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What is MyMathLab Math Assignment?

MyMathLab is an online education system designed by Pearson Education to go hand in hand with their mathematics textbooks. The program covers different courses in mathematics, from algebra to statistics. Being a learning program, it comes with a number of assignments which students have to take, but getting the right MyMathLab homework answers has proved to be one of the hardest nuts for students to crack.

When you join MyMathLab course, the nature of questions will depend on your teachers. So, whether your teacher prefers multiple-choice questions, fill-in-blank spaces, or free-response assignments, you need to get the right MyMathLab test answers. This means following the right procedure when solving each problem.

MyMathLab Test Questions and Answers

For years, MyMathLab platform has won praise because of its effectiveness in helping students gain mastery of mathematics. Pearson made the program knowing that students will always try looking for shortcuts to the assignment answers, including Pearson MyMathLab answers. To be particular, they ensured that only your teacher has MyMathLab answers key to the questions on the platform. See some examples of the questions to anticipate below:


Determine whether the following function is continuous at a. Use the continuity checklist to justify your answer.

y = , a =1.


Note that a function f(x) is continuous at a, if f(x) is defined,  exists, and  = f(a).

Substitute a = 1 in f(x) =  to find f(1).

f(a) at a =1 is undefined.

Determine the left-hand limit  and right-hand limit  to check the existence of .

Does  exist? – No.

The limit does exist.

Does equal f(1)? – No.

Note that the limit does exist and f(1) is undefined.

Is the function continuous at x = 1? – No.

The function does not satisfy all three conditions in the continuity checklist. Therefore the function is not continuous at x = 1.

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We need to get it right here – there is no other way to get my math lab homework answers except by solving the questions using the right procedures. So, if you find anyone telling you that he/she has my math lab test answers, know that it is an outright lie.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Doing Homework on MyMathLab Platform

When your teacher gives an assignment, he/she expects that you will complete it on your own. So, here are the main steps that you need to follow to get the right MyMathLab answers precalculus, algebra, or other subjects. The first step to doing your assignment on the platform is registering for an account. Then, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to My Home Work Page

    Once you log into your account, check for the Homework tab on the left menu. Click it to open a page that will reveal all your assignments. See the caption of the homework page below.

    While on the page, you will be able to see the score on the far left and the number of attempts. Make sure also to check the time limit column to know when the assignment is due.

  • Select an Assignment to Reveal Specific Questions

    As we have pointed out, the homework page shows a list of assignments that you will need to do in entire course. So, go a step further and select a specific assignment, and a new page will open, revealing individual questions that you need to work on. For example, the caption below shows the assignment in Section 2.2, and it has a total of 17 questions.

  • Open Individual Questions and Solve them, One at a Time

    Now that you know the number of questions that you will need to handle, you can actually start working on them. Make sure that you are focused on getting the right MyMathLab college algebra answers or MyMathlab statistics answers, depending on the subject that you are studying. In the demonstration below, the student was working on question 8, which is a multiple-choice type of question:

    Note that you have three attempts with every question to get the right answer. When you get it wrong, the platform refreshes and gives you another similar problem to solve and get the right MyMathLab answers calculus.

  • View Examples and Follow them to Solve Problems

    One lovely thing that you need to note about the platform when searching for MyMathLab intermediate algebra answers or statistics answers is that you will always get an example to guide you. So, if the question looks so tough, click Help on the top right section of your page and an example will pop up. Then, follow it to get the right MyMathLab calculus answers. See the demonstration in an example provided by the teacher below:

Use Expert Help to Get MyMathLab Homework Answers

Now that we have provided a comprehensive guide to doing your assignment on MyMathLab platform, it is time to start solving problems from your teacher. However, if you still find the problems challenging, we have experts who are ready to offer professional assistance. 

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