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How to Cheat ExamSoft: Hacks and Tricks To Ace Your Test

how to cheat on examsoft

You’re reading this because you probably know something about ExamSoft. This program is common among high school and middle schools. Both educators and students use this program for learning purposes or pay to do homework.

What is ExamSoft?

ExamSoft is an online platform providing courses for high and middle schools. Today, teachers and students from thousands of schools use ExamSoft.

However, this tool is not ideal for every learner. That’s why some learners want to know how to cheat on ExamSoft. Essentially, ExamSoft comprises tedious tasks and videos that most learners can’t skim through. It also features mainstream assignments whose answers are available online or use online exam helper. The design of this platform prompts many learners to mite videos and work on something else. And this should concern educators because many learners complain that ExamSoft assignments are vague.

Since a class has around six daily tasks, a learner can easily lag in a subject. The platform teaches learners to rush the courses instead of taking their time to understand. What’s more, some teachers don’t comply with the system. While ExamSoft has essential features like translation, its repetitive nature, generic tone, and lack of interactivity make it unsuitable for learners to use it for up to six courses.

Initially, the system didn’t allow teachers to supplement ExamSoft with other materials or remove unnecessary lessons. For this reason, some educators and learners felt that ExamSoft was robotic and mind-numbing. Thus, some students want to learn how to cheat ExamSoft, complete tasks, and move on to do something else.

ExamSoft for Students

ExamSoft provides a standards-aligned and video-based curriculum for high and middle school blended learning settings. It allows teachers to customize this curriculum for students while monitoring their progress when completing tests, lessons, and interactive activities. This program uses a per-students licensing model, costing between $350 and $1,000 per learner.

This program creates a video curriculum for the following products:

  • Core Curriculum: The core curriculum provides primary and supplementary instructions and credit recovery. It aligns with the primary state standards and international association guidelines for K-12 online learning.
  • MyPath: ExamSoft MyPath provides targeted intervention in math and reading for grades 6 to 12. It works with learners above, at, and below grade level to boost and scaffold their weaknesses. This program creates a personalized learning path for learners while providing a pre-quiz for all lessons. Thus, learners can place out the topics they have mastered.
  • Dual Credit: This ExamSoft program offers 13 dual credit courses to allow high school learners to simultaneously earn credit for college and high school. These courses enable learners to transfer credit to over 2,000 universities and colleges.

When using ExamSoft, students can access detailed progress statistics, including tests and lesson scores and lessons completion percentage. The program establishes tools that include an interactive periodic table, a notepad that help learners complete activities, and a graphing calculator. When learning the English language, learners translate texts into their language or choose their preferred option, and the program reads them aloud.

Learners use tablets and computers to access this curriculum through the internet. The program starts with a pre-test before lecture-style lessons. Every topic has several lesson versions to allow learners to select their preferred style and teacher that suits their needs. ExamSoft courses use video, audio, and text content. They also feature writing assignments, graded tasks, and projects that support various learning styles. Nevertheless, this program doesn’t feature game-based learning or entertainment.

How to Use ExamSoft

ExamSoft offers schools and teachers a platform to assist learners, provide grading assignments, and communicate with guardians or parents. A school can also remove or add features to improve the program. Features like email, discussion boards, and chats can supplement the overall learning experience.

This program allows teachers to remove, add, or rearrange lessons. It also allows them to provide assignments, depending on what they have covered online. A teacher can adjust content and change students’ grading time and scale to cater to learners with special needs.

Using the right ExamSoft teacher login hack, educators can use this tool to assist learners when they lag or perform poorly in lessons. Teachers can email progress reports to guardians and set alerts for learners to receive feedback on their performance. Districts and schools can also compare assessments and lessons’ performance by grade, academic standard, and class.

Ideally, ExamSoft is highly customizable, though altering course content and employing in-house teaching methods can render the courses ineligible for some eligibility requirements. For instance, for classes to be NCAA-eligible, ExamSoft teachers must teach them without customization. NCAA requires schools to submit programs for review upon customization.

How to Cheat on an ExamSoft Test

It’s no secret that many learners want to cheat in ExamSoft online classes because some teachers grade them harshly. One way learners cheat on this program is by using specific keywords. Ideally, ExamSoft scans answers for certain keywords it expects in the answers. That means a learner can play around with keywords to trick the program.

What’s more, ExamSoft looks for short answers. For instance, you can write two sentences with disjointed keywords to ensure that the program sees them as a relevant answer to the question. Essentially, the best ExamSoft cheating trick is digging the right keywords from the video or article on which the program bases the question.

