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What Are Domain And Range?

College and university students will interact with a domain and range calculator at one point in their studies. Using this calculator is not a task everyone freely manages on their own. That is why we came up with this guide to help students find the domain and range calculator easy and fast to use.

The domain of a function is a set of values for which a function is defined. The range refers to the collection of values to which the process sends the domain. The range includes all the values taken by the function collectively.

We can also refer to the domain as the replacement set, while the range can be equated to the solution set. The domain and range of a function calculator will help you make these calculations quickly and straightforwardly.

Definition Of A Domain Range Calculator

It is an online tool for finding the domain and range of a function. This calculator shows plots of the function and gives illustrations of the domain and range on a number line to improve your maths intuition.

The domain of the fx calculator helps you find the output in a blink of an eye. Here are other terms you need to know before we proceed any further:

  • Domain interval notation: It uses values within brackets to describe a set of numbers using a square frame.
  • Logarithmic function: Refers to the inverse of an exponential function.

Using our domain and range graph calculator, you find all these functions and complete your assignment in no time.

How To Find Domain And Range Of A Function

When you want to determine the domain of the function, note that:

  • The denominator of a fraction cannot be zero
  • The number below a square root sign should be positive

To find the domain and range of quadratic function, you only need to identify the values of the independent variable (usually x).

Our function domain finder will help you find the function by looking for the independent variable value. In most cases, the zero at the bottom of a fraction or negative values under the square root signs are avoided.

Use the steps below to find the range of the function calculator:

  • First, determine the range of the function (min y-value to max y-value)
  • Substitute the various values for x into the expression for y
  • Look for maximum and minimum values of y
  • Finish by drawing a sketch

Domain and range inequalities are a result of a solution that implies that all possible values are true.


f(x) > 2x + 3

In this case, the domain is made up of real numbers. The inequality sign will change the relationship between the x and y rather than the actual set of values. Therefore, the solution to the inequality will be as follows:

  • y values have to be greater than 2x + 3
  • y will always be greater than the line of the function

For an interval notation:

  • You will first write the most diminutive term from the interval
  • Proceed to write the most significant word following a comma
  • Use parenthesis to show that an endpoint is an exclusive
  • Use brackets to signify an inclusive endpoint

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How To Use Domain And Range Calculator

Follow the steps below to use our online calculator for quality results:

  • Type the function in the input area
  • Click on the ‘Calculate Domain and Range’ button to get the output
  • The results will be displayed in a new window.

As simple as that and you will have your domain and range calculations done!

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