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Math Word Problem Solver Online Free

We offer a sophisticated tool to solve any math quiz you enter fast and then show you the answer. Our math word problem solver can solve problems in the following topics:

  • Algebra
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Definition Of A Math Word Problem

It refers to a real-life scenario that one has to solve using a mathematical calculation. As such, mathematical problems require students to apply their knowledge of different concepts to the presented strategies. By solving math word problems, students also get a chance to familiarize themselves with the language used in mathematics.

Most word problems use essential background information on a particular problem in ordinary language. Unlike other mathematical problems, a math word problem does not use mathematical notation. You will find such problems in a narrative of some sort which gives them the name ‘story problems’ in some contexts.

So, what is the structure of a mathematical word problem? To use our algebraic word problems calculator efficiently, you have to know the form of the questions. You cannot solve math word problems online if you get this part amiss.

Therefore, the structure of a math word problem is as follows:

  • Verbal formulation,
  • Underlying mathematical relations, and
  • The symbolic math expression

The linguistic aspect of such problems comprises metrics such as the mean sentence length or the number of words in the problem. In mathematical word problems, information and data concerning a particular system are given to students required to develop a model.

Math Problem Solver With Steps - Different Types With Examples

Having a math solver with steps is great, but understanding math word problem concepts are all the more excellent. Seeking math help to only get the answer without understanding how they solved it is detrimental. Remember that you may have to explain to your professor how you solved it at the end of the day – an algebra problem solver won’t be there to bail you out. That is why you have to understand the different types of math word problems at all costs.

Below is a list of math word problems and word problem solutions for your motivation:

  • Addition word problems

For example, Jeremy was playing golf. One of her shots went in the hole, while 2 of her shots did not go in the spot. How many shots were there in total?

Solution: Three shots

  • Subtraction word problems

For example, There were five balls in total on the football pitch. A player took three balls. How many balls are left?

Solution: Two balls

  • Multiplication word problems

For example, John needs to cut an orange into pieces. He cuts six even columns and five even rows of the orange. How many oranges does he have?

Solution: Thirty oranges

  • Division word problems

For example: If you have ten pieces of watermelon split evenly into 5parts, how many pieces of watermelon will you have?

Solution: Two

  • Ordering and number sense word problems

For example, There are four whiteboards in your lecture hall. If each whiteboard needs two pieces of chalk, how many pieces do you need in total?

Solution: Eight pieces

  • Fractions word problems

For example, Harrison went to 10 cottages on her street for summer. Five of the cottages gave him a chocolate bar. What fraction of houses on Harrison’s street gave her a chocolate bar?

Solution: Two houses

  • Decimals word problems

For example, A student has 8.8 grams of chalk powder in his hands and adds another spoonful of 2.2 grams. How much chalk powder does he have in total?

Solution: four grams of chalk powder

  • Comparing and sequencing word problems

For example, Peter has seven oranges while John has three oranges. Which of the two has more?

Solution: Peter

  • Time word problems

For example, Harry helped his sister for 2 hours. For how many minutes was he assisting her?

Solution: 120 minutes

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