history research topic, it is essential to use an active voice that focuses on the doer of the action and adds vigor and clarity to a statement.
  • The beginning of the research paper should be substantial and give the reader or your lecturer the main idea of the research.
  • Have a clear thesis; this includes the objective answering of a research question. Your research paper should be definite; that is, you should be fully aware of the problem you plan on answering and the objective you intend on the meeting.
  • Most historians, when they embark on research, ever end up with a summary. It is merely enough to have the best-rated research paper. You must remember to analyze, determine who, when, where, how; this shows your lecturer that you are informed and focus on facts.
  • In writing a research paper, you do require to use evidence to back up your ideas. You should critically choose these pieces of evidence to avoid bias. It will mainly apply to the primary sources as the scholars might only share one side of the events from their points of view and their allegiance.
  • Your research paper should contain explicit content to avoid empty generalization. It will prove to your lecturer that you have spent time understanding and learning about your material.
  • History is all about events, the time they happened, the main actors and the victims, and the consequences that were experienced as a result. Suppose you have doubts about these characters, research because an error in any of these may indicate a separate event. The chronological dating should be exact.
  • The diction used should be relevant and relatable to your audience. If the research paper is presented to a professional, then the language should be to their level. If the research topic is for mass reading and publishing, then the information should be presented quickly to understand and elaborate.
  • History is a record of past occurrences, and thus, entitled to be judged using their time standards. Condemning them and making conclusions using the current time standards may cause fault and error in your research unless you are required to.
  • The conclusion is one primary marker to show the reader that you have detailed information on your research. It should not be a repetition of what is in the body of the study. It should explain and emphasize the importance and significance of what you have written by answering the research question.

In a situation where the researcher follows these guidelines for their history research paper, there is a guarantee of high grades and even recommendations from their lecturers and professionals who will access their research online.

With these guidelines to help with research paper, let us now journey through time and find history topics to write about. Are you ready?

Historical Investigation Topics

  1. Triangle Shirtwaist factory as an example of social injustice.
  2. Ethnic cleansing versus genocide.
  3. The actual state of democracy in third-world countries.
  4. The real conflict reason between the Hutu and the Tutsi of Rwanda.
  5. The history behind the Halloween tradition.
  6. Is the Great Wall of China just a landmark? What is the history behind its construction?
  7. North Korea and its culture.
  8. The gay culture and their rights.
  9. The place of art in history.
  10. The main actors behind the holocaust.

United States History Research Paper Topics

  1. First ladies in America and their contributions during their time.
  2. The United States of America under a black president.
  3. The foundation of the United States constitution.
  4. Sherman’s March to the Sea in ending the Civil War.
  5. Black history movements and the principal proprietors.
  6. Analysis of the Patriot Act.
  7. The authorization of the Selective Service Act of 1917.
  8. What are the origins of the Civil War in the U.S.A.?
  9. The extents of American Exceptionalism.
  10. Gender equality during colonial times in the U.S.A.

History Extended Essay Topics

  1. How did Christianity shape the art of Western Civilization?
  2. Discuss the dominance of Western countries in the world.
  3. Discuss the use of biological weapons in warfare.
  4. Describe the utilization of the sun’s reflection in action.
  5. Elaborate on the effect of global climate change on industrialization.
  6. Discuss the history of Chemistry during the Age of Enlightenment in Europe.
  7. Identify the human settlements according to archeological sources.
  8. Discuss the evolution of the treatment for the various mental disorders.
  9. Examine the non-standards means of warfare by Imperial Japan in the late period of World War II.
  10. Discuss the history of capitalism in the Caribbean.
  11. Critically analyze the principles of medieval economics.
  12. Discuss the history of physics.
  13. Describe following the US Civil War the development of black rights.
  14. Explore the historical roots of malnutrition in Africa and its effect on their societies.
  15. Discuss and analyze Victorian literature and the culture by Carolyn Williams.

Ancient History Topics

  1. The native inhabitants of the U.S.
  2. Understanding the languages in Ancient Rome
  3. Greek Methodology and its religious and social function.
  4. Political philosophies of Aristotle.
  5. The Ancient Greek Architecture.
  6. Discuss Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.
  7. The Olympic Games origin and history.
  8. The significance and impact of Agamemnon as a leader of Greece.
  9. The Trojan War.
  10. The influence of the Epicurean philosophy on the Romans.
  11. Which one was the most powerful military in Ancient History?
  12. Discuss the power of Ancient Rome compared to Ancient Greece.
  13. Identify the differences and similarities among Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Egypt.
  14. Discuss the ancient protests and demonstrations.
  15. Compare the myths and facts on voting in Ancient Greece.

