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Best Conclusion Starters To Spice Up Your Writing

conclusion starters

Many students, if not all, underrate the concluding sentence. However, this is one of the most critical parts of your essay or college homework help that can earn you tip-top grades.

What are Good Conclusion Starters?

A concluding sentence shows that you are bringing closure to a paragraph or the entire piece of writing. The content of your conclusion paragraph is what you will leave your readers with as you sign off. It is a mark of closure and wrapping up.

Importance of Good Closing Sentences

Students with impressive conclusion sentence starters reap a lot of benefits, including:

  1. It gives a clear-cut overview of the essay
  2. Reminds the reader of the strength of your arguments
  3. It emphasizes the most important evidence supporting the arguments
  4. It encourages readers to leave comments
  5. For blogs, it boosts the subscription

A weak ending will result in the reader easily forgetting it. Some readers may have regrets as to why they chose to read your piece because of the conclusion. Now you see how crucial this part is – don’t you?

conclusion starters

How to Start a Conclusion Paragraph

As simple as it may seem, most students still grapple with this part of the essay structure. For you to achieve all the advantages mentioned above, then you ought to have an A-game when it comes to the writing part.

Students who do not know how to start a conclusion sentence may not impress readers with their essays so they can use service like do my homework assignment. Such a paper may be incomplete and one that leaves the readers with a lot of questions rather than answers.

When writing a conclusion paragraph, remember the following:

  • Do not introduce a new idea other than the ones discussed in the essay
  • Do not emphasize the minor aspects, go for the major ones
  • Make it as memorable as possible

You can conclude your essay in several ways, such as:

  • Asking a provocative question
  • Using quotes
  • A call to action or a warning

How to Start a Conclusion: Outline

For a top-notch essay conclusion, use this structure as a guide:

  • A thrilling conclusion sentence starter
  • Summary of the main arguments discussed in the body
  • A closing sentence

The final paragraph starter has its unique identifiers that signal the end of the essay. We will explore the crème de la crème of conclusion starters, which will help you in your next assignment.

Good Conclusion Starters For High School

  1. Finally
  2. In conclusion
  3. Thus
  4. To summarize
  5. I conclude that
  6. In a nutshell
  7. In closing
  8. In brief
  9. In short
  10. Surely
  11. To finish with
  12. To sum it all up
  13. To put it briefly
  14. Cutting a long story short
  15. On balance
  16. Overall
  17. Ultimately
  18. All in all
  19. Given these points
  20. In a word
  21. On the whole
  22. As shown above
  23. Eventually
  24. Based on the discussion above
  25. As a result
  26. Above all
  27. Altogether
  28. As stated above
  29. Basically
  30. As I see it

conclusion starters

Hot Conclusion Paragraph Starters For College

  1. As a final point
  2. In the final analysis
  3. For the most part
  4. All things considered
  5. For these reasons
  6. So, I have come to the conclusion that
  7. In effect
  8. In my opinion
  9. In the end
  10. To wrap it all up
  11. The summative conclusion is that
  12. The study concluded
  13. The broad conclusion
  14. Towards this end
  15. After all has been said
  16. I recommend that
  17. The informative conclusion is that
  18. Now you know why
  19. From now on
  20. Looking back
  21. I hope you can now learn that
  22. Last but not least
  23. In the future
  24. You should now consider
  25. I think I have shown that
  26. Without doubt
  27. The time has come to
  28. I agree that
  29. I hope you
  30. To review

General Concluding Sentence Examples

  1. Therefore
  2. Hence
  3. To finish off
  4. All in all
  5. As evidence shows
  6. As I already explained
  7. My final thoughts are
  8. It seems clear to me that
  9. It strikes me that
  10. There must be no doubt that
  11. I am convinced that
  12. It is obvious that
  13. My reflections on
  14. Based on the evidence presented
  15. The facts support the argument that
  16. My last point is
  17. My final question is
  18. To briefly review
  19. Do you realize that
  20. On the whole

conclusion starters

Bonus Concluding Statement Examples For You

  1. My conclusions are
  2. I would like to say finally
  3. One final idea
  4. It is worth re-examining
  5. The nexus between
  6. My final bow is that
  7. As this paper demonstrates
  8. After discussing
  9. Although
  10. While
  11. Since
  12. It is my conviction that
  13. I look forward to
  14. It is my sincere belief that
  15. The data indicate that
  16. Through this research, we learn that
  17. The research proves that
  18. That was the conclusion reached
  19. The summative end is that
  20. My verdict is that

So, How To Start a Conclusion?

From the discussion above, we have seen that there are numerous ways to start a conclusion paragraph. The beginning of the conclusion sentence is as vital as the introductory remark of your paper.

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What are some conclusion starters?

Some conclusion starters you can use in your essay are, therefore, All in all, To review, It strikes me that, I am convinced that, Based on the evidence presented, My last point is, As shown above, Ultimately, To sum it up, and In brief.

What are good conclusion starters?

Here are lists of good conclusion starters you can use; On balance, Overall, Finally, I conclude that To finish with,  In a nutshell, Cutting a long story short, Altogether, In a word, Basically, As I see it, Given these points.

How to write a conclusion sentence starter?

The conclusion sentence should give a clear overview of the essay, review the strength of your arguments, and emphasize the vital evidence supporting the ideas. When writing a conclusion sentence starter, remember that this is a closure statement that shows you are bringing closure to writing.

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