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What is MyFinanceLab Assignment?

If you are taking finance, the chances are that your lecturer will use or is already using MyFinanceLab.

MyFinanceLab is an online learning platform developed by Pearson to make learning easy, and convenient. The platform allows lecturers to create courses that best fit the needs of the curriculum and students. As a learning platform, it also means that students will be required to handle assignments and get the right MyFinanceLab solutions.

As a learning platform, your lecturer will target using it to sharpen your skills in finance. To achieve this, expect to get all types of assignments with varying questions. Some of the common question ones include multiple-choice, fill-in blank spaces, and free-response types. To pass with flying colors, you need to be ready tackle every question thrown your way and get correct my finance lab answers.

MyFinanceLab Questions and Answers

One of the reasons why MyFinanceLab is the platform of choice for many finance trainers is that it provides a seamless connection with learners. However, most learners indicate that getting the right MyFinanceLab solutions is tough because of poor understanding of the subject. However, there is no shortcut to the right my finance lab homework answers and you should not get into the temptation of buying answers because they will not work. Instead, you should work harder to be able to get correct MyFinanceLab test answers. Here are some test questions you can use for practice:


You purchased the stock of Sargent Motors at a price of $75.75 one year ago today. If you sell the stock today for $89.00, what is your rate of return?

A) 35.00% B) 25.00% C) 17.50% D) 12.50%


C) 17.50%


Rate of Return (R) = (Final Value – Initial Value) / Initial Value

R = ($89.00 - $75.75) / $75.75

R = $13.25 / $75.75

R = 0.175

R = %17.5

Hire An Expert

The only way to get the right MyFinanceLab homework answers is by using the right formula to solve each question. Instead of thinking of shortcuts, such as using MyFnanceLab answer key, the best method is working with experts. They have been in the industry for years and will use the recommended method to handle every problem and get the right business finance MyFinanceLab answers.

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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Get test Answers Online

When your finance lecturer issues an assignment, you might want to try solving them to get Pearson MyFinanceLab answers. In such a case, here are the main steps that you need to follow:

  • Step One: Log In to MyFinanceLab

Before you can get started with the assignment, you need to log in to MyFinanceLab platform. This will give you access to the main dashboard. So, check at the top-left section to confirm you are working on the correct course. In the dashboard below, you can see the course is Fin3400 Spring 2012C8 Online Ref#357858.

On the left is a well-designed course menu that contains all that you need. You can click each of them to open additional details. Take particular note of the Purchase Options, which provides you access to some of the best finance books from Pearson. Also, check the calendar that outlines when the assignments are due.

  • Step Two: Open Individual Assignments and Start Solving them

To access the assignments for your course, click the Assignments tab on the main menu, and it will open another page for Homeworks and Tests. As you can see below, the assignments are labeled from number one so that you can easily handle them, one after the other.

Click any of the assignments, such as Assignment 1- Chapters 2&14, and it will open a new page with additional information about the assignment. For example, you can see the due date for the assignment, score, and number of times that the question has been attempted. As indicated below, you can also see the total number of questions.

Go ahead and click individual questions to start working on them to get the right MyFinanceLab quiz answers. Depending on the question, you might be required to pull down additional materials provided by the lecturer. If you are dealing with a lot of materials, as shown below, it might be a good idea to print the details as opposed to pushing the window back and forth.

  • Step Three: Check for Examples when Stuck

If you are trying to get the right my finance lab quiz answers but you are stuck or do not how to get started, there are plenty of examples for reference on the platform. On the left side of every question window, there are four icons, and clicking the top one will open a problem sample that has already been solved. See the demonstration below:

  • Step Four: Check the Results of Your Assignments

As you solve problems and provide MyFinanceLab discussion case answers, the performance is automatically captured and presented on the Results page. So, click the Results page on the main menu to see your performance. You can check the score for individual assignments or all of them. See the demonstration below.

Seek Professional Help with MyFinanceLab Assignment

Now that you have seen how MyFinanceLab system works and the main steps to follow when solving problems, it is time to get started. If how to get MyFinanceLab answers is still challenging, the next step is seeking professional help. Some of the reasons why you might want to get help might include challenging questions or simply wanting to get better grades. Here are some of the benefits that come with seeking professional writing services:

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