Interesting History Topics

  1. The mummification process in Egyptian culture.
  2. The construction techniques of the Egyptian pyramids.
  3. The Ancient Greek Drama.
  4. The Forbidden City and its purpose.
  5. The birth and death of the Sumer Language.
  6. Alexander the Great, descendant of God.
  7. Life and death belief system among the Egyptians.
  8. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon the Great.
  9. The history of the unknown Carthage.
  10. The Greek Alphabet.
  11. How did the murder of Abraham Lincoln affect the reconstruction of the U.S.?
  12. Discuss the Making of U.C. Catholic President.
  13. Discuss the history of the immigration population in the U.S.A.
  14. The Cold War, an era of fear. Discuss.
  15. The Kings and Queens in Britain.

History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The effect of the slavery legacy on modern African-Americans.
  2. Identify the impact of the liberation of women in their lives.
  3. What are the effects of British rule in India?
  4. The actual evolution of mathematics.
  5. The fall of the Roman Empire.
  6. Religion the cause of war
  7. Is the death penalty effective?
  8. The reason behind Kenya’s intervention in Somalia.
  9. Is democracy fully actualized?
  10. The final phase of the evolution of man.
  11. Who is the founder of political science? Nicolo Machiavelli?
  12. What was the actual moral justification of the Spanish Inquisition?
  13. Was the Six Days War an act of aggression or a preemptive strike?
  14. Did the Native Americans resist assimilation?
  15. What are the reasons for nationalism’s failure in becoming the original identity source in the Arab League?

Historical Argument Topics

  1. Determine if the Federal Reserve had a significant impact on the Great Depression.
  2. Explore the impact of slavery on the American economy.
  3. Analyze the Constitution’s Second Amendment.
  4. Determine the 20th-century fashion style.
  5. Discuss the conclusion of Britain’s rule in India’s effects.
  6. Discuss the character of “great” or “terrible” for Napoleon.
  7. For the trajectory of humanity, was the Roman Empire ultimately good or bad?
  8. What was the primary foundation of Western culture?
  9. What extent of regulation is necessary for capitalism to work?
  10. Was the involvement of the U.S. in World War I necessary or beneficial?

History Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. What are the significant technological advances and inventions of the 20th century?
  2. The role of women in prehistoric Britain.
  3. Discuss the Homestead Act.
  4. Identify the impact of Apartheid.
  5. What were the roles of women in World War II?
  6. Discuss the Abolitionist Movement.
  7. Who are the Black History Legends and their cultural traits?
  8. What were the Cold War aftershocks?
  9. The formation of a nation-state.
  10. The Treaty of Versailles in the WWI.
  11. Discuss the history of Asian Soviet countries.
  12. Identify the leaders of the Revolution in the U.S.
  13. Discuss the abolishment of slavery in the U.S.A. with evidence.
  14. Which ones are the best presidential speeches of the 20th century?
  15. Discuss Historical Pragmatics.

World History Research Topics

  1. What is the evolving role of NATO?
  2. Discuss the decline of feudalism.
  3. Identify the progress of civilization.
  4. Discuss the formation of the world government system.
  5. What was the role of the church in medieval Europe?
  6. The security intervention in D.R.C. by the United Nations.
  7. Discuss the great people of the sixteenth century.
  8. What led to the fall of the Eastern Empire?
  9. What were the Links between World War I and World War II?
  10. What was the contribution of Gandhi to world peace?
  11. Identify the maritime discoveries.
  12. Which is the most powerful monarch in the world?
  13. Discuss England under Stuarts.
  14. Determine the human cost in World War I.
  15. Discuss the rise of the great monarchies.

World History Project Ideas

  1. The cave paintings.
  2. Neolithic Age.
  3. The Persian Empire.
  4. The Nubian Kingdom.
  5. The Egyptian mummification.
  6. The beginning of Agriculture.
  7. Trade-in Roman Empire.
  8. The life of Martin Luther King.
  9. Greek Astronomy.
  10. The Sumo wrestling culture in Japan.
  11. The Muslim world.
  12. Tournaments.
  13. The life of Jesus.
  14. The spread of Christianity in the world.
  15. The farm tools were used through the ages.