In some cases, cheating ExamSoft is as simple as copying the question text and pasting it into the program’s answer field, hoping it has relevant keywords. Some learners even submit word batches related to their questions and often get the answers right.

Can ExamSoft Detect Cheating?

Although some learners have ways of playing around with this program to improve their scores, they are worried that it may detect their acts. ExamSoft uses several settings to allow educators to proctor assignments. That way, learners have a hard time cheating or using unacceptable methods to get ExamSoft answers. Ideally, this program has a feature that alerts the educator whenever a learner reaches an exam or test. Consequently, the teacher can check the work of the learner before unlocking their high-stakes assessment.

But can this help an educator to detect an ExamSoft cheat? Well, online course programs can have an added advantage because they can detect plagiarism. Since online courses depend on digital work submissions, plagiarism detection is at the core of the process. Nevertheless, no plagiarism detection method is entirely foolproof.

Does ExamSoft Record You?

A primary concern for learners that want to cheat when answering ExamSoft questions is that the platform might record them using a webcam or record their screen.

According to the ExamSoft privacy policy, the platform maintains a record of all activities relating to this service. And this recording starts the moment a school enrolls with ExamSoft courseware. This information aims to allow the program to operate, provide, improve, and maintain the service functionality and features, communicate with website visitors and schools.

Upon enrolling in ExamSoft courses, the program can access the student’s personally identifiable data about them. ExamSoft privacy policy notes that student’s information shall not serve other purposes apart from those authorized by the program’s contract with their school.

Perhaps, the only time the program requires the educator to proctor learners onsite is during the final and cumulative midterm exams. During proctoring, educators monitor learners, and they get a zero if seen using mobile phones, opening other windows on the screen, or talking to somebody else.

Currently, the ExamSoft World Language classes are the only courses supporting audio recordings for learners. A successful recording prompts the program to check the record response box automatically.

Overall, teachers monitor students’ success using different tools and live data. The educator dashboard on ExamSoft gives administrators and teachers more significant insight into the learners’ performances. Thus, educators can monitor and measure students’ progress, engagement, and achievement in real-time.

how to cheat examsoft

How Many Questions Are on ExamSoft Cumulative Exam?

A student’s ExamSoft course reaches 100% once they take the final exam, known as the cumulative exam. Students must take the cumulative exam review before the actual exam. And they take the final exam in a class with a teacher.

In most cases, learners take a 10-question quiz at the end of every lesson. And students get two chances for passing this quiz, though they can check with the educator to find out whether the settings have changed to provide fewer or more attempts.

ExamSoft cumulative exam doesn’t have a specific number of questions. In most cases, the number of questions in the cumulative exam depends on the student’s course and their retakes. But, the program reuses questions, though this happens after the system has exhausted new quizzes. Overall, the total number of questions in a cumulative exam ranges from 10 to 50.

How to Skip Videos in ExamSoft

ExamSoft does not provide the option to skip the videos. However, learners can do this in several ways, even if it’s not an option in the system. If interested in watching other educational videos instead of those available on this platform, here’s how you can skip ExamSoft videos.

  • Use note tricks: You can open notes, write something, and tap outside the text box. Continue clicking the keyboard’s backspace and then select the following video on the course menu.
  • Disconnect the network: Disconnect your network and then leave the ExamSoft site. After that, clear the page and the ram before connecting the device to the internet again. Visit the site and allow it to load. You will notice that all videos won’t be there anymore, and you can select what you want to watch next.
  • Use speed control extension: ExamSoft classes are prolonged and long. However, you can use a speed control extension and install it in your Chrome browser. That way, you can manage ExamSoft video speed. With this extension, you can speed up, slow down, or rewind the videos, depending on your pace.

ExamSoft courses are generally rigorous, with every class taking an average of 8 hours to complete. A class can take longer than this, and skipping videos is not always an option on the platform. Nevertheless, these ways to miss videos are part of the ExamSoft for students cheats.

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Can ExamSoft detect cheating?

Yes, ExamSoft can detect cheating since it has put numerous measures in place, like detecting when a student disables the internet, suspicious activities like copying and pasting, monitoring the keystrokes, and plagiarism detection software. The purpose of these programs is to promote honesty and accountability to students.

Does ExamSoft track eye movement?

Yes, ExamSoft tracks eye movement through the webcam. That means the system will notice if you do something suspicious or get out of frame, and it might flag you, and that might disqualify you from the exam.

What does ExamSoft track?

ExamSoft tracks various data points related to the exam-taking process, which includes keystrokes, screen activity, audio/video recording, and internet usage. It is also vital to note that ExamSoft might collect data from the test taker software application or their device.

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