U.S. History Topics

  1. Discuss the proponents of the cold war.
  2. Elaborate on the Civil Rights Movement.
  3. The Stock market Crash of 1929.
  4. The Enlightenment era, religion, and science.
  5. The U.S. entry into World War II.
  6. American Revolution and its impact.
  7. The 1990-1991 Gulf War.
  8. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  9. The Thirty Years War.
  10. Women s suffrage.
  11. Discuss the Peculiar U.S. Democracy.
  12. Give a concise history of the U.S. navy.
  13. Discuss the transition from Hot War to Cold War.
  14. Identify and discuss the significant dominant U.S. ideology.
  15. What is the global perspective on the U.S. religion and ideology?

American History Thesis Topic

  1. Discuss the history of the U.S. elections.
  2. What are the terror trophies of World War I in America?
  3. Identify the entangling Alliances in World War I.
  4. Determine the extent of the British Press Freedom during the 19th century.
  5. Discuss Adolf Hitler and his rise to power.
  6. The Gallipoli campaign during World War I.
  7. How were women treated during World War II in the Soviet zone?
  8. Describe Nicholas of Casa-medieval studies.
  9. Discuss the rise of the Dutch republic.
  10. What are the causes of the significant immigration waves from Syria?
  11. The role of Harriet Tubman in the Underground Railroad.
  12. Discuss the achievement of Manifest Destiny.
  13. Define the Oklahoma Land Rush of the 1890’s effects on the white settlers and Native Americans.
  14. Discuss the role of Fredrick Douglas in the struggle for African American Rights.
  15. Identify the contributions of John Muir to the National Park Movement.

Historical Research Topics

  1. What was the impact of the medieval Ages of History?
  2. Discuss the fall of the Roman Empire.
  3. What was the government’s response to the Katrina hurricane?
  4. The state of Germany after the fall of Nazis and Hitler.
  5. What were the events that contributed to the start of the Hundred Year War?
  6. Discuss the effects of the Balkan wars on the map of Europe.
  7. Is nationalism a significant issue of the 20th century?
  8. What were the duties of police in Ancient Rome?
  9. Identify the discoveries that were made in medieval Europe.
  10. Discuss the Turkish capture of Constantinople.
  11. The chemical weapons in World War I.
  12. The impact of World War II in Africa.
  13. Outline the historical overview of the immigration policy in the U.S.
  14. Discuss the Westward Expansion.
  15. What was the role of the Quran in medieval Europe?

Interesting Historical Events To Write About

  1. The Black Death Plague in England in 1934.
  2. The reign of Queen Victoria.
  3. King Harold’s defeat at the battle of Hastings by William the conqueror 1066.
  4. The 1215 sealing of ‘Great Charter,’ Magna Carta.
  5. The war between the houses of York and Lancaster, Wars of the Roses-1455.
  6. The influential Martin Luther King.
  7. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.
  8. The 2000 American red and blue state divide.
  9. The Nuremberg trials and their proceedings.
  10. The Great China Revolution and Chairman Mao.
  11. The Decolonization of Africa.
  12. The Pearl Harbor invasion and its after-effects.
  13. The reforms and policies in America under an African-American president.
  14. The 1812 war.
  15. The life of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Historical Questions Examples

These may include topics that are relevant to the question and will provide thesis help. They may consist of world history research paper topics: research paper topics history.

  1. Who were the main actors in Kenya’s 2007 General Election Violence?
  2. Why did the Soviet Union lose the Cold War?
  3. What were the benefits of using new technology in World War I?
  4. How was music used in Ancient Egypt?
  5. Identify the reason the U.S.A. come out as a superpower after World War II.
  6. Determine the substantial value of the Allies’ aid of “Land Lease” to the USSR in World War II

History is one rich subject with a lot of details to unfold in every event. Therefore there are multiple exciting topics in history. With all these examples, it is easy to land on an interesting one for your own.


How do I choose a history research topic?

Here are some steps to follow when selecting a history research topic.

  1. Start by finding a topic that interests you
  2. Find out if you have enough resources to do the search
  3. Do your research and narrow down your focus
  4. Refine your topic and make sure that it is something you understand, clear, and feasible.

If you are unsure of the best topic to use, you can ask for online help from professionals.

What are examples of historical research?

Some examples of historical research includes: biography of historical research, political history, digital history, environmental history, cultural history, oral history, social history, military history, and art history.

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